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Avenue Restaurant London St James May Menu

If you are looking for a great place for a first date, or, somewhere you and your friends / partner will love with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and superb food that looks super stylish then look no further.  The place you NEED to visit is Avenue in the heart of London’s St James.

I had an email through saying that “Avenue’s cuisine has been completely revamped and now focuses on Asian cuisine with a fiery South American twist and has a brand new chef in the kitchen” and asking if I would like to review it.  Now, for those of you that are new to my blog I’m a foodie!!!!  Food excites me.  I talk about it continuously, I create my own recipes and I love visiting restaurants that I haven’t before to discover fabulous new flavours.  I love Asian food and the South American twist made it even more appealing.

The restaurant of course has an A La Carte menu but in addition offers a Set Lunch on Monday and Tuesday – on the website it’s also available for dinner, Weekend Brunch, a Set Menu (what we tried) and a Bottomless Brunch.

The restaurant itself looks lovely with an enormous display of glasses which form a chandelier hanging over a bar area that has a bottle display.  I went along on a Tuesday evening and it appeared to be a popular haunt for the local office staff with plenty of suits as well as groups of friends.  What stood out was everyone was super polite and friendly always a good sign and so I’ve suggested this to my girl pals as a great place for drinks!!!  I’m looking forward to a cocktail night hopeful soon.  Not only were the clientele friendly but I will also mention the staff were amazing.  The level of service here was truly exceptional and something that really does stand out in the higher end restaurants that I have visited.

I tried the new menu which apparently changes quite often, a good thing as it makes it easier to revisit often and try lot so of different delicious foods.  The set menu although restricted in options, did have a selection that covered vegetarians, vegans, meat and fish lovers – that’ll be everyone then lol.  It’s always good to see that they take everyone’s dietary requirements into consideration.

I will admit I wasn’t sure what to order at first as all the dishes sounded interesting.  The dish that stood out the most was the Sea Bream as the taste combination sounded quite exciting.

First we enjoyed a cocktail and when they look as enticing as the one we tried you simply can’t resist.  The wine list was varied and had a good selection from different regions.  Wine drinkers will be in their element.

The Black Turtle

Hennessy fine cognac, sake infused with cinnamon, fresh apple juice, lemon juice and seaweed syrup garnished with mint leaves and dry lemon.

This was a super refreshing cocktail that has a strong alcoholic kick.  The apple juice comes through as does them lemon, mint and cognac.  This was so easy to drink, we could have sipped on them all evening but then there wouldn’t be a review to read as I would have passed out probably part way through the third one lol – yes I’m a light weight as I don’t drink often.  With that in mind I moved on to sparkling water with the intention of drinking my glass of bubbly which came with the three course meal later.  At this stage I simply must mention the waiter.  He was brilliant, filling our glasses when they started to look half full and doing the same with all the other diners in the area we were seated.  It was like he had a sixth sense, what a star!


Heritage Tomatoes, Avocado, Poached Spicy Kumquat, Thai Asparagus

What a work of art.  This was beautifully presented as you can see, as was all the food we enjoyed on the evening.  Fresh and full of tomatoey goodness, this is a super healthy and light starter.  If you’re lacking lycopene – the amazing antioxidant that helps fight ageing and cancers then you’ll get a good dose after this.  The tomatoes are plump, ripe and full of flavour.  The asparagus was cooked perfectly and still had a good bite, and the kumquat gave a tasty tangy addition to the mix of flavours.  All this was presented on a layer of pureed avocado.  This is the ultimate in healthy food with a great mix  of fresh flavours.  The crispy lotus was an interesting addition to the dish and I could have eaten a bowl of these (they’re soooo good).

Avocado, Pickled Apple, Edamame and Mango Salad

Another masterpiece in design.  The plate was graced by a mountain of green.  I loved that there was so much avocado in the dish and the lettuce was exceptionally fresh and crisp.  The pickled apple brought a delicious flavour to the dish and was somewhat addictive.  The only thing that I found disappointing was that I found only two edamame beans and three teeny tiny pieces of mango hidden within – it would have been nice to have a little more of these.  This was a minor oversight though as everything else was “simply fabulous” and you can quote me on that.


Seabream, Bok Choy, Jalapeno and Lime Beurre Blanc, Pickled Lotus

I’m trying to eat more fish so I thought where else to give this than a good in a restaurant that takes pride in its food.  That was my best decision that day, the dish was in a word “superb” OMG, I really loved it.  Why?  The skin of the fish was perfectly crisp and seasoned.  The fish itself was perfectly cooked and was heavenly – this is now one of my new favourite dishes ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And don’t get me started on the sauce.  I quite honestly can say that this dish was wonderful.  The beurre blanc was really moreish, it’s delicate flavour and light creaminess worked well with the texture and flavour of the fish and I had to fight the urge to not lick the plate as I couldn’t bare the thought of wasting it.  The lotus was a welcome and interesting addition giving an interesting texture and flavour which combined well with the other flavours and textures.


