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Ohso Chocolate Review – Orange

The room was dark.  A large candle flickered on a glass table and provided the only source of light.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw something glistening.  My eyes focus in to see ….. dark, rich and gorgeous, any girls dream date.  My pulse raced as I slowly moved closer.  We had met before and I tingled with excitement.  No one else was about, I moved faster, quickly reaching my target.  As I gently and lovingly started to undress it, firstly removing the jacket I was thankful that the children were out ……… with my husband!  
I then hurriedly removed the next layer covering the beckoning darkness beneath.  I lovingly bit into the dark, creamy, bar of Ohso chocolate.  The smooth, dark but not overly intense flavour excited my taste buds.  But this time the delicious flavour of orange had been infused into the dark chocolate.  My mouth watered with every bite.  
That was my excitement for the day, back to folding up the washing.
Well it looks like the guys at Ohso have succeeded in creating another fab tasting bar of Probiotic dark chocolate.  Fabulously low in calories as its only 72 calories per bar although its a battle of wills not to eat more than 1 a day.
For those that missed it, have a look at my post about their original dark chocolate bar ‘here’.

Anyone wanting more information or better still want to try this lovely chocolate for themselves can purchase Ohso from Harvey Nichols Food Halls, The Nutricentre and Health food stores and independent retailers nationwide as well as directly from their website.

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  1. I too love to indulge in some delicious orange flavoured chocolate – it’s one of my favourites! I would also like to try this brand – seems quite nice 🙂

    1. It’s great, well worth trying and as an added bonus it is good for you.

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