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Busaba Eathai Leicester Square, London

Busaba Eathai has been enticing people to try their fabulous Thai food at one of the most well known Foodie Festivals The Taste of London for years and I have been meaning to try it for longer than I remember but for some reason I have never managed to.  Finally this weekend I made it and boy did I wish I had gone along sooner!!!

From the exterior you could be fooled into thinking that it was just another London restaurant.


But as you step between the large wooden doors you are greeted by a golden Buddha, the scent of burning incense wafting through the air and Gerbera floating gently on a shallow bed of water.



The relaxing and calm atmosphere entice you in.  The appearance of the restaurant represents a Thai casual dining venue with its large wooden benches and tables with ample room to give dinners a fuss free relaxed and comfortable eating experience.


As we entered we were greeted warmly and shown to our table.  There are also seating areas facing windows to allow for a more private meal should you prefer.  There you can gaze out at the passersby and maybe even spot a passing celeb, very possible as it is literally just a stone’s throw from Leicester Square gardens and the Odeon Cinema.  They also have some other sites dotted around London as well as Manchester and Liverpool.

The menu is clearly set out with explanations of each dish and special menus for certain times of the day clearly marked.



They have a good selection of dishes to choose from and icon / signature dishes are clearly displayed.  Dish types include soups, noodle dishes; stir frys, curries and rice dishes.  A range of snacks and side dishes are also available.

I was please to see that they had a children’s menu.  The children’s menu also has some fun activities to keep them entertained whilst waiting for their food.


There were numerous dishes for the vegetarians among us and I was also informed that any dish that included meat could be made vegetarian should the diner desire.

 Gluten free, nut free and vegetarian options can also be found on the menu.

Just a quick note, all small and large dishes will come out when ready so what one might perceive as a starter may come with the larger dishes.  If you want to have them separated all you need to do is ask, nothing was too much for the fabulous guys that were on site when we visited which added to the overall experience.

Whilst we waited for our food to come we enjoyed some prawn crackers served with sweet chilli sauce and some wok tossed cashews with chilli and salt.


Starters / small dishes

Thai Calamari with Ginger and Peppercorns

This is the most popular dish on the menu and it is obvious why when you bite into the firm, thick yet tender pieces of squid with a thin batter coat that adds to the flavour but doesn’t feel at all greasy.  The gorgeous flavour of the fresh ginger with the delicious secret sauce and peppercorn (the peppercorn was not overwhelming) had chopsticks diving back in for second and third pieces.  This moreish dish is a must try for any newbie, you can thank me later.



Soft Shell Crab

A perfect example of how the dish should be made as the crab was not greasy and it was perfectly crisp and tasted lovely.  The accompanying sauce with garlic pepper, chilli, spring onion and oyster sauce added extra flavour and heat to the dish.  I do love soft shell crab and this was a great version.



Main Dishes


Chicken Fried Rice

This is the perfect dish for children that are not very adventurous.  The portion is enormous, both my girls could have shared it as a main meal.  My little one loved it but only managed to eat about half of the portion which was good going for her.



Pad Thai (Children’s)

A great dish for little ones this was not spicy like the adult version and again was a very generous size.  There are plenty of prawns to keep little ones happy and these were a nice and plump as you can see from the picture.



 Tom Yam Goong

Full of flavour this delicious soup combines coconut, lemongrass, galangal, king prawns and glass noodles topped with fresh, fragrant Thai basil.  This soups is not only filling it also tastes amazing and is one of the most popular dishes featured on the menu.  Fresh ingredients are used to make this and all the other meals available.


Sen Chan Pad Thai

 This is similar to the classic but with additional extras of crab meat and green mango.  The combination of sweet, salty and spicy flavours work well together.  Make full use of the lime as this adds a burst of flavour from the fresh lime.  Having tried this version I would say the mango is a necessity which should be an ingredient added to all versions of Pad Thai it really tastes great.


All meal portions were generous and each of us felt comfortably full at the end of the meal. As part of the children’s meal there was an option of vanilla or coconut ice cream.  Both children enjoyed the later and us parents tried our best to resist but failed miserably.  In our defence it was very good.


You can eat a large meal here for about £20 or less per person depending on the time you dine.

 Busaba Eathai is the sort of restaurant you will want to revisit over and over so you can work your way through the varied menu as well as enjoy your favourite dishes again and again.

 Fancy trying this great restaurant?  Want a discount?  If you download their app you can get £5 off your first bill and further rewards as for regular app users!!!

Rating 4/5

We went along to Busaba Eathai as guests.  All views expressed are our own.


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  1. Oh yum what a delicious looking place to get some food – I totally want to give Pad Thai a try! x

    1. Enjoy Sarah! 😉

  2. I love Thai food and the Thai calamari sounds absolutely amazing. I might try and take my parents some time x

    1. The calamari was lovely I have revisited and had it again a few times.

  3. This place looks so yummy! When I go back to London I will be checking it out! Wonderful pictures by the way! xoxo

    1. Thanks so much Candice it looks even better when you are there and smells pretty good too and tastes great lol x

  4. I don’t normally go for Thai food but your descriptions have really made my mouth water. I have rarely read such an amazingly descriptive foodie post.

    1. Thanks Tori, I like my readers to have as much information as possible about a restaurant before they go.

  5. I have been past here so many times but never been in and yet the food looks amazing x

    1. You have to try it Rachel the food is delicious.

  6. It looks like a lovely restaurant and the dishes looks good value for money. It’s great to see that they do gluten free and vegetarian options too.

