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Melba at the Savoy

For those in and around London or even visiting if you start feeling peckish then make a note that Melba at the Savoy has some lovely sweet and savoury items that are sure to take your fancy.

DSC02222Located literally just outside the Savoy hotel this fabulously high quality take away serves hot and cold beverages as well as classic British sandwiches, delicious looking cakes and eclairs.  Let’s all look at the picture below and droooool together at the sight of those cakes shall we!!!DSC02216I popped along after a press event located nearby and was instantly attracted into the store by the exquisitely decorated desserts within.

The bag too was beautifully designed. DSC02221 Each cake was individually boxed in well thought through and designed boxes.DSC02224 DSC02226 DSC02244 The desserts were yummy.  The chocolate eclair was coated in a rich chocolate with chocolate pieces.   The cake topped with a thick chocolate ganache and gorgeous chocolate disc had a lovely chocolate pastry base with a salted caramel mousse and tasted wonderful.  It’s well worth revisiting for this alone. DSC02240 I plan to sit outside on my next visit and enjoy a delicious herbal tea or hot chocolate and share a variety of the sweet pastries with friends.

So who coming with me???

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  1. Woah, they look amazing. I’m thinking I could just posh up some regular éclairs with a bit of chocolate like that. I have a friend who loved éclairs and every birthday we get together for a cuppa and a pack of éclairs. I’m going to surprise her this year with a swanky Melba at the Savoy version I think!

    1. That sounds fun, enjoy creating your eclairs.

  2. This looks wonderful so decedant and luxurious for pastries. Love the packaging also it just oozes quality.

  3. totallydrooling at the cake cabinet !! How did you not want to eat the lot ??

    1. I had someone there holding me back lol!

  4. These cakes all look amazing, wish I could have come with you! 🙂

    1. I want to go again!!!

  5. Wow wouldn’t mind trying this for myself looks so yummy

  6. they all look divine!this place is next on my to-go list

    1. It’s well worth a visit, yum!

  7. Oh my! That looks amazing…I think I will definitely have to pay a visit!!

    1. Their cakes look great don’t they.

  8. I’ve never had the pleasure of The Savoy but I would go there just for the cakes.

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