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Children’s Christmas Gift Guide 2018

With the number of fun items for children growing each year the options are endless.  It can often make it hard to know what to buy especially if you are not buying for other peoples children.

As many of you may be aware we have tested out a number of items over the year and have a good idea of what children will love.


Robots are always a great idea we’ve tested a couple this year and they can suit both boys and girls.  These ones from Menkind look great and further down the post I’ll tell you how you can win one!

When I first started writing this post I was going to link in this toy from that post and that toy from this post and then I thought why?  The posts are all there already for everyone to see all you need to do is look at my kids products section.  I thought, why not write something with totally new products!  Shame I didn’t think of that before I’d written half the post, duh!  Anyway, I deleted it all and started again and here’s why.

Making Christmas Shopping Easy

Isn’t it easier if you can get all your gifts from just one site for the kiddies and be done.  Do you really have the time to search for items on the internet and have to complete separate orders and have different delivery dates for which you need to arrange to be home.  Whose got the time for that, I mean seriously I know I don’t.

I have a boy and two girls so their Christmas lists can be pretty varied.  Yet that isn’t an issue.  I can tick off all the items that I am sure they’d love by simply shopping at….


These guys have something for everyone.  It’s not just children they cater for, they have items for the whole family although today my focus is the kiddies.  Ha, that’s nothing new then.  The great thing is that they are competitively priced, I checked a mix of their products and found some of their prices are the lowest you’ll find online.

Here are just a few items that would make fabulous gifts for children this Christmas.

Teksta 360 Robot Puppy

Who wouldn’t want a robot puppy, they’re super cute and this one is really cool too.  This little pup does all sort of neat tricks. It can walk, stop, sit and do 360 degree backflips.  It’s smart and has a range of eye expressions so you know how he is feeling.  In addition he wags his tail and moves his ears to noise and makes lots of realistic puppy sounds; yapping, whining, panting and even snoring.  (batteries required).  On offer at £24.99.

Slime Baff

This stuff is on the top of my children’s wish lists all year around – it’s not just for Christmas.  We did review some of this a while back and the kids loved it!  These are not expensive at £4.99 a pack and are a great way to bulk up a gift.


A Wall Climbing Car

I can imagine the excitement on my sons face if he saw one of these.  He loves cars, most boys do and would have a great time racing one of these along the wall and ceiling as would his sisters.  The cars are rechargeable and made from strong plastic, a must of course with this sort of product.  They’re affordable at £19.99 and could easily be given as a main gift for Christmas or a birthday.  Don’t forget, Christmas doesn’t have to be excessively expensive.

Shimmeez Large 14″

There are 4 to choose from a cat, bear, owl and my favourite a unicorn.  Unicorns win every time with my girls although I am sure that the other option will be equally as popular with children.  They’re soft and cuddly and you can create patterns on the toy by moving the sequins.

RED5 Radio-Controlled Racing Truck

Is it wrong of me to want to get one of these for the kids because I want to play with it?  A great contender for my Men’s Christmas Gift Guide too because lets face it were all big kids really.  This is a great toy and fantastic value at £29.99. Yes, you read that correctly, I know, bargain!!!  It’s water resistant up to 5cm, moves in all directions and can even go up 20 degree inclines.

Feisty Pets

These look super cute and fun too. There are a few different Feisty Pets to collect including a Unicorn, Bear, Dog, Bunny and Cat.  Each of these adorable plush toys transforms into an evil monster in seconds, a bit like some children.  A popular toy with little ones, why not build up a a cute / scary collection of monsters that kids can cuddle.  They’re great for imaginative play.

Mini Quad V2 (Super Saver)

For ages 8 and over this cute drone is great for everyone whether they’re a novice at flying drones or a pro.  The 6 axis gyroscope keeps the drone as steady as possible enabling you to perform tricks like a 360 degree flip and other cool stunts.  There are LED lights for night time flights and a shockproof function too.  It has a range of approx 35 meters and flight time of about 7 minutes.  There is a USB charger cable so take your power pack with you and you can charge and go again and again.  It’s a super buy at just £14.99 elsewhere it seems to be more expensive.

