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Hello and welcome to Melanie’s Fab Finds.  I am a freelance writer and mother of 3 super cute children (okay so I may be a little biased).  I have 2 lovely girls ages 7 and 8.5 and a little boy who is working on becoming 3 as fast as he can!  We all enjoy getting involved with reviews where appropriate and will be found on a large range of social media platforms.  We enjoy giving our (honest) opinions and only feature things we like.

We cover many topics from children’s items, to health and beauty, lifestyle, home, money saving, food, restaurant reviews (including afternoon teas) and lots more.

Reviews can take 2-3 weeks for toys, clothing, beauty product first impressions etc.

A full beauty product review for an item that is expected to yield results can take 2 to 3 months depending on the type and efficacy of the product.  I will add my skin is quite good at showing results and combined with my X-ray Vision (not joking about that) I do notice results where I have them.

You can contact me on melaniesfabfinds@gmail.com

We were selected as Rainbow Toy Testers in 2017!!!!


We have had the privileged to work with some amazing companies and reviewed some great restaurants including:

Welly Merck

Skin Chemists

Pure Potions


Zapf Creations

Wow Toys


Num Noms


Project Mc2


Monmouth Kitchen

More info:

Updated 29/05/19

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PA:  46

Facebook: 5207

Twitter: 13,838

Youtube: 1198

Pinterest: 3182

 Email: 2031

Instagram 2440

Total 27,896

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  1. I like the way that you say you will be an honest reviewer and that you only like nice things as that is how I would be if i were to be a blogger. What is the point of being nice to someone who has given you something to review, just in case you upset them as this would then not be want the company really want I would hope!

    This makes me as a reader feel confident in your opinions! Even if they were not what I would want to hear or think!

    Thank you for being honest 🙂

  2. this would be tricky… i love it, know my sister would love it, think we would have to share

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