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Cocoa Boutique Review

A Little Box of Heaven

I love getting parcels, don’t we all! I had no idea though how much I would love this one until I opened it and started sampling some of the amazing chocolates within. Now as I sit here typing and thinking of that box of heaven sent chocolates my taste buds are tingling with excitement and also relief as there are still some left in the box.

The box was well packaged, and, on opening the outer box you are greeted by a simple yet sophisticated box which houses some of the most delicious chocolates that you could ever be fortunate enough to receive.

I peeled off the sticker holding together the paper over the chocolates to reveal a very eye catching and delicious looking selection of chocolates. There was no doubt that there was something for everyone there. These are fresh chocolates made by award winning Master Chocolatiers. Perfect to make anyone feel special. The box was chilled in the fridge briefly before sampling began. When I first opened the box of chocolates the first thing that I noticed was the fabulous aroma that filled my nostrils and made me hurry to the table to start sampling.

First for sampling was the 70% Ecuador Dark Chocolate, wow, after reading the description for it I could actually taste a hint of banana first and then liquorice. It’s great for all dark chocolate lovers, with a nice and rich flavour. A hit with my 2 year old daughter too who couldn’t get enough of them, I almost lost a finger feeding them to her.

The Dark Chocolate Coffee Beans were great. I didn’t look at what they were prior to trying one but knew straight away on first bite what they were. Coated with a thick smooth dark chocolate is a crunchy whole coffee bean that gives you an intense coffee flavour, this is a must try for all coffee lovers.

The White Chocolate Buttons were very creamy but had a more delicate flavour than others that I have tried. The children could not get enough of them.

Milk Chocolate Buttons were very creamy and just melted in your mouth, yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!

The Pink Champagne Truffle was exquisite. It had a lovely think coating of white chocolate and as you bit into it you then got to a delicious, velvety Pink Champagne Truffle. It did not have an overpowering aftertaste and there were pieces of real raspberry on the outside that added to the great flavours.

The White Strawberry Cream was to die for! It tasted as beautiful as it looks. It wasn’t overly sweet like some white chocolate but it was also infused with an amazing strawberry flavour. Its creamy and velvety centre just melted in your mouth. This chocolate was a sheer delight to eat and after having tried it I knew I had tasted perfection in a chocolate.

Both the rum and coffee flavours of the Rum Cafe Cream come through as you bite into it, although neither flavour is overpowering. Its texture in the centre is smooth and it is deliciously rich and creamy.

The Milk Chocolate Almond Praline was lovely. The contrasting textures and flavours worked well together. You experience both sweet and salty and soft and crunchy just from one chocolaty mouthful. I couldn’t wait to get the second half into my mouth.

The Pamela was very pretty with a burst of colour adorning the top. Definitely pleasing to the eye, when you bite through the dark chocolate case, you discover a smooth, melt in the mouth ganache centre.

The Vanilla Irish Cream had a deliciously creamy and velvety centre which is infused with Irish Cream that isn’t overpowering.

The Milk Chocolate Honeycomb was sweet and crunchy little pieces of honeycomb enrobed in a milk chocolate case.  Another one that the kids absolutely adored. I did manage to try one at least, yum!

The Tasting Box also came with a little booklet that explained each chocolate and also a score card so that you could score each chocolate out of 10 when you had tried it.

The Tasting box is fantastic as it contains a range of different types of chocolates from different Chocolatiers enabling you to try a wide range of delicious chocolates.

Cocoa Boutique will be launching their website on the 20th of August 2012

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  1. Love the review – big thanks! 🙂

    1. I enjoyed doing it 😉

  2. Oh my god Melanie! My diet is not going to ever get going properly looool x (kayleigh dawn)

    1. lol, do the low carb diet i have in last months blog list hun, i eat chocolate and it doesn’t affect my weight x

  3. They sound lush x

    1. OMG they are amazing, have a look on my fab finds facebook wall they have fantastic offer at the mo and the link is on there xxx

  4. Oh I have gone into overdrive, they look yummy tweeted @lighterson

  5. They are amazing, a great selection that kept the whole family happy!

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