Marvin’s I-Magic

This includes 150 interactive magic tricks.  It’s perfect for any aspiring magician age 8 and over.  It contains smartphone-compatible magic tricks which can be used with a free app for iOS and Android.  The kit includes everything you need to be a digital magician including some unique props.  It’s currently on the site for just £9.99, half the price other places have it up for.

Turbo Loopers

These cool little cars are available in 3 light-up colours (sent at random).   They’re small, super-fast stunt cars.  Each comes with a connector cable and a clear plastic Speed Bowl for loop-the-loop lunacy.  Get 2 and you can race them on a flat surface. These are ideal for bulking up a gift or as a surprise little gift any time of the year.

Sega Mega Drive Classic or Gold Edition

This takes me back a bit.  My brother and I had played on one of these when we were little and it was super fun.  Both consoles have 2 controllers and are compatible with SEGA Mega drive cartridges.  They have much loved classic games including Sonic the Hedgehog, Golden Axe and Mortal Kombat.

All three games bring back memories for me and I’m sure many will have fun playing them and all the others on the console.  These are perfect for a big prize for one child or even for siblings similar in age.

Just to note you can save 10% on all full priced gifts at the moment when you use the Code XMAS10.

Okay so that the toys covered, no need to look anywhere else as there are hundreds more on the site to discover.  I will also mention one last item though that my children love to receive which for some might sound unusual:


I know, you didn’t expect that did you!

It’s not just toys that children will be hoping to receive this Christmas.  There are all sorts of goodies that can will work well.  My eldest was gifted a stunning designer dress by David Charles Children’s Wear.  For her Christmas certainly had come early as she really wanted a dress for Christmas.

This would make any little girl feel like a Princess when she’s wearing it.

The dress is not only gorgeous but extremely well made having been tailor-made to ensure perfection.  Having studied the dress with my super mum vision not a single flaw could be seen.  You can win a dress of your choice from David Charles Children’s Wear by clicking the attached link.

My son loves dinosaurs and Spiderman so anything featuring either would work well for him clothing wise although for those I’d need to do some searching.

Now for that competition I mention, I didn’t forget.

Want to win a Pokibot like the one pictured below?

(colour may vary depending on stock)

What’s a Pokibot?

These happy, fun, mini robots can move, spin, dance, react to sound and even talk.  You can record, play back and store up to 3 recordings at a time.  There is a free to download iOS and Android app.   With this you can unlock additional fun content, such as controlling the robots movement or selecting the dance you want it to do.  Get your robot a friend and they will interact with each other.

How to Enter:

Entry is easy, just fill in the rafflecopter form below:

Instructions can be found here:


Not all of the entry options are compulsory.  The more you do the more entries you will gain.  All are welcome to enter even if you have won with me before and I know there are a few of you out there.  Thanks so much for returning guys x

Look out for the daily options for extra entries.

Likes on Facebook and email subscription are NOT compulsory but are very much appreciated plus it will ensure you don’t miss great posts, freebies and of course my FAB competitions.

Terms and conditions are on the rafflecopter form.

Good Luck!

Enter here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. My son loves robots so i think I would choose Pokibot from Menkind.

    1. They are cute aren’t the 🙂

  2. I’d most like the Personalised Retro Sweet Hamper. Looks like a brilliant present that the whole family could share x

    1. It is a lovely item to gift as it can be enjoyed by more than one person x

  3. I would love the Beauty and the Beast Lumiere Light to go with my Mrs Potts and Chip!

    1. That does sound great doesn’t it 🙂

  4. I really like the looks of the Slush Puppy Machine.

  5. I’d love a slush puppy machine! It takes me back to my youth!

    1. Ha, me too. I’m sure my kids would love one too.

  6. A Sega Megadrive classic – wow, that takes me back!!

    1. Same here. They were so much fun weren’t they!!!

  7. I would love the Mustang LP black, looks like a radio, has a turntable and the ability to record to a USB. Retro, but modern.

  8. the robot puppy would be fab

  9. I love Menkind, there is one in Cardiff and whenever I go in there there’s stuff that I would love to buy. The last time I went in I got a wall climbing remote controlled car

    1. They look fantastic. I’m sure the person you got it for loved it.

  10. Got to say that the Bluetooth Laser Keyboard is a great idea, very handy

    1. That does sound good. Great for gadget lovers.

  11. A sega mega drive classic, i lost so many hours of me growing up playing that!

    1. We did the same it’s really good fun!!

  12. 100 movies bucket list poster – Love to work through it with my Other Half, he loves watching a good film, and suprisingly I haven’t seen that many on the list!

