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Hanley’s Premium Confectionery

So many new stores and online companies seem to be opening up due to the massive demand for chocolate.  Let’s face it there are only a handful of people that don’t eat chocolate and I really don’t understand why.  Aside from the health benefits, although, these are more so with dark chocolate there are so many different exciting and delicious types to try.  My only conclusion is that they just haven’t come across the right brand / types of chocolate.  There are so many flavours to choose from as well as different levels of quality.  I am fortunate in that I live in London so I am surrounded by master chocolatiers although not all their chocolate is necessarily to my taste.  By sheer dumb luck I stumbled across Hanley’s Premium Confectionery on facebook who although new to facebook are clearly NOT new to creating outstanding chocolate.  Hardly surprising I immediately contacted them and introduced myself.  To my utter delight this arrived as shown by my two happy little Princesses who like both their parents are hardcore chocoholics.
Chocolate tasters large and small couldn’t wait to open up the fabulous selection that we had been sent.
Belgian Caramel Chocolate
We can safely say this is the best caramel chocolate bar we have ever tasted.  The flavours have been perfectly blended to give a sweet but not sickly, rich, creamy, melt in the mouth combination that is absolutely divine.  This whole bar vanished faster you could say ‘can I have some please’.
Milk Chocolate with Marshmallows and Fudge – mini bar
The milk chocolate that it was set in was absolutely fantastic, the marshmallows were lovely and soft throughout and gooey on the inside, the fudge had a lovely smooth and creamy texture.  I could tell that this was a good quality product from the first mouthful (I grabbed a nice big piece the second I opened it before the kids that were waiting like a hungry pack of wolves attacked).
Milk Chocolate with Crispy Balls – mini bar
A nice simple milk chocolate bar with milk, dark and white crispy chocolate pieces scattered over.  Great for both kids and adults for when you need a chocolate fix. 
Milk Chocolate Orange Swirl
A rich orange aroma gently wafts out of the packaging as you open it and on tasting the flavour does not disappoint.  Made with a blend of smooth and creamy milk chocolate and an orange coloured and flavoured cocoa butter based confectionery it looks good.  The orange part was not as smooth as the chocolate due to the cocoa butter and as it contains E110 so I appreciate that some parents might avoid giving it to their children, nevertheless it tastes great.
Assorted Milk Chocolate Truffles
There were 3 different yet equally delicious chocolates.
Praline Truffle Coated with Hazelnuts – This had a lovely crunchy coating with a rich praline and chocolate centre.  Great contrast of textures and flavours.
Caramel Truffle Coated with Milk Chocolate – Absolutely gorgeous, gooey caramel encased in thick yet melt in the mouth milk chocolate.
Orange Truffle Coated in Cocoa – Brief but intense hit from the outer dusting of cocoa followed by a rich chocolate orange flavour from the truffle within that simply melts and cascades over you taste buds preparing them for further excitement.
I love that the packaging is clear so you can see what you are getting and also the fact that they have a range of fun, exciting and interesting flavours.  I found my taste buds getting overly excited as I gazed adoringly at the range of chocolate that they have created.  You really can taste a difference between Hanley’s Chocolate and some of the poorer quality chocolate available they are simply superior and for the true chocolate lover definitely a fab find!
Head over to their website or pop on to their facebook page for news on new flavours.
This is not a sponored post.

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  1. Ooooh as a chocoholic they look divine. The kids look like they were in heaven! xoxo

    1. They were fantastic, that Caramel bar was amazing, I’m so pleased I came across these guys 😉

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