Having a sweet tooth this is always my favourite part of the meal.  Having seen the effort that was put into the previous dishes we had indulged in I couldn’t wait to see what we would be presented with and needless to say they didn’t fail to impress.

Madagascar Vanilla, Poached Pineapple Carpaccio, Coconut Sorbet

An interesting combination of flavours which actually work extremely well together.  The portion size was larger than expected but of course that’s a positive, we all love dessert!  The dish was refreshingly different and interesting to the palate.  The pineapple was delicious, the coconut sorbet amazing, combined all the components complemented each other well.  Even the meringue mounds hidden beneath the pretty edible yellow viola worked well.  The chefs must have had fun creating this and did a great job it’s not just aesthetically pleasing it also tastes good..

Passion Fruit Cheesecake, Raspberry Jelly & White Chocolate Cream

The best dessert from the selection we both agreed on tasting, and boy was this good.  It’s not just a stunning dessert it tastes exquisite. The combination of fruity, tangy and sweet is perfect and it’s the sort of dessert I could imagine seeing on a good afternoon tea.  You can smell the fresh passion fruit, the white chocolate cream was incredibly light and fluffy with a sweetness that balances the tartness from the raspberries.  Interestingly enough I noticed the chefs had had fun with this dish, there were 6 different forms of raspberry.  The first was the layer of raspberry jelly on top of the passion fruit cheesecake, second, the fresh raspberries placed on top, thirdly, the raspberry sorbet which really was a treat, a refreshing taste of summer.  Fourth, freeze dried raspberry pieces to add a texture contrast, fifth, ground freeze dried raspberry, and last but not least, the raspberry coulis dotted around the plate.  This was an incredible dessert and something I really must put my mind  to making myself at home for my family and friends to enjoy.

The food overall was of a very high standard, service was exceptional, the atmosphere relaxed and the restaurant itself modern and a good size as were the tables so diners did not feel packed in.  The prices for the set menu were very reasonable with a two course meal and a glass of wine costing £20 and three courses with a glass of bubbles costing £25.  We had a lovely evening and would highly recommend it to anyone that loves good food, you are guaranteed to love it too!

What dish excites you most from those we tried?

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I was invited to Avenue in exchange for an honest review.  All thoughts and pictures are my own.

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  1. Your food looks incredible! Especially the starter, love the Thai style! I’m such a sucker for good service too, I’ve never heard of the restaurant but it’s certainly on my radar now!

    1. Thanks Hannah. I have to say the food here was wonderful. It’s really lovely there and a place you must visit if you can x

  2. The food looks really good and great value for money. It sounds like a nice restaurant to try.

    1. It is great value for money especially considering the food and level of service.

  3. I love those desserts they look amazing. The layout of the restaurant makes it look really trendy.

    1. It’s a lovely restaurant with mirrors and artwork which do give it a modern look.

  4. The restaurant looks so lovely. And you have wrote it too well. I am sharing it.

  5. Oh yum. I love fish and this looks delicious. Not had sea bream before.

  6. This looks interesting. I haven’t been there but I am all for visiting new places and trying out new dishes.

  7. Wow this place looks great! Do they have many veggie/vegan options here? Your starter looks amazing.

    1. I think they did but you would need to check their most recent menu.

  8. It sounds like the service here is very good. The food looks yummy

  9. Oh wow what a restaurant!! The food looks incredible, that dessert looks so good!! It looks really stylish too!

    1. The dessert was gorgeous!!!! You must try it quick before they change it x

  10. All of those meals look so amazing! Looks like a really good restaurant.

    1. It sure is. I really enjoyed my evening there.

  11. Such a beautiful place for some good food and a wonderful dinner experience. I love the fact that the menu changes, that’s what makes it stand out from other restaurants!

    1. The menu change is a great idea, it keeps it interesting x

  12. ALL the dishes you tried caught my eye. I love the look of the starters in particular. Looks very tasty.

    1. They were delicious. A must try for anyone that can get there.

  13. That looks like a fine restaurant and yumm! The food looks amazing, especially the Passionfruit cheesecake and the Madagascar Vanilla and pineapple desserts !

    1. I see you too enjoy desserts. These were superb, they tasted as good as they looked.

  14. This looks absolutely delicious. I’ll have to find a reason to celebrate and visit for dinner 😉

    1. Good idea. Shouldn’t be too hard. Enjoy your meal x

  15. The food here looks amazing! I love the chandelier made of glasses too – what a unique centre point to have.

    1. It looks great doesn’t it. A great focal point for the room.

  16. All of the food looks interesting and delicious although I am a little curious about what I would think of the seabream. I do love seafood, but this looks like it is prepared in a unique fashion.

