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Kids Stocking Filler Christmas Gift Guide 2018

Nowdays it seems the small stockings we used years ago have been upgraded to Santa sacks.

These have their advantages, they make it much easier to get goodies to fit in properly rather than trying to cram them into a stocking shaped bag that they have no chance of fitting into.  The minus side is they tend to be bigger but then adding a bit of shredded paper so they have to search through can make this more fun and take up some space too.

There are so many fun stocking filler options for kids.  It’s great to see their little faces light up as they open each of the surprises stuffed inside.  Mine love to sit together, tear open the packaging move on quickly to the next items whilst discretely looking to see what their siblings have opened.

My gift guide here includes a great range of goodies for children that they are bound to love.


We reviewed our second type of Fingerling recently.  There are loads of these cute little critters to chose from including raptors, pandas, unicorns, dragons and more (£11.25-£14.99) .  My son loved the two types we reviewed as he is crazy about dinosaurs.  They are cute little toys that grip onto your finger, move and make sounds.  If you love the sound of these why not pop over to my Fingerlings Untamed T-Rex post for your chance to WIN one!

X-SHOT Bug Attack Predator


We reviewed another from the Zuru range The X-SHOT Flying Bugs Buster over the summer and loved it.  The Bug Attack Predator is much smaller and suitable for indoor play.  It comes with darts and a bug that sticks to windows which moves down the glass as you fire at it.  These are easy to get hold of having discovered this one for £5.97 in the toy aisle at Asda.  Isn’t it a perfect stocking filler I know my girls and boy would enjoy this.


When asked what my children wanted for Christmas one of the items that was mentioned was slime in various forms.  My children like many others I know are totally obsessed with the gooey, gloppy, stuff.  We discovered Zimpli Kids Slime Play and Slime Baff last year and the kids were totally hooked.

Since then we have discovered that they have numerous other products available including Crackle Baff, SnoBall Play, Gelli Play and Unicorn Slime Play to name but a few.

Newer items include this fabulous product for dinosaur lovers:

And not forgetting this one for unicorn and fairy fans:

They look like so much fun don’t they?????

Want to find out how to win 1 of 2 of the Gelli World Packs?

Keep reading for more details.

Sweet Pups

For children that love cuddly toys these are a lovely idea.  They’re super cute. There’s a good range to collect, they look and smell like pastries!!!  The Sweet Pups can be turned one way to look like a pasty and another to look like an adorable little pup.

Cry Babies Magic Tears

These super cute collectable dolls make a lovely stocking filler and is suitable for boys and girls.  All my children loved these especially my son who discovered that they doubled up as water squirters.


What do you think of my stocking filler gift guide?  There are so many items that you can add to this but I’ve kept it concise as otherwise it’s pretty overwhelming.  What more ideas for stocking fillers and Christmas gifts for children take a look at my baby and children category you will find also sorts of great gift ideas and also more competition to enter.

Talking about competitions, be sure to read my other Christmas Gift Guides, there are more amazing competitions to enter.  I will add them in as they are posted:

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  1. Some great ideas there, some I’ve not seen/heard of before either x

    1. Aaahhh these are some of the top toys of the year. I suggest you hurry and get some soon as they will probably sell out and last minute shoppers will miss out xxx

  2. My kids would love this to try

  3. great ideas for stocking fillers and mini gifts. Im happy as ive bought my nephews a slime kit and a dinosaur fingerling each so i know they will be happy 🙂

    I hadnt known about the play kits such as the fantasy playset so im definately going to check out that as my daughter would love it x

    1. The slime kits are great fun. How cute are those Fingerling dinosaurs!!!

  4. thank you for yet another lovely prize

  5. This would be wonderful for my little 1s at Xmas!

  6. There’s some great ideas here, it’s always good to get a genuine review before buying products x

    1. I agree, this way you see the items and get and idea if what you are buying is worth getting.

  7. Love your blog! It gives me so many unusual gift ideas x

    1. Thanks Susan. I do like to be different plus I know what kids love I have 3 and am a big one myself lol

  8. It’s my daughter’s birthday after Christmas and she would love this as a gift x

  9. my grandaughter would love this so much

  10. This looks fantastic for my daughter who loves all things icky! Sometimes I do wonder about her sanity lol!!

    1. Lol, mine love slime. It’s supposed to be therapeutic.

  11. They do so many more products than I realized now! Thanks for the competition too x

    1. There are loads of great products to choose from.

  12. would love to win for my sons x

  13. im sure my daughters would love this (anything messy lol)

