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Why We Should Celebrate Mother’s Day

Mother’s do so much for us as children.  Unfortunately, it isn’t until we become parents ourselves that we can fully appreciate the efforts and sacrifices they’ve made.  Although now pretty commercial Mother’s Day is still a good way to acknowledge and show appreciation for everything our Mother’s do.  Let’s face it when else does it happen.  Many need a little push in the right direction.  Singling out a reminder day to acknowledge mums year-round efforts can be a step in the right direction in making mums feel appreciated.

A Stunning Display of Appreciation

Flowers are one of the most popular ways to show someone that you care.  They are NOT just for Mother’s Day or any other celebration.  My mum is used to me turning up at the house with the kids and a lovely bouquet of flowers throughout the year.  What better way to surprise our mums then with a stunning bouquet of great quality flowers, a gift that will touch anyone’s heart.

Remembering Mum’s that have Passed

Mother’s Day can be hard for those that have lost a Mother yet a lovely way to remember them is to buy a bouquet of flowers in their memory.  Celebrating their lives is a nicer more positive way to deal with the loss.

Quality Speaks for Itself

You can buy flowers from almost anywhere.  I have noticed that quality really does vary greatly depending on where you buy them.  The flowers from supermarkets quite often don’t seem to be up to par compared to some online flower retailers.  It’s hardly surprising.  Supermarket flowers, for example, sit in a store and maybe handled numerous times.    They are kept in a warm environment which promotes deterioration at a faster rate.

How To Prolong the Life of Your Flowers

Let’s face it, if we are spending a fair amount to impress with an amazing bouquet of flowers we want them to last as long as possible.  It’s good to know there are ways to extend the life of your flowers:

When your delivery arrives remove lower leaves from the stems.

Trim stems at a 45 degree angle before placing in a vase.

Do the same every 2 days to ensure they absorb plenty of water.

Top up the vase with fresh water daily.

Use the flower feed provided for increased longevity.

Avoid placing flowers in direct sunlight.

Haute Florist

Those from good online florists, however, are kept in cool environments and are only handled when they are combined to create gorgeous masterpieces.  Some like those from https://www.hauteflorist.co.uk/ are at home in any expensive London home or apartment.  Their flowers are ideal to treat someone to a gift that is truly special.

When ordering flowers there are additional options that can be included.  You can by all means just purchase the flowers (there are different size options).  Additions such as a vase, a teddy and even chocolates can be included should you wish to bulk up your gift that bit more.

What did I Think?


I was sent the Antique Elegance bouquet for the purpose of this post.  When initially given the link to the ones I was to be sent I was in awe.  The arrangement is timeless with a good mix of colour and texture.  The flowers arrive in perfect condition.  Packaging and presentation are spot on indicating a luxury item not just your run of the mill flowers from just any company.  The pricing is good in regards to flower quality and quantity.  The flowers have been expertly combined to allow for a good assortment that complement each other beautifully.

The flower selection includes pink Bouvardia, Antique Carnations, Memory Lane Roses, Avalanche Roses, Calla Lilies with Eucalyptus which is not only a trendy addition but also ties together the colours of the flowers and adds volume and texture.

Want to Win An Antique Elegance Bouquet?

Enter to win for yourself, a loved one, you choose.  The competition is super easy to enter.  All entrants need to do is follow both myself and Haute Florist on twitter (links in the competition tweet).

Win A Large Hand-tied Antique Elegance Bouquet from Haute Florists worth £45.

Information and T’s & C’s:

Haute Florists have kindly offered one stunning bouquet to an extremely lucky Melanie’s Fab Finds reader.

Entrants must be 18 years +

There is 1 bouquet to be won.

UK entry only.

The winner must be following @hauteflorist  and @MelanieMse and must have retweeted the competition tweet.

The prize will be delivered to the winner within approximately 30 days of confirmation of delivery address.  Normally this is much sooner.

There is no cash alternative to prizes which are subject to availability, non-transferable, non-negotiable and non-refundable. Prizes may not be sold, offered for sale or used in connection with any other competition or promotion by the prize winner.

The winners’ twitter name will be announced when drawn. By entering this competition you are agreeing to give permission for this.

The competition will close on the 17th March at midnight.

Enter by following @hauteflorist and @MelanieMse and retweeting this:




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Disclaimer: I was sent this fabulously gorgeous floral masterpiece in exchange for a competition and you know me I love to spread the love.   All opinions are my own.


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  1. Oh those flowers are just stunning! I love the pink shades and beautiful flowers. They would make such a lovely mothers day gift.

    1. The colours really are gorgeous and go well together.

  2. What a great giveaway! The flowers are just gorgeous! I love having flowers in the house!

    1. Me too they really add to the look of any room.

  3. The bouquet is beautiful and I am sure any mother would love to receive one. I thought your advice on how to keep it at its best was very useful.

    1. Glad you liked the tips Anne. They do make flowers last longer.

  4. I love flowers and this bouquet looks absolutely gorgeous. I agree on why we should celebrate mother’s day, mum’s do so much for us and we need to show them our appreciation.

