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Gifts For Daddy. Father’s Day 2018

Dads have numerous roles in our lives from the obvious such as teacher, taxi driver, fixer of broken things, breaker of unbroken things, to the less obvious but pretty hilarious including spider catcher, professional farter, embarrassing dancer, terrible joker, the list is endless.

Gifts for dads can take a lot of thought.  I know when I buy items I like to make sure that I put thought into it to make sure the gift is appropriate for the recipient and not just anything that I can get my hands on which fits within an acceptable price bracket.

I want my children to become thoughtful gifters, so I like to take them along to have a look around shops and see what they can find that is suitable for whoever we are buying for.  Now with Father’s Day on the 17th of this month of course the hunt is on for gifts for daddy.  Daddy isn’t always easy to buy for but we were looking for little gifts where it’s more the thought that counts as the goodies were from the kids.

Our local Scribbler was well stocked with hundreds of cards and also numerous goodies that looked perfect for dad whether your looking for a serious gift like gourmet popcorn (omg yes!!!), a hilarious gift such as a fart in a jar – don’t look at me, kids seem amused by this sort of thing, a fun gift like a pocket retro game (great for playing on the toilet when they take hours doing a number two – yes they all do it), or something practical like a reusable coffee cup to use on the go.  For anyone thinking yes!!!! these are fabulous ideas I will go online to grab some – the gifts are only currently available in store – I checked!

Now kids don’t quite appreciate humour like an adult does but they apparently really do love reading card and looking at the pictures.  Even my 3 year old gets involved and finds all sorts of things funny which is super cute.

Our selection For Father’s Day Cards

Our Gift Choices

Spicy Popcorn

We all love popcorn and this one stands out with a combination of smooth caramel, Madras curry, herbs and spices, lime and black onion seed.  What I am waiting to see is how much dad / hubby will actually get to try when he gets his gift as I know the kids and I will be diving in.  The flavours sound unusual but could actually work really well.

Unicorn Poo

What can I say!  The kids of course are not going to walk through any shop and not see anything with this label on it.  Unicorn poo or as an adult will know them as ‘Jazzies’ of course yell out from the shelves – COME GET ME!!!!  You KNOW YOU WANT TO.  Clearly this works.  Plus lets not forget, it’s chocolate and all dads love chocolate!

A Father’s Day Mug

Of course no Father’s Day is complete without the obligatory mug.  Be warned options are numerous.  It’s going to take you a while to decide which to get.

For those that do get to visit a Scribbler store for Father’s Day goodies I suggest you allow plenty of time to read the cards and mugs they have some hilarious ones to choose from that dads are bound to love.

Are you getting your dad / father in law etc. a few smaller gifts or a big one this year?

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This Post Has 40 Comments

  1. beautiful gifts! a collection of great ideas for father’s day! i specially love giving mugs 😉

    1. You can get so many great mug designs can’t you 🙂

  2. Unicorn poo! What a name lol. This sounds interesting. I might need to buy myself some!

    1. Ha, it sure is. Not sure if the kids will leave any for hubby though once he opens his gift.

  3. I couldn’t stop laughing at the slogan on the mug. These are nice fathers day ideas.

    1. Same here, it’s a good one 🙂

  4. ive been on the hunt for some unique items for fathers day- that mug is perfect ha

    1. It is a great mug!! We all loved it when we saw it.

  5. omg, these gifts would be great for my girls to give to their ‘farter’ (father) . These are hilarious and perfect gift ideas! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Glad you liked them. Yes, we agree that mug is fab!!!

  6. As father day is around the corner, I was looking for a gift which I can to my father, on Fathers day, I just love the idea of MUGS. 🙂

    1. Mugs always make great gifts. We never seem to have enough.

  7. hahaha these gifts are for truly funny and self ironical daddies. And also the kids who make them must be “tremendi!!” like we say in Italy!

    1. They are great gifts and ones that will be appreciated too.

  8. I love that unicorn poo – what a cute idea! We aren’t parents yet, but I do give my husband something for Father’s Day because we feel like parents to our cats. That mug might be a find!

    1. Pets count – you have fur babies lol!!

  9. So much great choice here! I can just picture my husband’s face if he opened some unicorn poop haha

  10. hahah the unicorn poo is hilarious! My kids would love to give that to daddy, and also helping him to eat it!

  11. These gift selections are definitely not the typical Father’s Day gifts! That coffee mug seems appropriate for my husband. 🙂

  12. I would love the seriously spicy stuff there. But those cards for dad are absolutely adorable. I love them.

  13. omh hahahah im laughing so hard , girl you must say where you found that cup ! i need it ! seriously great gifts and your boy is adorable

  14. Those are all super fun items and I love the fact that you can get them all in one store, so it’s easier to shop! I love the chocolate, unicorn poo is something that will definitely catch anyone’s attention. Such lovely gift ideas for Father’s day!

  15. I love how funny these all are. Dads have that … special kind of humor. I love how they play into that. The unicorn poop actually looks delicious too.

  16. Oo my Dad would love the spicy popcorn as he’s a fan of anything with chilli in – good idea, thank you 🙂

    1. Mine too. He is a big foodie. Glad you liked the suggestions x

  17. love these gifts with a bot of a sense of humour – really great 🙂 My hubs would love the unicorn poop lol x

    1. Ha, glad you think so. I know mine would too!!! 🙂

  18. Awww … these are so cute! I especially love that mug and I don’t know how my husband would respond to unicorn poo but that would be interesting for sure! lol!

    1. Lol, the unicorn poo I’m sure would make him smile – it is chocolate after all x

  19. I love the bees knees card, it’s so cute. The mug is pretty cool too. 😉

  20. These are some great ideas! I love those cards too they’re adorable!

  21. I’d defo get him that unicorn poo, but I might end up eating that myself. The cards though are great.

  22. Eliza will totally want to buy unicorn poo for daddy lol

  23. my kids would love to give ALL of those gifts because of the humor (we’re a family that LOVES to live with a good sense of humor, we thrive on it really!) I’ll keep these in mind, thanks!

    1. Ha, we are too. The mug had everyone laughing!

  24. That mug is hilarious! I also see the importance in being thoughtful gifters. X

    1. He loved the mug!

  25. I did stifle a snigger at Unicorn poo I will admit! Great selection of Fathers Day Gifts!

    1. It’s great isn’t it. Hubby loved it and the kids helped him eat it all!

  26. Some great ideas. I always struggle with gifts for men including Christmas and birthdays. It gets harder every year!

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