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Most of us have heard of and even had a marble run in our lives.  Many of these are pretty basic made with colourful plastic parts that are see through in areas so you can see the balls rolling along to the bottom.

My daughter got one of these last year when she went to see Santa and had a great time with it but over the year parts have gone walkies and tears have been shed in mourning of a toy that was not really much fun anymore (it’s not so easy to play with a marble run with half the pieces missing).

You won’t be surprised to hear that they were over the moon when I told them we were moving on to a bigger and better one.  They were bursting with excitement when they saw the box and quite rightly so as this new Hape Quadrilla Marble Run was extremely impressive and that was just from seeing the picture on the box.hape1

The pack contains 198 pieces and is suitable forages 4 and up but they will need supervision to set up the marble run.  There is a thick booklet which has pages full of diagrams explaining how to put together the various marble run and I will admit it really did bring out the child in me.

Inside the box:


hape2The pieces are all made from wood and most of the blocks are brightly coloured

The Quadrilla marble run sets is beautifully crafted with heirloom quality birch and rubber wood making it extremely durable.  The building possibilities are endless and it also encourages spatial thinking as well as problem solving.  There are 7 different colour blocks and each has it’s own function.  These are non toxic and child friendly luckily as Mr Squishy couldn’t wait to get his hands on the various parts.  As with all the Hape Quadrilla products (there are others) it meets or exceed safety standards.  This is the worlds only kinetic marble run and has won “Spiel Gut” (Good Toy) Award and Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award.  The Cyclone is the largest Quadrilla set and contains marbles, 12 curved rails, two spiral funnels, and 10 accelerators.  As well as this you can also combine this set with other Quadrilla sets to make an even bigger marble run.

This is a great way to encourage teamwork, logical thinking, effective communication etc.  It’s educational in way that isn’t obvious to children and best of all it’s fun!


 I will take all the credit for building this super Marble Run although the girls helped by posing for pictures.

And then the moment of truth would it work or did mummy make a mistake and have to rebuild it?



Now pictures can tell you a lot but videos show much more so watch this!

Isn’t it fantastic!  Trust me, this is NOT just for little children although they will be playing with this for hours which is hardly surprising as it’s great fun and there are so many possibilities for building different runs.  Just a suggestion let the kids have a go too, you never know you might have a budding structural engineer in the making.

I was sent this spectacular marble run for an honest review – I love it as out can see from the post and the kids love it too, just check out the video and you can see how much fun they had!

75 thoughts on “Hape Quadrilla Wooden Marble Run”

  1. Oh wow this is absolutely amazing – I remember having a marble run when I was a child and I loved making different runs with it!

  2. Oh wow! Now that looks like loads of fun, and I love that it’s made from wood and not cheap and nasty plastic. That will last for generations!

  3. Oh I love over marble runs as a kid. This is spectacular and it looks so sturdy compared to the old plastic one we had. I would still get enjoyment out of this now at 27!!

  4. Woweeee! That’s some marble run! My mummy used to love mousetrap and that had a small marble run but this looks amazing xx

  5. Oh this marble run looks awesome!!!! We recently just bought a basic one for the kids but this wooden one looks so much more sterdy and a lot of fun!!

  6. Oh wow,I use to love playing marble games when I was little. My most played to, methinks. My kids would love setting this up and playing this game :)Looks like lots of fun.

  7. This post took me right back to my childhood! I had a marble run but it didn’t look as nice as this one. R

  8. OMG! This looks amazing.
    Hayden was given a plastic one in the summer and he loved it but it kept falling apart. I think this wooden one would be awesome for Hayden.
    Thanks so much for sharing

    Charlotte x

    1. Thanks for your comment Charlotte. The plastic ones are really bad they fall apart and break easily we had one of those and it didn’t last long at all.

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