    1. Ha, that would be fun to do!!!

  13. We were looking at the Robo Chameleon the other day, looks great fun!

    1. Robot toys are really good fun. My children love them.

  14. Id love the sega mega drive. I had one as a kid.

    1. They, make great gifts.

  15. My son is always pretending to be a robot, be good to have a actual real one :0D

  16. Slush puppy machine! Vodka slush puppies for new years! 😂


  18. the slush puppie machine that looks pretty cool

  19. I would love the Parrot Bepop 2 drone a little bit more than a toy

  20. I’d love a Sega Mega Drive classic. I used to have a Mega Drive and spent hours playing games.

  21. The Sega Mega Drive, my Daughter would love it!

  22. my grandaughter would really love this! fantastic!

  23. I would like the retro musique record player as I don’t have anything to play my vinyl records on anymore.

  24. The arcade baby – it looks like the kind of computer games we had growing up

  25. I’d love to give one of the Hover Boards a go. I have zero natural balance so imagine it would prove amusing to my kids too.

    1. Ha, I’d like to see that!

  26. Love with Robo they look great fun for the family

  27. The Wall Climbing Cars look great fun!

    1. OMG I know!!! I want 1!!!

  28. Slushies. For me obvs….

    1. Great choice!

  29. we had so much fun in the shop the other day with the feisty pets

    1. They’re great aren’t they. We don’t have one yet. May Santa will add these into his bag when he passes by 🙂

  30. Would love to win the slush puppy machine for my daughters. Thankyou for the competition. ‘Merry Christmas’ x

  31. The slush puppy machine would be a huge hit in our house

  32. Ive fallen in love with the beauty and the beast Lumiere light. Face Disney film ever!

  33. We’d love to win some Harry Potter merch, as we are all big fans! I love the Hogwarts Express alarm clock!

  34. The Lightshow Speakers look great, I’m sure my grandchildren would have fun watching theses

    1. They sound like a great option Naomi 🙂

  35. A Sega megadrive classic. I would love to let my children see what we used to play

  36. Love the idea of these robots, I think I’d play with it more than the children

  37. The Tech for little uns nowadays is so out of this world compared with what was available when IU were a lad, to me a space invaders machine was futuristic

  38. the pokibot is the one the grandchildren would love,6 to entertain it would be very busy

  39. my son would absolutely love the bluetooth laser keyboard for his games

    1. It does seem like a good one Julie 🙂

  40. Has to be the Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose Light, would look great in my bedroom

  41. The Colour Changing Dinosaur Mood Light would be perfect for my dino mad grandson

  42. Leo loves robots so I’d choose Tobbie the self guiding AI robot because he would be in heaven if we built a robot and then he could operate it

  43. Id love to win the Diamond glasses, these look really cool, not sure when Ive had a few drinks though as I would be trying to stand them up straight x 🙂

  44. The Beauty and the Beast Lumier light

  45. I like the look of the Sega Mega drive Gold Edition. I always wanted a Mega Drive. hehehe

  46. The sega mega drive looks brilliant .Myself and my brother shared when I was around 11. It would be great to watch my kids playing on one now .

  47. I’d love to try the wall climbing car- sounds unbelievable so I’d like to see it for myself!!

  48. I would love a Slush puppy machine, would be so great in summer ;D

  49. I love the Animal Speakers, they are so cute and would be easy to keep one in my bag. Perfect for picnics

  50. I think my daughter would love one of the robot puppy, it might stop her asking for a real one. 😁😁

  51. This is a great list of toys. I bought my son a slush machine for christmas and he loves it

  52. I’d choose the Shiatsu heated back massager, perfect for easing my back pain

    1. That’s a great gift choice Joanne.

  53. I love the deadpool cableguy. They are well smart and my son (and partner to be fair ) would love them too

  54. My granddaughter loves dressing up and that dress is beautiful ! I’m not too sure about the feisty pets though.. that picture made me scroll back to make sure I had seen it properly !

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