    1. Tell me about it my cousin would love that as she can’t eat gluten.

  7. I will definitely have to visit this restaurant when I’m in Leicester Square next month 🙂 The food looks amazing!

    1. Make sure you download the app to get £5 off Claire x

  8. That restaurant looks lovely – I’m obsessed with Thai food, it’s definitely my favourite cuisine.

    1. I love Thai it has to be a firm favourite with me too.

  9. This looks exactly like my kind of food! Yum, yum yum! H x

    1. It was very nice, I do love Thai.

  10. The coconut hot pot would be right up my street. I do love Thai food so I will have to check busaba out!

    1. I plan to go and have that on my next visit I had a spoon to try and it was gorgeous.

  11. I do love Thai food and this looks like an authentic Thai restaurant! 🙂 Would love to visit too.

    1. I hope you get to try the food there.

  12. Thai food is my favourite this place looks amazing x

  13. The decor is everything! Although the food is no good for me since I’m a vegetarian… although I do love a good pad Thai without meat 😀

    Oliver x

    1. I wouldn’t worry Oliver they can adjust the meal for your requirements 😉

  14. I think this place sounds really nice. I’d definitely enjoy some of those dishes.

    1. The food here is really nice, I need to revisit soon.

  15. Food looks delicious. I bet it was. This post is making me hungry now. Lol.

    1. It’s making me hungry too, I wish I was there now 😉

  16. I went past that place a couple of weeks ago and thought that I should go in sometimes. Glad to see the food looks really good.

    1. You sure should the food was really good and the service was brilliant x

  17. That looks fabulous, and well done them for making it child friendly. In a global world it is really great to get children eating different world foods.

    1. It is very good to encourage children to eat other foods and our loved the experience.

  18. This looks great – will have to remember to eat here next time I am in LDN

    1. Enjoy your meal there Hannah.

  19. Oh wow, this place looks so yummy! Is it lunch time yet?! Aha!

  20. I love thai food! So whenever I crave for a thai dish, I better go at Busaba Eathai. 🙂

    1. You should you will love it x

  21. We are huge fans of Busaba Eathai and started going when it only just started out in Soho. Glad to hear they have still got it since their expansion!

    1. I had been meaning to try them for years. Glad I got to eventually.

  22. I love Busaba Eathai! When I lived in London it was my favourite place to eat! Wish I could go there now! x

    1. That’s a shame I hope you get to visit them sometimes.

  23. The food looks absolutely delicious! I’m off to get the app ready for my first visit!

    1. Enjoy Katy. The apps is simple to download. Make sure you order some prawn crackers!

  24. Wow such a decadent place to visit
    The food location and surroundings makes it a place I really must visit soon

    1. It does look good in there and the food is lovely 😉

  25. The place looks absolutely fabulous inside and out I am loving it, the food looks so delicious too. Not bad on pricing either

    1. The pricing is reasonable considering the location x

  26. I am a massive Thai food fan, but this restaurant is.. something else!
    It looks so calm and relaxing, wish there was places like that around here.
    Lovely photo’s too!

    1. I love Thai food even more now I visited this restaurant!!!

  27. This place looks so much posher than the bill suggests. The food looks wonderfully fresh and good to know it is not greasy. I like a place that is not stingy with its prawns.

    1. The food is very reasonable for it’s location and the portions are great!

  28. This looks like my kind of restaurant. I especially love the look of that Pad Thai!

    1. It was very good. I want have have a bowl of that soup to myself next time.

  29. The food looks amazing, we are always looking for new places to eat in London, so will be bookmarking this for when we next go x

    1. You will love the food and the staff are all lovely too.

  30. Wow! This all looks so amazing – I have never had Thai food before, and I am in London next weekend, so I might have to check this out! Thank you

    1. It is worth trying, you’re going to love it!!!!

  31. i love thai food and have never heard of this place. many places ive been to didnt do a children’s sized portion

    1. Then this one is perfect for you Nicol 😉

  32. I don’t eat Thai very often but this sounds great – I always love to hear there are loads of vegetarian options on a menu!

    1. I loved the range of foods and the fact that they can adapt dishes.

  33. the food looks amazing and a wide variety of choices.

    1. Their food is really nice and the staff were great.

  34. Scrumptious!! And I LOVE any restaurant that offers a child’s menu with added activities to keep them entertained whilst waiting.

    1. Me too it helps keep them distracted whilst waiting for the food.

  35. We love Thai food and have found a great takeaway that delivers to us. I am going to have to try this next time we go to London the food looks lovely x

    1. Enjoy and just so you know they are very child friendly.

  36. I love Thai food and the price seems really reasonable. It’s really good that they do reasonable kids portions x

    1. Thai food is one of my favourite foods 😉

  37. I love Thai food, my mouth is watering at that calamari! The Tom Yam Goong sounds lovely too… In fact, it all looks delicious! 🙂

    1. The calamari was very good I must say, we loved it 😉

  38. Oh my goodness, this place looks amazing, I love the interior, it’s a surprise from the outside and I like that gives a don’t judge a book by its cover vibe. Food looks delicious too.

    1. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the outside so it was quite exciting 😉

  39. It looks amazing on the inside! Although I aren’t very adventorous I’m sure there’d be something simple on the menu for me and the service seems amazing there.

    Jenna Von x

    1. I am certain you will find something they have a whole range to suit all tastes.

  40. This looks like an amazing place to eat even though I’m not adventorous with my meals I’m sure I could try something. Unfortunately there are none near me but if I ever visit the areas I will be sure to head there.

    Jenna Von x

    1. I d hope you get to visit one as their food is great 😉

  41. Great to see a review of this restaurant as I’ve heard Lily Pebbles talk about it so much! Food looks lush xxx

    1. It is a great restaurant and the staff were good too x

  42. You have me craving Thai food now with these photos. Everything looks great!

    1. Their food was really good. We loved it and will be going again.

  43. What a stunning interior! It looks so relaxing. And the food looks fabulous!

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