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Christmas comes early Thanks to Thorntons Chocolates

Emily bounced up and down on her seat and squealed excitedly as the train speed down the tracks on a warm, sunny, July afternoon.

She had been looking forward to this day from the second she heard that she was going to go and see the lovely people at Thorntons and that Santa was also going to be there too. As she skipped along the road, Emily knew she had found the right building when she came across the only door with a pretty Christmas wreath hanging from it.

Emily was greeted by some very friendly people and elves who invited her into a beautifully decorated hallway. Up the large staircase covered in a pretty red ribbon and pieces of fir tree she climbed, past a window sill covered in chocolate lollies, until she came into a large room. As she entered the room, to her amazement, she saw a large table covered in chocolate. Coming from a family of chocoholics she was in heaven! Chocolate Snowmen and Reindeer in various forms were laid out for all to sample. Little brown balls and logs of deliciousness beckoned her closer. Shiny red and gold wrappers glistened in the light. On the table sat a range of Christmas calendars, counting down the days to that magical day with tempting windows giving you a glimpse of what was hidden behind some of the doors. Emily considered filling her mothers handbag with some of the drool worthy treats when no one was looking.

As she stared at the delicious selection of chocolates laid out, she noticed something out of the corner of her eye. It was very large, very brown, with lots and lots of presents under it. OMG! Could it be? Yes! Its was a real chocolate tree!

Emily expected Willy Wonka to jump out at any second. The tree was lined with enticing little chocolate logs sprinkled with icing. She reached out, grabbed one, and took a bite. It was delicious! She savoured the flavour. Suddenly, an elf appeared and gave her a gift from under the tree. Emily ripped the golden wrapping off excitedly to reveal the ‘New Thorntons Christmas Collection’. The pretty holly topped chocolate attracted her attention first, how very Christmassy, she thought to herself. The selection looked inviting, it contained a Snowy Blizzard fluffy butter fudge, a Vanilla Mousse snowball, A Gift Wrapped runny caramel, Chocolate Truffle star and a Yule Log hazelnut and almond praline. The elf then took Emily by the hand and led her into another room. A large tv played ‘Miracle on 34th Street’, enhancing the Christmassy feeling. On a table at the side was a platter, on the platter skewers with fluffy white marshmallows, at the side were some little pots with dark, milk and white chocolate. Could this day be any more amazing? Emily pondered to herself as she thrust a marshmallow into the chocolate sauce and then into her mouth.

A large box lay on the floor. In the centre a movable arrow. An elf flicked the arrow and it spun round and round and then stopped, it was pointing at a milk chocolate button. Emily realised there was a circle of pictures of chocolates and fudge surrounding the arrow. What a fab new game, she thought to herself as she popped a chocolate button in her mouth and then hurriedly spun the arrow again.

An elf appeared in the doorway and beckoned Emily to follow. In the corner of the room opposite the chocolate tree was a giant wooden chair. On the giant wooden chair, a man, dressed in red and white, with a snowy white beard. It was Santa! Emily nervously approached him, after all she was only little. He was very nice and very jolly. Emily had a chat with Santa and told him all about the chocolate she had munched though earlier.

Later on Emily and her mummy went downstairs to see a Master Chocolatier called Keith. He was very clever Emily thought, and knew all sorts of things about chocolate. He had a table covered in a selection of chocolates and even marzipan fruits, and he told mummy and the other people there all about them.

There was a trifle chocolate, Lemon meringue, and then there was mummy’s favourite: Cherries in liqueur, mummy made sure she tried one of those. Keith had a brand new flavour he was trialing that was not yet available in the shops, an orange spiced heart with a crispy centre. Mummy said it was delicious.

As the event drew to a close, Emily was led back down the stairs. Before she left, and to her sheer delight she was given a goody bag by one of the lovely elves. When she got back home she decided that she would give a chocolate lolly from her bag to her little sister. Her sister was overjoyed and with the help of her mummy decided to record a little video for the very generous people at Thorntons.

Thorntons chocolates have a very large range to suit all the family and can be ordered online.

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  1. This sounds heavenly, I’m so jealous

    1. It was amazing, fingers crossed they do it again next year and we are lucky enough to be invited 😉

  2. this would be my kid’s dream come true as well 🙂 x

    1. I entered a competition to go this year and luckily was one of the winners. Make sure you like their facebook page so that if they do any other events like that you can enter too 😉

  3. fantastic sound like you had a wonderful time

    1. It was amazing!

  4. Wow that looks like heaven! Love your little one’s dress 🙂

  5. lol thanks, love putting her in it, my little cutie 😉

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