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Baby Annabell Baby Brother Doll

I have been seeing more and more men out and about with pushchairs over the last couple of years.  Modern men seem to be taking more responsibility for their children and spending more time with them which really is lovely to see.  With the responsibilities of men and women having changed more women are becoming handy with all sorts of previously male specific chores and vice versa.  Gender specific roles are slowly starting to blur allowing us all a little more freedom and also opening the world up that much more for our children allowing them to have far more options available to them as they grow.

The line between girls and boys children’s products are now becoming more blurred and parents are far more open to their children playing with toys that had previously been specific to just one of the sexes.  Last year we got a Tiny Tikes kitchen through for the children but it was primarily for Mr Squishy and I must say he loved it.  My little boy has played with this toy so much and it seems he may have inherited my love of cooking which is wonderful.

A toy which he also loved was my daughters Baby Annabell doll.  He enjoyed cuddling the doll and was really gentle with her.  I was so surprised that he took to the toy as much as he did and decided that maybe he should have his own.

One of my lovely contacts offered to send my little man a baby Annabell baby brother doll (from Zapf Creations).  Mr Squishy was super excited when he saw the doll in the box and so were his sisters. He kept pointing at it and saying baby Annabell.  I was pleased to see he was so interested in a toy that didn’t encourage any form of aggression on the contrary it was helping him develop his nurturing, protective side traits that are important for a modern day man.

I see many boys toys that incite aggression and so many boys playing with swords for example and actually hitting other children or their parents.

Is this something we want to encourage?

I think not.

By all means enrol them in a martial art class when they are old enough to enable them to get out any frustrations and get a great workout too plus it can help encourage a little healthy competitiveness but, it is also important as parents to let them enjoy having a carefree childhood full of interesting, fun and different things.

Playing with dolls helps to develop fine motor skills in children as they love to undress their baby, change it’s nappy (you can do this with the Baby Annabell baby brother doll) dress it up again, even feeding it with a bottle helps here too.  For those expecting another child bringing a doll into the equation prior to baby’s arrival can help a child prepare for the new baby’s arrival as you can show them how you would hold, feed, clothe, and generally look after a baby.

Dolls are great for encouraging role play and to develop empathy.  Want your children to progress in the world then empathy is something you need to develop as studies have shown that people that are more empathetic can be more successful, academically, emotionally and interpersonally.

The baby Annabell doll is perfect for this, not only is it a super cute doll it also looks pretty life like and makes noises like a really baby – yes it really is fantastic.  This little brother can babble, gurgle, suck on his bottle or dummy with real sounds and mouth movement, cry real tears, burp, yawn and fall asleep.  Mr Squishy and the girls was also super excited about the fact that he can even wet his nappy and you can make him use one of the potties available from the same brand (Zapf Creation).  This of course is going to be a great tool that will support me in toilet training Mr Squishy when I feel he is ready.  The doll is 46cm and comes with a bottle, dummy, bib, nappy and cute pendant.


My little man was very impressed with his baby brother especially that he could feed him and change his nappy and of course the lifelike sounds and movements.  He knew it was his but he did let his sisters play with the doll too which was great as they all played together with the Baby Brother and Baby Annabell dolls pretending they were their babies which was hilarious and super cute to watch.

Do your children love dolls?

What do you think about boys playing with doll, are you pro modern man or a little more old fashioned?

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We were sent a doll for our consideration although I think it’s pretty obvious to all that we loved it!

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  1. Will give it to my daughter. She will love it.

    1. It’s a cute doll. We all loved this!!!

  2. I like that the line between boys and girls toys are being blurred, after all why do we need to gender specify toys. I loved action men as a kid so if a boy likes a Baby Annabell then so what? x

    1. I was a tom boy so I loved that sort of thing too. I totally agree and think they should be allowed to play with any toy they like.

  3. my niece would love it she loves dolls.

    1. I am sure he will be a treasured toy to most children as he is really cute.

  4. It is so, so precious to see a guy doll being played with by a little boy. What a lovely toy!

    1. I think it’s great as it helps bring out their nurturing side.

  5. My four year old daughter Megan would absolutely love him, she’s always wanted a boy doll xx

    1. I am sure she will love this doll, mine all did.

  6. The doll is really good for little boys.

  7. HAhah this reminds me of when I used to play with toys when I was young. I didn’t really like dolls, my sister did. But I enjoyed those toy kitchen area where you cook and make food.

    1. I think it can be an individual thing but have found most children love well made dolls.

  8. sch beautiful pictures with full of emotions. really loved this 🙂

    1. Thanks Sonali. My little one loved his doll 😉

  9. Aw this is so lovely! Looks like a great doll.

    1. It sure is. Isn’t it cute!

  10. That’s great! Which toys appeal is totally about the individual child’s personality, rather than their gender. Sadly, they can still absorb some very restrictive messages about gender from other places as they grow up, but having had this kind of encouragement to be themselves early on can make all the difference in them being able to resist that. This toy looks great for children who love dolls.

    1. It is great for all children that love doll.

  11. I know that my great niece would love this doll. My daughter and niece both had baby born boy dolls when growing up and they loved them.

    1. Baby Born have some lovely dolls don’t they we love ours.

  12. My Mum got a baby boy doll for my niece many years ago. My niece was my Mum’s first Grandchild. My niece now has her own child :- a boy.

    The prize is wonderful, and I would love to win. Would be a great gift for Great -Niece.

  13. It’s my sons second birthday the end of august and really want to get him a little doll and a buggy !! Thankyou for this fab chance keeping everything crossed!! Xx

    1. This really is a great doll and is good for teaching children to play with others especially if they have siblings.

  14. I would give it to my daughter Ava it’s such a great toy.

    1. It sure is a great toy all my children love this doll.

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