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Kanas Restaurant, Paralimni


Whilst in Cyprus earlier this year we visited quite a few restaurants. What can I say it’s lovely to eat out when you can.  One of the restaurants we visited was Kanas Restaurant.  This restaurant has been located in Paralimni  for years proving it popular with the locals and tourists.



This restaurant serves a range of dishes including sheftalia, one of my favourites.  These are like a sausage but instead of using a sausage skin they use the membrane that surrounds the stomach of a pig or lamb.  This membrane itself doesn’t have much in the way of flavour, its purpose is to hold together the contents.  Sheftalia are very tasty and are most often made of pork and combined with onion and parsley. These are normally served with salad and chips or in a pitta with tomatoes, onions and parsley.  If you try these make sure you squeeze some lemon over as it really adds to the flavour.


Squid rings are always popular especially with children.  Although these would have been made from frozen squid the batter was quite tasty and the squid itself was tender.  Again these are great with a squeeze of fresh lemon.


Fresh Deep Fried Squid.  A little chewier than the rings this fresh squid was quite nice and tasty but  be warned when you order this you get all parts of the squid including legs.  If you prefer not to have these you are better off ordering the rings.


The atmosphere here is relaxed and staff are very welcoming and friendly.  This restaurant does get busy over the weekends when those in the towns come to the beach so either book, turn up early or come during the week.  Just to add for those with kids or that want to email home etc, these guys have free WiFi which you can log into.  Super handy when you have kids as you can feed them then sit them to watch Peppa Pig so you can enjoy your meal in peace, fabulous!

My score 3.5 – 4 / 5

You can find the restaurant here:

267 Protara Ave, TRINIDAD COMPLEX, Shop 19
5291, Paralimni, Famagusta

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  1. So much lovely food and a lovely place. I’m not surprised about the score but I guess you know exactly what you’re getting when you go there 🙂 I always love squeezing lemon onto squid and can almost taste it now too – yummy!


    1. It was nice and the staff were lovely. They remembered us when we revisited.

  2. OOh now sheftalia is one of my favourite Greek dishes, especially in a pitta bread with some Tzatzski x

    1. I love them they taste so good when cooked over coal.

  3. Not a big fan of squid but do like the sound of the sausage things. And wifi is a huge hit with me

    1. The sheftalia are yummy, one of my favourite Greek dishes.

  4. I do love squid especially if it isn’t over cooked, and served with a dipping sauce. It looks a decent restaurant.

    1. I am a fan of squid and recently started eating BBQ’d octopus too, yum!

  5. Not a fan of squid, but the restaurant sounds fab and wifi is always a winner! 🙂

    1. There is lots to choose from with some great traditional dishes. If you go try the Greek sausages called loukanika they are lovely.

  6. My kids would love this restaurant as they LOVE squid rings in batter. As usual I’m the fussy one and don’t like squid. I have been to Cyprus once, a lovely relaxed place to be.

    1. It’s really nice over there I’d love to travel more often then I do.

  7. I am a huge fan of squid, especially the tentacles. I like it best simply barbecued with a zesty lemon dressing or deep fried in a light batter with a garlic aioli. Cyprus is such a beautiful country isn’t it? Such lovely villages to explore and great places to eat.

    1. I do love that. You can visit some very picturesque places.

  8. Wow the food looks delicious. The restaurant looks fab too.

    1. It was nice, the sheftalia are really good.

  9. Oh I love squid, looks like a great place to eat.

    1. It is a nice restaurant and very popular.

  10. I’m also not a fan of squid but the food does look really nice. xx

    1. They have a good range of traditional food to choose from you will be spoilt for choice.

  11. Sounds like a great place to dine! Will have to keep it in mind if I am ever in the area

    1. I hope you do get to visit the food is nice.

  12. Cyprus is somewhere I’ve never been. I love squid and would be happy to give it all a try! 😀

    1. Squid is yummy when done properly.

  13. Looks like a fab restaurant, we were in Cyprus last year at Protaras .We found some nice places to visit too.

    1. It’s great there are so many good restaurants but you have to try and find them.

  14. Food looks lovely, WiFi is a must for us too

    1. It really comes in handy for a peaceful lunch.

  15. This sounds like a lovely restaurant, I really want to visit Cyprus.

  16. This food looks lovely, I had onions rings in Cyprus once, I didn’t realise they were Kalamari.

  17. I love finding cute little restaurants abroad, fave part of going away!

  18. Deep fried squid, yummy! It all looks great. If I’m ever there I’ll be sure to visit

  19. Food looks really nice, not sure about having squid though. Great post!

  20. I think we’d probably like this place. It seems like a good stop for some simple seafood. I wonder if we’d like Sheftalia.

  21. This food is so mouth watering and I’d love to come to Kanas and try out the menu!

  22. I love Greek food – my dad lives in Cyprus so will have to ask if he knows of this restaurant

  23. This looks like a good restaurant. I’ve never been to Cyprus x

    1. It’s worth going the weather is great and the beaches are not bad either. Plus there is lots of fresh food.

  24. It looks lovely food. I love to go abroad and eat yummy food outside 🙂 I really need to visit Cyprus again soon 🙂

    1. It is a great place to visit and the food is delicious.

  25. Oh wow! The food looks amazing, you are making me feel hungry.

    1. It looks great doesn’t it 😉

  26. i love cyprus such a wonderful country if you love eating! this looks like it was a great meal 😀

  27. I love reading about restaurants abroad, that food looks so delicious!

  28. The food looks amazing, I have not been to Cyprus but hoping to go one day as always nagging my husband I want to go x

  29. oh it looks lovely especially the caramari rings, yum!

    1. They were nice and tender 😉

  30. The food looks so great! I would love that salad right now!

    xoxo, Candice

    1. I love fresh food, not too keen when it’s been sitting around for a while.

  31. I have never been to Cyprus before but my best friend is from Cyprus and she said that the food is delicious.

  32. This looks gorgeous. It’s always helpful to hear people’s experiences of places like this; I’m never totally sure what I’m doing when finding food somewhere new!

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