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Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Season 3 – Hatch Friends Forever

Brace yourselves guys the new Season Three Hatchimals CollEGGtibles introducing “Hatch Friends Forever!” are here.  These are a first on Melanie’s Fab Finds as we have never reviewed them before but we were lucky enough to be sent a selection to show you all.  The kids, of course, were super excited having seen them on tv so many times and couldn’t wait to get hatching a whole world of these cute little creatures.  The Hatchimals CollEGGtibles from Spin Master are tiny adorable creatures that hide inside eggs that you can hatch yourself.  All you do is hold, hatch and play.  It’s great fun for children and for parents so inclined you can use them as fun educational tools.

Each of the new Hatchimals CollEGGtibles figure has a best friend, squad or twin! If you hatch a pair of best friends they can be placed in different poses including piggybacks, Hatch-fives and more!  You could even find a squad, these cuties love to be kept close together.  Lucky enough to hatch a set of twins?  They’ll both be found in the same egg!

Like seasons 1 and 2 the season 3 toys are presented inside small, speckled eggs that need the help of their new owner to bring them to life.  When you rub the eggs, the heart on the shell will change colour from purple

to pink, signalling that it is ready to hatch.

Then you simply crack open the shell

to reveal what’s inside.

How exciting!!!!  Fans will be both delighted and surprised when they discover which Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Season 3 characters and best friends are hiding in the eggs.

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles

1 Pack  £2.99


Hatchimals CollEGGtibles plus nest

2 Pack £4.99

This pack includes a snuggly, deep green forest nest to add to your collEGGtion which has pretty detailing resembling vines.  Great for keeping your unhatched eggs, newly hatched figures and ideal for creative play.


Hatchimals CollEGGtibles

2 Pack Cloud Egg Carton £4.99

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles includes a bonus character

4 Pack £9.99

The kids couldn’t wait to tear open the boxes and hatch their new toys!

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles

One Dozen Egg Carton £24.99

Presented in an egg carton with the new periwinkle coloured base and a pretty glittery flecked top.

The bottom contains cosy nests for in-egg and out-of-egg Hatchimals CollEGGtibles!  This makes a great compact carry carry case to put all your new friends in and take them wherever you go!


These are for little ones ages 5+ years and the new season is available now in all good toys stores and many supermarkets.  There are over 100 new friends in Hatchtopia to collect and play with at home and on the go.  We loved that they are pocket sized as the kids could easily stuff a handful in their pockets when we went out.  The egg and cloud cartons provide a great storage mechanism to carry the toys around and prevent them getting lost.  The creatures are all really cute and many have glittery wings which of course the children loved.

In addition to the toys Hatchimals has also premiered its animated digital webisodes that welcome kids to Hatchtopia and offer them new magical places to discover.  You can also download the FREE Hatchimals app to explore Hatchtopia, play games and more.

The app allows fans to hatch new friends from all over Hatchtopia.  Once hatched you can care for them to keep them happy, play mini-games with them, and build your collection of these lovable, cute critters.  Why not explore different areas of Hatchtopia with your Hatchimal like flying up to Cloud Cove or planting pretty flowers in Glittering Garden.  Collectors can even keep track of their real collection with the special Collector’s Book.

Hatch a Whole World™ with Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Season 3
For further information visit www.hatchimals.com 

What do you think of the Hatchimals?

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We were sent a selection of Hatchimals for the purpose of this review.  All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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  1. Cool! I got this for my niece Daniella for her birthday last year and she got hooked! I will let her mom know about the new Colleggtibles. She will be thrilled!

  2. Those are the cutest toys! No wonder the kids love them so much! I like the idea and the fact that you get little cute animals when the egg breaks! That’s awesome.

  3. Cool toys for kids! It’s great that there is an opportunity to get the whole collection of characters, kids love collecting everything. 🙂

    1. They sure do. There are plenty of collectable available now which is great as they have more options now days.

  4. These are such a big trend. My friends kids love these. Also make presnt buying much easier for me x

    1. It sure does make gift buying easier. They are super popular toys and great fun to open and play with.

  5. I had something similar when I was a kid and we had to take care of it! It’s a really cool gift for kids and teaches them to take care of something and also they are really cute!

  6. Aw I love that the new hatchimal colleggtibles now come with their very own best friend companion which must be so exciting for the kids that are playing with them. I wonder what concept they will come up with next?

  7. It is amazing how they keep coming out with new things for Hatchimals, it seems like a trend that definitely isn’t going to stop anytime soon.

  8. These look really cute, there’s so many more kids toys now compared to when I was a kid x

  9. these are some cool kid toys. My friends’ kids would love these haha

  10. Haha brace yourselves, love it. I remember them selling out everywhere last year, Lucas discovered them whilst out shopping the other week and I bought him a small one, he loves it. Love the photos

  11. Haha brace yourselves, love it. I remember when they sold everywhere last year. Lucas discovered them while when out shopping the other week, I bought him a small one he loves it. Love the photos

  12. Jared wanted these at one point then his friend got some and he thought they were too girly. I had hoped they would bring a Dragon version out because he would love them. I know these are so popular with the girls at school x

  13. Oh my girls are obsessed with these toys! They are so appealing to children, I know I would have been just the same at their age with the surprise element!

  14. My kids would love these cute toys. My daughter especially. She is into little toys like these at the moment.

  15. My daughter absolutely loves hatchimals, and the smaller ones are great because they’re much more affordable.

  16. These are so cute! Oddly enough my kids haven’t cottoned on to them yet – maybe it’s the younger kids they’re all the rage with?

  17. These are SO cute. And I love how happy they made the kids. These would be perfect for traveling or as a stocking stuffer.

  18. My niece will absolutely love to hatch hers, actually i would to, finding out is so much fun always!!

  19. How cute! I’ve seen these in the stores before. My children are all grown up, but when they were little the toy trends were furbies and then littlest pet shop.

  20. Eliza is obsessed with Hatchimals – they are slowly taking over her bedroom

  21. Awww, your kids look so happy with their collEGGtibles! We’ve never had Hatchimals before but I know Luke would love them. Kids are so into those little dinky toys that you can collect and play with.

    1. They are great little collEGGtibles. I’m sure Luke would love them too x

  22. Oh my gosh! These are so adorable! My daughter got one from a friend and it’s so cute already. Wow! If only they could their hands on several of these hatchimals!

    1. They are super popular. All the kids at my girls school have them.

  23. Kids will love this moment so much and wish the moments are forever. They look cute on these.

  24. ive not seen anything like this before. it’s so cute and love how you get to crack the eggs open. such a unique idea

  25. Hatchimals are great, we love them in our household too.

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