We love Little Tikes products they are literally designed for children with their bold bright colours and super sturdy designs that should last you through all of your children and still look good enough to pass on to friends and family.  Now you will have seen that my girls do love to get into the kitchen and bake with me which is great as I think all children should be taught the basics in food preparation and eventually cooking as they grow.  Mr Squishy is also showing a desire to help us cook and the little terror will open my cupboards and the next thing I know he has shot off with a large (heavy I might add) saucepan in his arms.  How he does this I am not sure as I find some of these pans heavy but he is pretty strong for a mini person and I think the calcium from all the milk he drinks is doing him a world of good.  In an attempt to save my pans we looked around for a distraction from mummy’s pots and pans (and wooden and metal spoons, yes he will take them all!) and were over the moon when Little Tikes asked us to review the Little Tikes Cook n Learn Kitchen.


This kitchen is literally perfect!!!  What a lifesaver and the fact that children can interact with it and there are sounds appropriate for what the child is doing such as washing their hands is fabulous.  I wish I had something like this when I was a little person it’s such a great toy.

The kitchen features interactive technology so it can recognise the various accessories and respond so if the tap is turned on you hear water running.


If the hob is tuned on you hear frying.  It’s great as little ones feel like they are cooking and it makes a great toy for creative / imaginative play.  Use the knife to cut the apples or tomatoes and not only do you hear them being chopped you can also separate them as if they are being cut in half.


The kitchen comes with over 40 accessories to make play feel realistic.kitchen2

There is a great app that you can download which is FREE that goes with the Little Tikes Cook n Learn kitchen.  This can be downloaded to your tablet and your tablet can be placed firmly in the holder and used during play.  There are 4 modes for learning including games and recipes and you can take a look at the app and kitchen in action in our video review.

Another great thing about this is it comes with an enormous box and we all know how children love boxes.  So technically this is 2 toys in one and if you were to provide kids with food and toilet facilities they would keep themselves entertained with these for weeks.


The Little Tikes Cook n Learn Kitchen is available at all good toy stores and is an idea gift for Birthdays and Christmas.

We were sent this fabulous kitchen for an honest review and we loved it!

86 thoughts on “Little Tikes Cook n Learn Kitchen”

  1. I love how he seems to be enjoying the box just as much as the toy itself! I love how advanced toys are getting and how interactive they are for kids, the fact this has active sounds and you can connect the tablet is just great

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  2. aaw, what a lovely kitchen! It’s got so many details! I know a cute toddler who will love one like this (and he already has one very similar). It’s also very sweet to see how the kids like the box as much as the toy haha x

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  3. Ahh this looks fab! We have a toy kitchen but not this particular one, and the children LOVE it. It never grows old does it?! How fab that his one comes with an app too, toys are amazing these days!

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  4. Aww thia ia so cute! I loved my own little kitchen things like the plastic toasts you got. I used to copy everything my mum did too, I think I even had a mini hoover haha x

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  5. I wish I was little so I could have a kitchen like this! It looks ace. I’m having a new kitchen soon but it’s quite stressful, give me a Little TIkes Cook and Learn kitchen any day!

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  6. This is so cute! I remember one of my friends having one of these when I was little and I absolutely loved it, funny how it’s only recently that I’ve actually got into cooking though! x

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  7. We love Little Tikes in our house, some stuff is so expensive though but you know you are getting good quality. Love playing in the box pictures my two do that as well.

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  8. My children had a Little Tikes Kitchen when they were small and it was nowhere near as hi-tech as this! This just looks so much fun, and as if the children would be content to play with it for hours! x

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  9. I love the fact it makes sounds to make kids feel like they are really cooking… P.S. The pictures of him enjoying the box near enough as much as the toy are adorable xx

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  10. This looks wonderful and lots of fun. Your little guy sure looks like he likes it! Little Tikes always makes great products, my nephews grew up with them, very nice details x 🙂

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  11. My niece would appreciate this so much. She is 6 years old and she is amazing with food. It’s a great way to encourage the younger generation to grow with essential, life skills. I got shocked when I found out that a lot of university students can’t even boil an egg.

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