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Paula’s Restaurant Ayia Napa, Cyprus

As you know I do enjoy reviewing restaurants in London so when I popped over to Cyprus for a short and much needed break I did find it hard to get out of the routine of snapping pictures of the food delivered to our tables at various restaurants.  The only times I didn’t manage to do this were when I forgot my camera at home.  One of my favourite restaurants that we visited whilst in Cyprus was Paula’s Restaurant Ayia Napa, Cyprus.  This restaurant is located off the main road and has a great menu.


The staff were very attentive especially the owner Paula who like me is very friendly and chatty so you can imagine we got on very well.  According to my husband I also made a great impression on his relatives who had travelled to the restaurant too to meet with us.  I really should have been a comedienne apparently.  Details of my first tour will be coming up shortly.  It was on their recommendation that we had visited which goes to show the locals (localsish) know all the good restaurants around.

This restaurant is known for their steaks so naturally I had to try one, the atmosphere relaxed albeit quite noisy, ops that may have been me.  Anyway they had a children’s menu which my girls made full use of.

DSC06080Chips with everything almost but hey they were on holiday so I wasn’t too strict.

A mix of starters were ordered for the table.  This was mushrooms and prawns on toasted bread.  It was rich in flavour and vanished quickly.


My favourite, salad which was lovely and refreshing and had a burst of flavour from the capers in it.


You could chose between mash and chips with your meal (adults).


My steak with peppercorn sauce was nice although I must admit I ave gotten fussy in my old age an prefer my version.  But for a restaurant version this wasn’t bad and the steak was medium rare as requested.


Hubby opted for a mushroom sauce on his but he wasn’t near enough for me to sneak a quick taste, damn it!


Most of the locals ordered this:


Which looks like a combination of both my husbands and my dishes.

Of course ice cream for dessert.  It doesn’t take long to become soup due to the heat so if you don’t eat it fast you may need a straw!


As with most restaurants in Cyprus they had free wifi which was great as we kept Mr Squishy distracted with Peppa Pig so we could talk rather than chase our mini man around the restaurant.

I would recommend trying this restaurant if you find yourself in Ayia Napa.

My score 3.5 – 4 / 5

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  1. I love how they do the mashed potatoes there. They’re piped so very pretty. Everything looks so flavorful and delicious!

    1. The food was nice which was a relief.

  2. Sounds pretty good, and I love that they have free wifi too!

    1. It was a life saver, keeping min man happy for ages.

  3. This restaurant looks fab and all the food look delicous.

    1. The food here was nice with a good range on the menu.

  4. I have never been to Cyprus, definitely on my list!

    1. It’s a great place to visit with lots of fresh food.

  5. Looks like decent grub – nice size portions. I miss Cyprus – want to go back soon!

    1. The portion sizes were good, we didn’t leave hungry 😉

  6. All of this food looks delicious! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

    1. Me too 😉

  7. I love when you find a gem on holiday! I know its bad to say but I often prepare for low expectations on holiday as the restaurants can be really hit and miss! However I have found a few in Cyprus that I love so snap!!! This place sounds great love how they wanted to make the food look great too!!

    1. We were lucky here but then we went on a recommendation so already t couldn’t have been too bad 😉

  8. Sounds great. I do love a good steak with peppercorn sauce myself 😀

    1. I do love peppercorn sauce especially when it’s homemade.

  9. Looks like a lovely place to eat, simple yet tasty dishes!

    1. They were nice, luckily 😉

  10. The potatoes look so yummy and I just love eating outside. I’m off to Cyprus next year but to Pathos.

    1. Have a lovely time, I am sure you will find some great restaurants there too.

  11. The food looks delicious. Love the interior too.

    1. It was nice there and had a relaxed atmosphere 😉

  12. Looks like nice food and it’s good that you get the option of mash as you’re right so many places abroad just automatically bring you chips with everything x

    1. Some places had chips made with Cyprus potatoes, those were lovely 😉

  13. Not been to Ayia Bapa for several years
    Definately bear this restaurant in mind looks delicious

    1. It is worth visiting, I hope you get to go soon 😉

  14. Gosh that mashed potato looks crazy – so frilly and crispy! Bet it was delicious.

    1. I had opted for chips but it’s owner enjoyed it 😉

  15. This looks delicious! We travel to Corfu in a couple of weeks and I am so excited to delve in and try some more Greek food.

    1. Wow Ami I hope you have an amazing time with lots of yummy food 😉

  16. I love a good steak so it would definitely be on my places to eat if I was ever in Ayia Napa!

    1. I do love steak when it is cooked properly, I hate the cremated offerings some restaurants make.

  17. It is true homecooked food can be best but its great that they gave you a decent steak regardless anyway! Hope you had fun in Cyprus.

    1. Although not traditionally Greek this was a nice restaurant to visit 😉

  18. Ooh the food here looks delicious! I haven’t been to Cyprus before but the food looks similar to a lot of greek and turkish restaurants that I’ve been to. xxx

    1. It sure is but it’s nice to go to the country as that way you also get to enjoy the sun and sea 😉

  19. Sounds like you had a fab meal. The food looks great and I agree, you can’t be too strict about chips when on holiday 😉

    1. We did enjoy the food and had a great time there with plenty to eat.

  20. Chips have to be served with every dish on holiday – it’s the law 😀 Looks lovely xx

    1. Lol, I think you may be right it is the law. Bring on the chips 😉

  21. Looks like a lovely place to eat while on holiday.

    1. It was a nice restaurant and well located. We had a lovely walk around after to burn off a few calories.

  22. Apart from the dessert melting too quickly sounds like such a lovely restaurant with delicious food.

    1. The perils of hot countries lol 😉

  23. I love the look of that potato mash!! How creative! Shame you ended up preferring your own steak, sounds like a nice meal anyhow.

    1. I’m a fussy mo lol, it can be hard to beat homemade when you’ve had a fair deal of practise.

  24. It looks like somewhere with a really nice atmosphere, and sounds great for a family meal. Great review!

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