  14. I love the look of the Fingerlings, I still haven’t had a chance to play with one yet though!

  15. So many cool ideas here! I especially love the raptor fingerlings.

    1. They’re super cute!!!

  16. A lovely treat for the children for Christmas. Thank you.

  17. These look great, they would be perfect stocking fillers!

    1. They are perfect as stocking fillers 🙂

  18. fab prize! thankyou for the chance!! merry Christmas x

    1. No problem. Have a lovely Christmas x

  19. Looks like you have had a love time trying all of those – they look really fun!

  20. these look great my daughter would love this

    1. These are toys mine love or would love.

  21. Lovely gifts my grandchildren would love them all

  22. Great stocking fillers. They look like so much fun!

    1. They are all great for little ones.

  23. So many great ideas for presents, they look like a lot of fun!

  24. These look like so much fun, thank you for the ideas, stocking fillers are my last thing to get

  25. I would love to win this for my nephew and niece, thank you.

  26. My Grandson would love the Gelli Worlds Dino pack

  27. these are fab for little ones my sons would love these

  28. I love the dolls the cow one is so cute 🙂

  29. Some very good stocking fillers in this post.

  30. 3 boys playing with this, how much trouble could they get into LOL. Thanks for the chance I have got my fingers and toes crossed

  31. brilliant ideas for stocking fillers. my boys love gelli baff. never seen the crackle one. looks interesting

  32. My daughter would love this. I used to do stuff like this with her all the time. It would be great fun to do it again!

  33. These are all really good ideas.

  34. This looks great fun! I’m sure my son and I would have loads of fun with it!

  35. Thanks for all the giveaways. My children love Gelli bath and would really enjoy this.

  36. These really do look like such fun. The kids would be amazed

  37. This is so handy hope you have a lovely new year

  38. Thanks Mel for all the great giveaways and content – superb as always x

  39. Fantastic prizes , my nephew would love for me to win this for him , I’d definitely be his favourite auntie then lol xx

  40. Some lovely gift ideas on this page, thank you for posting

  41. I love the sweet pups. I’m not keen on the Geli worlds. We tried those recently but I just don’t like the texture! The kids on the other hand – they love it!

  42. This would be fabulous for Piper and Daisy

  43. This looks like a whole lot of fun! Fingers crossed 🙂

  44. I would give these to my granddaughter has she loves these. Hope that you had a good new year

    1. Thanks so much. Hope you have a good one too. I think your granddaughter will be over the moon if you get her some!

  45. Great little prize! happy New Year!

  46. It’s good to be able to read about some of the newer toys out. Helps us grandmas choose nice presents.

    1. Glad you found this helpful Heather 🙂

  47. Love the competition, fingers crossed to win 🙂 🙂

  48. What a great collection of gifts. They all look like a bunch of fun.

    1. Thanks Gemma. I did love these options.

  49. Thanks for such a great competition, if I was lucky enough to win I would give it to my 7 year old she would love it

  50. I’m sure my little boy would love this!! What a great prize!

  51. My son was gifted a fingerling dinosaur, he’s had a lot of enjoyment out of it, I’d recommend.

  52. Great ideas here for everyone – keep up the good work !!

  53. We’ve had Gelli baff before but I’ve never seen the Gelli worlds, they look great fun.

  54. my nephew woud love this

  55. I think my daughter would really like this, would be so great to win 🙂

  56. My daughter loves the Gelli products, to be honest we all have fun in the bath playing with the Gelli bath stuff, a good way to kill an hour on a rainy afternoon

    1. it is perfect to have fun on a rainy day.

  57. This looks really great fun, my children would love it

  58. A other fab competition 🙂

  59. The thing that jumped out at me was ‘crackle bath’ – It looks awesome! lol! My daughter loves slime of any kind, it’s funny how these sensory toys are so popular at the moment, including the squishies. (Which I quite love too!)

    1. They are both super popular and fun to play with. Mine love slime the most – it’s the best thing ever for them!

  60. Great ideas – I will try and remember them for next year 🙂

    1. They make great surprises for children all year around 🙂


    this would make an amazing treat for my nephews! thanks for the chance guys

  62. My 3 had some of the Gelli Baff for Christmas and absolutely loved it!

  63. Thanks you for the chance , my grandkids would be so happy if i won

  64. Looks great especially for my little niece and thank you for the opportunity

  65. These look good. I think my goddaughter would like them.

  66. my kids love slime so this would be a treat for them.

  67. Thanks for the great prize and competition. This looks like a lot of fun!

  68. Found it strage thinking about Christmas in the middle of January, but in a nice way

  69. These look great fun, fingers crossed for my nephews

  70. Oh gosh I love those sweet pups, we had something simular 40 years ago !

  71. My niece would love this as she loves playing with things like this. Plus it is her birthday next week.

  72. Some great gifts here my grandson would love these thanks for the chance

  73. Fab competition. These look so much fun, I’d love to win for my grandchildren

  74. Some great ideas here, my little ones love the Gellibaff

  75. my grandchildren would love this, or I might just keep it formyself lol

  76. All Done my daughter Sheriah would love this I was going to get some at Christmas but didntvin the end

  77. Id love to be your fab lucky winner my stepdaughters would be made up 😀

  78. some great ideas here ive wrote them down so I can remember them for this year. Great giveaway

  79. Thanks for the gift ideas and the giveaway. Good luck all!

  80. My little sister would love this thanks for the chance

  81. Fantastic giveaway! Thank you! This looks like great fun. Good luck everyone x

  82. My niece would love this x

  83. My nieces and nephews loved some of the gifts I got them during the year off that list. Slime might be my gift theme for them all this year 😁

  84. Gelli worlds sound like great fun and I’m sure the whole family would enjoy it

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