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The Jelly Bean Factory Review

The Jelly Bean Factory


There are so many Jelly Beans on the market that it can often be difficult to know what to buy and which are any good. Many a time I have purchased a bag of Jelly Beans, stolen a few off the kids and then been very disappointed at the quality of the flavour and range of flavours. As many of you will by now have realised I have a sweet tooth so when the Jelly Bean Factory sent me a range of beans to sample I was like a child at Christmas.
These are not just your average run of the mill Jelly Beans, these are Gourmet Jelly Beans. They are made of 100% natural flavours and no artificial colours. They are also Gluten-Free, GMO-Free (Genetically Modified Organism), Nut Free, Fat-Free, Gelatine Free and suitable for vegetarians.
The selection of flavours is fantastic ranging from Liver and Tripe to bogey, oh no hang on, that’s Bertie Bott’s every flavour bean from Harry Potter.  The Jelly Bean Factory do a more mouth-watering range from, Caramel Popcorn to Pina Colada. In fact, World War 3 almost occurred over both the Caribbean Coconut and French Vanilla Beans when the kids got hold of them. Boasting thirty-six different flavours you are sure to enjoy munching through a pack, or two.

Packs Available


Packaging varies, from tubes,


To small boxes,


And tubs for sharing, although our favourite was the ………..

Pop a bean can.

Easy to transport without losing beans, simple to use, you just open the small lid, lift up the top part, the beans then fall onto the stand.

And there’s a bean daring you to eat it. Like we needed encouragement! This can is great and you can refill it and also put a limited amount of beans in there if you are giving it to kids, fab for portion control.

My two year old mastered getting the beans out very quickly but wouldn’t let go of the can.

She did practise sharing though lucky for her older sister.

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