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With the options available for watches it can be really hard to decide what to choose.  Personally I love watches that exude elegance and sophistication and I recently discovered one that did just that.  Everyone knows that the Swiss are master craftsmen when it comes to watches but many in the UK are not all aware of a company called Welly Merck who pride themselves on creating the most exquisite watches.

The name Welly Merck comes from it’s founders names combined.  It was love at first sight for Welly who was from a traditional watch-making family and Merck from a steel artisan family and to commemorate their marriage and love for each other they created their own watch brand in 2015.  Although fairly new to the scene their connections with designers and manufactures have allowed them to create some beautiful pieces.

As you know from my previous posts luxury watches make wonderful collectables and also great investments.  In some cases they do cost a significant amount and may price some people out of buying.  Fortunately Welly Merck is a company that provides the ultimate in Swizz quality for a fraction of the price providing affordable luxury to many.  I have included an exclusive discount for Melanie’s Fab Finds readers a little further down.

This post is for everyone that loves beautifully crafted watches that are timeless and make wonderful gifts that will be treasured for always.

When Welly Merck asked me to chose a watch to review I was like a child in a candy shop they were so lovely I couldn’t decide what to chose but I will admit recent fashion trends did influence my decision.  Rose gold has recently seen a rise in popularity as of late and it’s not surprising it is lovely and makes a change from gold and silver.  With an embarrassing lack of this colour in my jewellery collection I decided that now was the time to rectify the situation with a rose gold coloured watch so naturally I chose the Classic New York watch.  The great thing about these is that the straps are interchangeable so If you fancy changing the strap colour or style simply purchase one of the additional straps which are available in mesh, leather and nylon with a range of colours available in each option.

The watches come beautifully packaged in sturdy boxes to keep their precious contents safe from damage.

The design of the packaging is minimalist.  The bright bold outer packaging really stands out and looks great at the same time.  The black logo embossed outer card looks effortlessly stylish and sophisticated.  I was really impressed by the presentation of the product and the effort that has gone into the packaging.

Within the outer box and protective card sleeve is a black leather bound box.  This is lovely and is great for storage when the product is not in use.

The watch is stunning as you can see.  The large face which is in fashion at the moment looks great and the rose gold bars stand out and look very pretty.  The face is thin which I like as I’m not keen on anything chunky and it adds to its feminine style.  The watch has sapphire glass crystal over the dial adding to its durability and appeal.  Sapphire crystal is extremely hard, to put this into perspective the only crystals harder are diamonds.  The result is a glass that is extremely hard to scratch or break.  The watch also comes with a black face option should you prefer.

The watch is easy to put on without assistance as the strap simply slides through and the clasp clips down securing the watch after you have adjusted it to the correct size.

This watch looks lovely on it’s own and also with rose gold and silver bracelets.  It is perfect for everyday wear and special occasions to add a touch of glamour to any outfit.  The prices vary from $199 to $285.

Do you have any watch collectors / lovers in your family that would love a luxury watch?

(With thanks to my model)

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Disclaimer: A sample of the product was sent for my consideration.

114 thoughts on “Welly Merck – Classic New York Watch in Rose Gold”

  1. This is such a beautiful watch – I’m looking to replace my existing watch and this is exactly the sort of thing I’m looking for so will be looking into this further.

    1. It looks like I posted this at just the right time for you Tayla, make sure you make full use of the discount code.

  2. Now that is a gorgeous, I have to admit I’ve not heard of this brand before but I definitely need to look into them now!

  3. I love a thin clock face too, although I like chunky too. Rose gold is my favourite so I would absolutely love to have a welly merck watch x

  4. This is gorgeous!! I love rose gold, I have a rose gold watch myself but I really want this one now too, haha!

  5. I only have one watch whereas I know some have several to match different outfits. This one looks a gorgeous colour and would suit may different styles

  6. This is such a stunning watch, I love the mesh style straps as they’re so practical and hard wearing x

  7. Their story is so romantic! I love that the name is really them instead of something they just made up. The watch itself is beautiful! I’m not really a watch person, but this one is definitely making me rethink that lol

    1. It is a great story to have behind the company I agree. I am sure if you had one of these you would want to wear it often.

  8. What a fabulous looking watch. I love the rose gold style and whilst it is quite simple looking, it makes it feel very sophisticated x

  9. The watch is definitely very elegant and pretty, perfect for a business woman. I love the rose gold color and the fact that it is not very small on your wrist.

  10. What a lovely watch. It’s casual, sleek, and will go with anything. A few years ago I stopped wearing a watch and started relying on my phone. I’m thinking about changing that tough .. a watch is far more fashionable and also discrete. When I’m in a meeting .. it’s nice to be able to simply glance down and check the time.

  11. I love the large face and the rose gold strap. I am not really familiar with brands of watches, but I think this Welly Merck watch is a good buy. I check out their other styles too. Thank you for letting me know.

  12. I love that watch! The colour is so beautiful and it looks durable, but delicate at the same time. I always lose my watch, it’s ridiculous how many I’ve bought!

    1. Wow, really. I try to keep my things in the same place so I don’t misplace them. You wouldn’t want to lose this.

  13. The packaging is stunning! The colours work so well together and really pop. The watch looks beautiful too, would work with any outfit

  14. I always feel like minimalist can be so much more of an effective design ideology to work with. Also i love the way the rose gold of the watch pops out in your photos, the idea where you take the photos makes for some beautiful colour contrasts too!

    1. The watch does look beautiful doesn’t it. I was very selective with the photos I used and I took quite a few in different places.

  15. This watch is really lovely. I’ve been looking for a new watch for a while so will have to check them out

  16. this watch is absolutely stunning and right up my street. I haven’t worn watches since I was like 10 and now I’m itching for one

  17. Looks like the rose gold trend won’t be going away soon. This is a lovely wrist watch and it’s definitely something you’ll want to have in your collection.

  18. I love the design, it’s sleek and feminine because of the color. It’s really pretty and I sure wouldn’t mind getting it for myself or as a mother’s day gift for mom.

  19. The box and the deign of it for the watch is great. Very fancy and classic. The watch is good but as a graphic designer I’m really into the simple packing, even tho it’s clearly influenced by Tiffany.

  20. Oh wow that is the most beautiful rose gold watch! I haven’t heard of Welly merk before but will certainly be checking out their designs now xxx

  21. It’s a beautiful watch. Rose gold is my favourite and I love the width of the strap. It’s big enough for my hands but still delicate

  22. I adore rose gold, and this is a beautiful watch; so smart, functional and subtly eye-catching. Thanks for the review!

  23. This is the type of style my partner likes,so going to have a look as a possible birthday present. Thanks

  24. I’ve never been one to wear a watch, with my phone always close to hand I don’t find a need for one but this is a beautiful watch, I love the name too xxx

    1. I think phones are to blame for the decline in watches being worn although I do think many watches look so good on and are great finish an outfit.

  25. Really nice, I bought a similar watch for my son 15th birthday as he wanted some blings. I love the style so luxurious.

  26. i loved how they give you discount codes, think thats fab. the watch looks very classy and bonus with the great packaging too

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