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It’s amazing how many personalised gifts are available to buy these days.  Some of which I didn’t even know could be until recently.  You see, I am currently on the hunt for all sorts of gifts from birthday (various), Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and first baby gifts etc.  On my adventure around the internet, I discovered some lovely gifts that can be given the personal touch to make them that bit more special.  I thought I would share this with you as I know we all get stuck sometimes when buying gifts so this might help inspire and help with gift choices.

Gifts That Can Be Personalised


I had to put this first as I have numerous people that I buy chocolate for each year as they love it.  I know Easter is coming up and know Thorntons do personalised Easter Eggs but I thought that was as far as it went with their personalisation. Boy, was I wrong!  I looked on the Thorntons site for gift inspiration and found that they also personalise boxes of chocolates, truffles, chocolate models and more!!!  I’m quite liking the thought of a personalised hamper that sounds great.

Alcohol Bottles

There is no mistaking whose bottle of wine/brandy/champagne it is when you have your name and photo plastered on the front of it.  Regular readers may recall my dad enjoys drinking both wine and gin.  Apparently personalising a bottle is as easy as 1,2,3 on the Prestige Drinks website.  The range of drinks is pretty varied too which is great and means you can match every drinker you know to at least a handful of bottles each.

Perfume Bottles

I didn’t know these existed before writing this!!!  What a lovely idea.  Perfume bottles can be so pretty and what better than one with your name on it.  I have a friend that loves Kenzo and so I plan to see if I can find this on the list of 350 personalisable bottles available on The Perfume Shop Website.  Let’s hope it’s there as then that’s another birthday gift covered.

Relaxation Gift Box

Another wonderful discovery was a relaxation gift box from Banks-Lyon.  It’s nice to treat someone to a little pampering.  The etched wooden box includes a face mask, candle and mineral bath infusion and makes a lovely keepsake.  This box can be tailored to preferences and a personal message added.


One for the hubby here.  Mine is totally obsessed with Yankee Candles and quite rightly so.  His favourites are the large Eucalyptus and the Lavender jars and he burns them every day when he has a bath.  They’re really lovely and the scent fills the hallway to the bathroom which is nice.  I think he’d love it if I personalised a candle as a gift for him and the good thing is I don’t have to wait to do it for his birthday, Christmas or Father’s Day.  The question is do I use a picture of him or the children or one of each!

What items do you think make great personalised gifts?

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32 thoughts on “Personalised Gifts You Didn’t Realise You Could Have Personalised!”

  1. My husband LOVES Jones Soda and I’ve been contemplating getting him some personalized bottles, just because I think it would be cute and fun. These are all awesome options.

  2. I love personalized gifts because it makes you feel someone put a lot of thoughts, time and heart on it. The chocolate idea is my favourite!

  3. A relaxation gift box sound so great! I love gifts that aren’t the typical things and are a little more personal. This sounds like the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

  4. I had no idea you could have any of that personalized, either! I would love a box of personalized chocolate, then I can claim they are mine and no one else can have any!!

    1. I know!!! I thought I should write a Mother’s Day post and when searching for post idea inspiration discovered how many things could be personalised so thought it would be perfect for a post.

  5. Oh wow how cool! I love personalising things make sit much more meaningful. I like the idea of personalised candles xx

  6. I only knew about personalised perfume bottles but I had no idea all of these could be personalised!that’s such a nice touch!!

    1. It really is. There are so many personalised options these days. I’m sure many of which I still haven’t discovered.

  7. I knew that chocolate could be personalized, but I had no idea about alcohol bottles and perfume bottles. This is pretty cool. But I like to give as personalized gifts are personalized picture frames.

    1. Personalise picture frames sound like a good idea too. I know someone that would be perfect for. Thanks for the suggestion Jessie.

  8. Oh! I love gifts that personalized and creative. And those things you’ve mentioned are very helpful, perfect gifts!

  9. All of those sound like a lot of fun. But I think with the chocolate and candles I would be sad to see them go if I had them personalized. It is pretty cool.

  10. How cool to personalize a box of chocolate! Since it’s one of my favorite gifts to give, it makes sense to go the extra mile.

  11. I did the perfume bottle for my husband 3 years for father’s day, he was so happy and still has that bottle. I think personalizing the gift gives it a special touch.

  12. I’ve seen personalized labels on bottles of wine for weddings and wedding showers. I did not know there were more products out there! These will make great gift ideas!

  13. So many great ideas for personalised gifts. I would love to give a nice bottle of wine that has the name of the recipient it makes it special.

  14. It is amazing all the different things you can have personalised these days! I love that you can get boxes of chocolate and the like!

  15. I love personalizing gifts. It really feels like you’ve picked something out just for them! I love the perfume idea.

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