    1. It is a lovely arrangement x

  5. Mothers are so amazing. This is a lovely competition.

    1. It sure is. The flowers are gorgeous 🙂

  6. Oo I like the tips for my the flowers long laster! I think giving the gift of flowers is so special for so many different occasions 🙂

  7. I definitely think we need to celebrate that day! Mothers do a lot for families to the detriment of their own health sometimes. I love celebrating this day.

  8. I had not thought about it but Mother’s Day is coming soon. Flowers are a great way to show the love so I hope my husband and kids get the message

  9. I love Mothers Day because I know I will get to spend some time with my aging mom. We love to go to our favorite restaurant and just catch up.

  10. Those are such absolutely beautiful flowers the colours in them are just stunning! I still haven’t’ worked out what to get my Mum yet, I need to get my thinking cap on!

    1. The colours are gorgeous. The selection has been combined very well.

  11. We celebrate Mother’s Day. We try to take my mother in law out to eat lunch to a location of her choice.

    1. That’s great, it’s nice to treat mums as often as possible x

  12. This bouquet is stunning! I wish this was open to the US. I have to make sure to order some flowers during my next visit to the UK.

    1. They have so lovely flowers on their site!!! That’s a good idea, you will be impressed at how lovely they are x

  13. I think it’s a wonderful day to have! I know I always celebrate my mother and my Nana Jo, who is in her 90s. Thank you for the flowers care! I always want mine to stay around as long as they can.

    1. Same here it’s great when you can keep them alive for a while.

  14. What a beautiful bouquet!! I love the colors of the pale pink with black.

    1. The flowers do go well with the black packaging. I loved the presentation.

  15. I kill flowers just by looking at them I feel like lol I’ll have to try these tips out for my next flowers.

    1. I really hope they help. Don’t forget also to pop them in a cool room at night x

  16. These flowers are gorgeous! Wow! Thanks for sharing this with us. A perfect thing to send just because and also for special occasions!

    1. I totally agree. It’s important to celebrate our mums all year around!!!

  17. These flowers are gorgeous! I rarely get them anymore because my kids tend to make me a gift.

    1. Flowers are lovely as a gift. I’m sure what they make you is equally as nice 🙂

  18. That is a beautiful bouquet! We usually celebrate my mom by spending the day together, often going to a park or art museum.

    1. That sounds nice. Spending time with our mums is always good.

  19. Yes! We always celebrate Mother’s Day for me that is the best day because this is something special to me. I am also a mother and a mother no one can explain how much the sacrifice that she gives. The best hero!

    1. Mums are often underappreciated but it does help to have a reminder day for those that need it to give mum some tlc.

  20. My mother passed away a long time ago so Mother’s Day is bittersweet for me. I don’t really celebrate it but I don’t shun it either. I just choose to overlook it.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear that. Many are now choosing to celebrate their Mother’s lives with flowers that mum would have loved. It’s such a great way to remember them xxx

  21. I always like to make effort to celebrate mothers day. my mother is wonderful and deserves a treat or two xx

    1. That’s great to hear. Hope you have a lovely day with your Mum x

  22. Mother’s day is always one of the best celebration that I am looking forward too. We really should have this to thank our mom’s and this is a good occasion to show our appreciation to our loving moms.

    1. I agree. It’s a great time to show mums how much they are appreciated x

  23. This is a great gift idea. We celebrate Mother’s Day here, I love to make my mom feel special..

    1. Flowers do make lovely gifts 🙂

  24. Those are beautiful flowers. Mother’s day is so important to celebrate. We owe a lot to our moms. Those flowers would make for a great gift.

    1. They are stunning. I really was impressed and I’ve used loads of different flower companies.

  25. We should always celebrate Mother’s Day. It’s the most important person in our lives!

    1. Our mums can often be the most important person in our lives. That’s very true and it’s equally important to make sure they know we appreciate all they do for us.

  26. We’ve always celebrated mother’s day . Even if I’m been at work all day . It’s quality over quantity 🙂 xx

    1. Glad to hear it. Hope you have a lovely one this year.

  27. I agree with you that flower quality makes a difference. I’ve bought cut flowers that have lasted less than a week before, but I’ve got some carnations in my hallway that have been going strong for two weeks now and are showing no signs of wilting. They must be some kind of super flower!

    1. These ones are pretty long lasting too which is great. Good quality flowers tend to last longer although some flowers naturally don’t last long.

  28. These flowers are gorgeous, the perfect gift for Mothers Day

    1. They sure are. I think any mum would love them.

  29. You only get one Mom so celebrate with them show them how much you love them, always be there for them, because one day they are gone and you are only left with the beautiful memories you have shared

    1. That’s very true. I think many don’t show their mums that they’re appreciated enough.

  30. Always celebrated Mother’s Day even though I always work on a Sunday

    1. It’s important to show our mums we care x

  31. These are really beautiful

    1. They are gorgeous flowers with a lovely mix of colours.

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