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New Year, New Challenges with Vosene Kids

Every so often we get a letter from the school telling us that some of the children in school have head lice, eeeeuuuuuuuggghhhhh!!!!  This doesn’t phase us, well not much.  Why not?  Because I have a secret weapon.  I use Vosene Kids Squeaky Clean 3 in 1 Shampoo which contains tea tree and lemon eucalyptus.  It’s great.  It leaves the children’s hair smelling nice, keeps away lice and helps reduce tangles.

DSC01494After washing and towel drying their hair I spray some Vosene Kids Squeaky Clean Conditioning Defence Spray containing citronella a natural bug repellant (it even repels mosquitos).  I brush this through their hair and it leaves it feeling silky and soft and also helps smooth it.  The girls loved the smell of this and want it in their hair after every wash.

DSC01533 Another product from Vosene Kids that I find handy for use when we go swimming is their After Swim Hair and Body Wash.  This is really effective at getting rid of that awful chlorine smell that seems to stick to the skin and linger for ages.  The After Swim Hair and Body Wash has a mouthwatering watermelon aroma that the children love and it doesn’t sting their eyes thankfully so no complaints from them either.

DSC01545 Mummies and daddies will be interested to hear that Vosene Kids have begun a campaign this year that is all about helping parents encourage their children to take on new challenges.  Extremely appropriate for me as I have 3 little ones each of which is presented with new challenges daily whether they are at school at home or with friend.  I spend a lot of time helping my children do extra work at home each week over and above that given by the school.  One of our challenges has been to improve their ability to write and spell.  I try to approach this in different ways so that it doesn’t feel like work and so they enjoy it so much they ask to do the work.  Easier said than done?  Well that depends.  My eldest daughter isn’t particularly competitive where as my youngest daughter is so I use this against them without their knowledge of course, crafty mummy!!!

My daughters love to have a bath, for them it’s play time but for me it’s an opportunity to get them practicing their spellings, maths, and handwriting.  Who knew lessons could be so fun!!!  The bonus is they come out having learnt something and smelling nice too.  We even try and do our weekly spellings there now which saves me a little time in the week.

DSC01514DSC01510As part of the campaign Vosene Kids will be holding a twitter party from 11am until 4pm each Friday in February.  It is a great chance to get involved with a thriving parent community, giving you the opportunity to both learn and share some of the best parenting hints and tricks in the business! Just get involved by tweeting @VoseneUK using the hashtag #VoseneKidsParty and you’re in.  Each week will have an exciting new theme and after each Twitter party Vosene Kids will be selecting the user with the best Tweets to win a Vosene Kids party bag, including goodies such as products from their Fruity Goodness, Squeaky Clean, and Afterswim ranges! Even more of a reason to get Tweeting.  Make sure you are following them and try your luck as you could be one of the lucky winners.

 In addition I am giving away:

 1 x Squeaky Clean 3 in 1 Shampoo

 1 x Squeaky Clean Conditioning Defence Spray

 1 x Gentle to Skin, Afterswim

(each of these is pictured above)

 There will be three winners and each will be sent all three items.

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