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New Little Tikes Fun Zone Range

From the 1st of June it was official.  The start of British Summer had finally arrived bringing with it warmer weather.  We’re hoping to wave goodbye to the rainstorms that marked the end of May although I wouldn’t put the umbrellas away just yet!

Has Summer officially started for you?  Some Brits don’t consider it to be really summer – the UK’s favourite season – until the start of June.

A survey of over 2000 people carried out by Little Tikes, found that despite the official start of summer being the Solstice on 21st June, the majority of UK residents (over a quarter) class the first week of June as the start of the holiday season.  One in ten thought the start of summer was the Solstice week and some thought it wasn’t really summertime until the schools break up for holidays which feels like ages away at the moment.  23% said that warm weather heralded the start of the season for them.

Over 63% of Brits stated that summer was their favourite season and I totally agree it’s always been my favourite.  Summer starts with the smell of cut grass for one tenth of us, whilst others felt it started with the smell of the well-loved BBQ, the sound of children playing outdoors,the first spray tan of the year or even, the Queen’s Birthday.

Others (3%) know that summer has begun when their hayfever symptoms start and on the flip side 3% feel it has started once they’ve booked their summer holiday.

Almost half of those asked didn’t feel they spend as much time outdoors during the summer months as they would have liked and want to change that.

Head of Marketing for Little Tikes, Michelle Lilley said: “It’s no surprise that Summer is the favourite season for us Brits – especially with the weather we’ve had this May. There’s nothing better than getting outdoors with all the family and being able to have fun together in the sunshine and that’s something that Little Tikes celebrates.”

Little Tikes is calling on all Brits to make the most of the summer season by spending time together outdoors.  The brand offers a full range of outdoor play products from playhouses, sandboxes and water tables to the iconic Cozy Coupe. It also launched the new Fun Zone range this season.  This features some fantastic toys like Splash Face, Dual Twister, Tumblin’ Tower and Drop Zone.  These can be used indoors or outdoors with a water-play twist!  How exciting do they sound!

With the warmer weather my children have already been playing outside much more, plastered with layers of factor 50 SPF!  They have loved taking out their scooters and squeezing into our Little Tikes coupes which we bought when the girls were younger.  Squishy doesn’t care which one he uses and is often seen manoeuvring around the garden in the pink coupe wearing his shades and looking pretty cool.

Of course the warmer weather also means it’s BBQ season, yaaaaaayyyyyyy who doesn’t love a BBQ with also sorts of yummy hot and cold dishes to enjoy with friends and family.

Little man loves to help mummy cook, he even has his own Little Tikes kitchen which he adores.

As we’ve had the warmest May in decades I thought it would be fun to make the most of the time outdoors with something from the new Little Tikes Fun Zone range.  As my son clearly loves to cook and to play cook I though that the Little Tikes Sizzle and Serve Grill was a great option.

Of course I studied it closely and it sounded great with and easy to open lid – perfect for little hands, 12 accessories – ketchup, mustard, a spatula, tongs, 2 burgers with buns and 2 hot dogs with buns.  Of course when we have vegetarian friends over he can cook the toy veg and fruits from his play kitchen.  This is easy to assemble and is great for encouraging creative play.

What do you think of the Sizzle and Serve Grill guys and the Fun Zone Range?

You can shop the full Little Tikes range at https://www.littletikes.co.uk

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  1. Summer is my favourite time of the year. And for me it starts on the 1st of June

    1. I love summer too. Shame it doesn’t last longer.

  2. They look like some really fun bits, and I am so happy that summer is officially here x

    1. Same here, the weather is gradually improving too which is wonderful.

  3. My kids would have loved the Sizzle and Serve BBQ when they were younger and the Fun Zone range is fab! The family and I always try to spend as much time as possible outside, especially now that the weather is so much better so, whether out and about or enjoying lots of fun time in the garden we can’t wait for that glorious weather to return (although we find we can have a great time outdoors even when it’s cold or raining!)

    1. That’s totally true – you can have fun outside rain or shine. The BBQ looks like soooo much fun. I know he’d love it!

  4. We love the new Little Tikes range and must invest in one of their pools and climbing frames. So much fun for little ones x

    1. They do have some fantastic products for little ones. We have always loved them.

  5. We were thinking of getting something from the range for our daughter. It’s perfect for playing outside this summer.

    1. They do have such an amazing range and it’s perfect for getting children out more.

  6. What a great range and so perfect for playing outside on the warm summer days we have been having

    1. They do have a lovely selection for the summer. Mine want them all of course 🙂

  7. I would definitely give the dual twister a go myself haha I can imagine the kids playing the sizzle and serve grill during an actual bbq, copying the adults

    1. That’s exactly my thinking. My son would really love that.

  8. My children always loved little tikes products, and had several including the kitchen and a cozy coupe. I think the new range is even better than ever and I’m sure all little ones would love the new water range, especially the dual twister which looks like a lot of fun. All we need now is some long hot sunny days.

    1. They seem to get better each year which is great!!!

  9. These look like such great fun for the little ones. I’m so happy that the sunshine is finally here.

  10. That’s like the ultimate dream garden for the children now! so fantastic. Little Tikes are so good at creating fab and educational chilrdens’ toys.

  11. Everything is so cute! My little ones are too old for this but I have a 2-year-old nephew who would enjoy this. x

  12. I am loving all the hot weather we have had lately! It’s been so nice to have a proper summer for once.

  13. My kids totally love cooking and that little tikes kitchen will definitely be something both of them will want. The outdoor toys / equipment looks like so much fun to keep them busy in Summer.

  14. That grill looks very fun. I would have loved that as a kid

  15. You just can’t beat Little Tikes for fun and quality – Pickle would love this.

  16. All these water toys look like so much fun. I wish could get them all to play with.

    1. They do all look great don’t they. It’s hard to choose just one.

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