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Fudge Kitchen

A small but weighty package arrived for me and was sitting on the table when I got home with the children. My kids saw the package and must have some how known what was inside as they grabbed it and ran. After catching the children and rescuing the package I opened it up and found another box within. I gently opened the pretty box to reveal 4 individually wrapped and labelled slices of luxury fudge. How fantastic!

There were four different flavours: Belgian Chocolate Swirl, Traditional Toffee, Chocolate Classic and Blueberry Muffin. Having decided that this was maybe a little too much for me to manage by myself I phoned some friends to come over for a tasting.

Everyone was very excited about trying the fudge, the packaging looked so good we were expecting a good quality product. It took us a little white to decide which one to sample first, but, it was well worth the wait. Blueberry Muffin, tasted just like a blueberry muffin, how unusual yet it was very nice. Wow, I wonder if ‘Fudge Kitchen’ hired Willy Wonka to work with them on developing this one. And, on the plus side no one turned into blueberries whilst sampling! (sorry couldn’t help myself)
The second was the Belgian Chocolate Swirl. The first comment I heard was ‘Wow, that’s really nice!’ and it sooooooooo was. You can taste both the Belgian Chocolate and the Vanilla Fudge separately when you first eat it, but, as you chew they seem to combine and create a fabulously gorgeous Chocolate and Vanilla Fudge. Again, I suspect Willy Wonka’s involvement, these guys really know what they are doing.
The Third piece to be attacked (literally) was the Chocolate Classic. This had a very rich and intense chocolate flavour although not overpowering as some dark chocolate can be. It was smooth and creamy with a crumbly outside and soft velvety centre. A chocoholics dream guaranteed.

Last but not least was the Traditional Toffee. As you chew your taste buds are gently caressed by the creamy toffee. This mouthwatering flavour again had a very velvety texture and was very moorish.

We all noticed that all the fudge was not sickly sweet like some fudge can be. My goodness this was very good quality fudge having tasted quite a few before at various foodie festivals and stores. Votes from each of us had the Toffee and the Chocolate Classic drawn in first place followed by the Blueberry Muffin and then the Belgian Chocolate Swirl, although to be honest they were all lovely.

Fudge Kitchen have a large number of flavours available to suit everyone.

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  1. OMG thanks for this Melanie – I will be buying some on the weekend!!!

  2. could eat them all mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  3. Yummy they sound so scrumptious xx

  4. I’ve had a look at their website and they all sound so lovely. We’ll be putting in an order soon!

  5. I never knew of fudge kitchen on Facebook till you posted on your fab finds & omg how lovely so many diffrent kinds it’s awesome ^~^ I would like to treat myself for DARE I SAY IT…..For Christmas ;-/ x x

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