    1. The seabream was impressive. I would order that again in a heartbeat!

  17. the food looks incredible, especially the starter – definitely what I would order. The setting and decor is lovely looking too

    1. The decor was lovely. It’s a great trendy place to visit in London.

  18. This restaurant ticks all the boxes… great food, impeccable service and good atmosphere with reasonable prices. I love cheesecake but that pineapple carpaccio with the coconut sorbet is making my taste buds tingle.

    1. It was a great idea for a dessert especially combined with the coconut.

  19. Oh this looks such a great place to eat. I love deserts and the cheesecake looks divine! Kaz

    1. The cheesecake was fantastic!!!!

  20. This was the wrong post to read late at night five days into a strict diet but I can’t say I regret it. That food looks amazing – I hope you had a great time! Xx

    1. Lol, what timing. The food here was actually quite healthy which is good. They also do the most enormous chunky chips. Just so you know if you have a day or two off the diet.

  21. This sounds like a wonderful place to go. I like the fact that they cater for vegans and that the menu changes often, it would make me more likely to visit again.

    1. It is good that they cater for all and the menu is updated often.

  22. I feel like I dribbled all over my laptop whilst reading this post. The restaurant looks lovely with very clean and calm decor. The food is very enticing too

    1. It is a really lovely restaurant. The food is gorgeous there x

  23. That food looks so amazing!! I’d love to go there! Amazing post, I really enjoyed reading about your experience.
    Menna x

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Menna. I hope you get to try it for yourself sometime soon.

  24. That food looks absolutely incredible, what a lovely place to go for a bite to eat. I will definitely add this to the list of possibilities for my next meal out.

    1. I’m sure you will enjoy the food there and the atmosphere x

  25. That dessert was just beautiful. Really, all of it was! Looks like a delightful dinner!

    1. It really was lovely 🙂

  26. What beautifully presented food! That dessert looks amazing! 🙂

    1. It does look great doesn’t it!

  27. That fish has my name on it. I’m going to try and go with friends this week after work.

    1. You’ll love the fish it’s rally lovely.

  28. The food here looks amazing and it’s not that far from where we live. My mouth is watering!

  29. The decor is gorgeous – and don’t even get me started on the sea bream and the cheesecake! I’ll definitely be adding it to my bucket list – it looks like a great place to visit!

    1. Hi Hannah.

      I have to confess this was one of my favourite meals the food here is amazing!!!

  30. What a beautiful restaurant and the food looks delicious!

    1. Thanks Laura. We thought it was really lovely there.

  31. Wow that food looks really good. Especially the fish dish. Like you I’m also trying to eat more fish – and I would have been very happy had I been served that!

    1. It was a really tasty dish and very filling.

  32. I like the sound of this Avenue Restaurant. The food looks tasty.

    1. The food there is lovely x

  33. The food looks delicious, I would love to give this restaurant a try

    1. I am sure you’d love the food.

  34. Oh wow those dishes look amazing. Not only that but they sound delicious. And if I did drink alcohol I’d definitely be tempted by that cocktail you had!

    1. They had a great mocktail selection too!!! 🙂

  35. I haven’t been to London in so long but this place looks gorgeous and the foot looks SO good!

    1. The food is lovely, well worth a visit.

  36. The food looks really good and I like the fact they change their menu often. Will give this a try next time we are local.

    1. It does help when restaurants change the menus around to keep it interesting.

  37. Oh wow this looks incredible! The food looks delicious and so well presented!

    1. It was really nice there. I’d definitely recommend it.

  38. You had my attention at the word cheesecake! It sounds like the restaurant has an interesting menu, and I love that the chairs look comfortable.

    1. Lol, the desserts were very good there.

  39. The food looks so delicious, I especially love the look of the fish. Yummy!

    1. The fish was fantastic. I’d go again for that!

  40. The glass chandelier looks stunning. The seabream looks so nice, not what I’d expect straight out from an Asian restaurant x

    1. It’s all about the flavours. It was lovely in there and one I would highly recommend.

  41. What a beautiful place, the food looks amazing and the set menu is really affordable x

    1. The pricing is good. It’s a great restaurant.

  42. The food looks delcious but it is that huge light I am in love with

    1. Ha. The glass display did look good!!!

  43. Oh wow what an incredible meal – those desserts! I’ve put this on my go visit list 🙂

    1. Enjoy Emma. The food there is lovely x

  44. That glass display is impressive. The food looks absolutely delicious

    1. The display is lovely. It’s a great idea and unique 🙂

  45. Oh wow you’re right, the food here really does look like a work of art doesn’t it!! Xxx

    1. It was really nicely presented 🙂

  46. Oh wow this place looks and sounds lovely! I absolutely love that chandelier made from glasses, what a statement piece. Its great to hear it was such a friendly atmosphere as this can make all the difference to your experience can’t it, the food looks absolutely amazing too! x

    1. The restaurant looks great and it’s nice to have a relaxed, friendly atmosphere when dining out.

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