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Christmas is coming around yet again and before we know it it’s going to be the final days before Christmas and the shops are going to be packed with last minute shoppers.  I really don’t have the time for the last minute panic, would you believe I have the majority of my Christmas gifts already.

Ha, I know overly prepared but working full times and having 3 children to run around after doesn’t give me much time for anything especially if it’s last minute.  I like to put thought into my gifts.  Purchases have to be well thought through and properly researched to ensure each and every giftee had the perfect gift for them.

The men in my life seem to be that much harder in some cases to buy for.  There is always one that always seems to have every possible item you could imagine one could want.  A little thought though can help you find just the right gift.  For those that are struggling I’ve a few ideas to help you on your way.


If this wasn’t on the list there would have to be something wrong.  The alcoholic drink that is the upmost of fashion these days with so many varieties available the options are extremely varied.

My dad is very much into gin.  We’ve tried a fair few together and he is growing an impressive collection.  Another would always be welcome, I’m hoping sure he’d enjoy sharing it with me and the other adult family members that come to visit over the festive season.

There is plenty of time to get a nice one like the one I got my dad from Bullardsspirits.co.uk I will admit I struggled to decide whether to get the Bullards Norwich Dry Gin or the Bullards Old Tom but eventually went with this one.

Bullards Old Tom (£40)


With a great looking bottle design this looks ideal as a gift. It’s even better when you discover it’s made with Mangoes and Norfolk Honey to add a lovely sweetness to the strong citrus flavour.  This is balanced by just a touch of pink peppercorn.  Doesn’t that sound yummy.

They also have a Bullards Strawberry and Black Pepper which sounds delicious.  It’s so good it won a Great Taste and an ISWC Silver medal this year.  I’m hear this flavour is a big hit with many ladies.

Ordered and received well before Christmas, go on admit it those that haven’t started their Christmas shopping, you hate me don’t you lol.  I just need to wrap it and that’s another gift sorted, yaaaaayyyyy!!!


Fragrances make a great gift.  The only problem is when you don’t know what they’d like.  Not to worry a little under cover work may be required.  Ask other family members, friends, spouses.  If you see them often, try asking them what fragrance they are wearing as you would like to get the same for ******* (fill in another persons name).  It’s a great way to find out what they like and also know what will work well in the future although mixing it up a little helps.  I simply go through my husbands cabinet in the bathroom to see what he is low on and make sure he is stocked up.  Look at one of the gifts he will be getting this year, but don’t tell him.

Davidoff Cool Water eau de toilette (£22)

This has a great refreshing scent that both my husband and I love and isn’t at all over powering.  I have to add the ladies version is pretty good too.  I have one tucked away in my bathroom cabinet.  This is budget friendly and can be given as a main gift or part of a gift depending on who you are gifting and your budget.  You can find these just about everywhere, the’re super popular, just remember to do a price comparison before you buy.

A Subscription to The Summerton Club (£50)

A great option for those that like to try different spirits, how about a subscription. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.  It seems a great option for some of my male relatives and friends.  The great thing is that deliveries can be monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly, you choose what suits you and your budget and each is different.

It’s not just any drinks subscription service.  The drinks from The Summerton Club are that bit more special.  Their drinks vary each month.  They aim to ensure that you can’t buy the bottles for less than the price of the subscription service.  Furthermore it’s a great way to fill your drinks cupboard with bottles that will make you the envy of all your friends.  Drinks include aged drinks including, but not limited to: Armagnac, Brandy, Bourbon, Calvados, Cognac, Eau de Vie, Grappa, Rum, Whiskey and Whisky.

I know a few people that this subscription would work well for and would be greatly appreciated by one of which being my brother who often entertains.  It would mean he is well stocked with drinks that are bound to impress his friends and be perfect to serve during their movie and games nights.

I did a test run and got hold of the October bottle to see what sort of drink – quality wise I should be expecting:

Limited Edition Mackmyra Gruvguld Swedish Single Malt Whisky

This gorgeously smooth whisky is ideal for my husband who will indulge in a whisky once in a while.  Of course only the best will do for my man and this comes nicely presented in a simple yet classy presentation box.  The bottle it’s self is just as visually appealing making this a lovely gift option.

Dash Cam (£39/£49)

Always a handy gadget to have on anyone’s car.  These super popular items are in high demand and are ideal as a Christmas gift for any man in your life – provided they have a car of course.  There are approximately 2.6 million Dash Cams on the roads today, and this number is continuously growing. The Nextbase 112 Dash Cam is affordable and effective.  They act as an independent witness in case of a traffic incident on the roads.  41 insurers across the UK accept Dash Cam footage as evidence in the case of an incident.

The 112 is compact and light (360g), easy to use and records stunning 720p HD footage. It boasts a variety of features.  For instance, the Four Element Sharp Lenses, made with four layers of glass.  These deliver clear images and the photo mode allows you to take still images for further evidence.  It has a Click and Go Mount, a magnetic feature exclusive to Nextbase.  This ensures that the Dash Cam fits snugly into your car, free from wires.  Normally priced at £49 they are available for £39 over the Christmas period, so make someones Christmas and get them the must have item for 2019!

Want to win one?  Nextbase have kindly offered one as a prize to one lucky reader.  Keep reading to find out how to enter this and another great competition.

Red Letter Days Gift Experiences (£ various)

Individual pictures from: Unsplash

I’ve only recently discovered how many fantastic experiences these guys have on their site.  In fact it was so recent I haven’t had a chance to try an experience myself.  My goodness they really do have something for everyone.  For those that love their food there are various foodie breaks and dining out experiences.  For those that love adventure choose from paintballing, skydiving, a segway rally, a bungee jump, go karting and more.  Fancy supercar driving at Brands Hatch they’ve got you covered.

It seems there isn’t much they don’t do.

Not sure what gift to give and want them to take their pick?  Great idea why not gift them with a Shared Moments Gift Box, Merry Christmas Gift Box, Memorable Moments Gift Box or even a £100 Red Letter Days Gift Voucher so they can pick something they’d love to do.  Prices vary so everyone can afford to give one of these great gifts anytime of year.

The guys at Red Letter Days are feeling super festive and generous this Christmas.  They’re offering one lucky reader an Amazing £100 Red Letter’s Day Gift Voucher.

I know, OMG how FAB is that!!!!

Entry is easy, just fill in the rafflecopter form below:

Instructions if needed can be found here:


Not all of the entry options are compulsory.  The more you do the more entries you will gain.  All in the UK are welcome to enter even if you have won with me before and I know there are a few of you out there.  Thanks so much for returning guys x

Look out for the daily options for extra entries.

Likes on Facebook and email subscription are NOT compulsory but are very much appreciated plus it will ensure you don’t miss great posts, freebies and of course my FAB competitions.

Terms and conditions can be found on the rafflecopter form.

Good Luck!

Enter here to Win a Fabulous Nextbase 112 Dash Cam:

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Enter here to Win an Amazing £100 Red Letter Day Gift Voucher:

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260 thoughts on “Men’s Christmas Gift Guide 2018”

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