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Fingerlings Untamed T-Rex

It was only recently that I wrote a dinosaur post yet I’m at it again.  I did warn you, little man is dinosaur crazy!!!  For those of you that missed it my son was sent an Untamed Raptor a little while back.  Don’t worry it’s not as scary as it sounds honest!  This super cool dinosaur roared its way into my son’s heart within seconds and now it’s friends are set to do the same.

The latest ferocious offering from Fingerlings are the Fingerlings Untamed T-Rex and boy do these look cool.  Honestly, we loved Blaze – the Fingerlings Untamed Raptor and WowWee Toys have done it again with another fabulously fun toy.  For those with dino loving children take note, these will be one of the top selling toys this Christmas and here’s why;

They’re Roarsome!!!!

Introducing the Fingerlings Untamed T-Rex

Fierce and unpredictable there are 4 to collect (Orange – Scratch, Red – Ripsaw,

Green – Tracker and Blue – Ironjaw).

They are suitable for ages 5+

A great unisex toy – yes girls like dinosaurs too, we’re not stoneage thinkers here now are we.

There are different play mode options, untamed and tamed.

In untamed mode your T-Rex will roar, hiss and chomp.

In tame mode they make the perfect pet.  They love cuddles and will nuzzle and even purr.  I know, how cute – yes apparently T-Rex’s can be!

They make 40 different sounds.

What did Little Man think?

They’re Finger-Gripping Good.

He couldn’t contain his excitement as you can see from the pictures.  He discovered both the Blue (Ironjaw) and Green (Tracker) T-Rex Fingerlings in the package and was over the moon.

There is no way of mistaking how much he loves these toys.

He loved that they made noises, roared and could be either tamed or untamed.

The fact that these are interactive adds to the play value. They are ideal for creative/imaginative play and for little ones can help teach empathy and responsibility.

He loved playing with these little guys and Blaze his Untamed Raptor.  At night they all snuggle up in bed together (with switches turned off of course.)

These are available to buy for £14.99 at Smyths, Argos, The Entertainer to name just a few.

See the unboxing here:


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Disclaimer: Little man works for dinosaurs and any other fun toys he can get his hands on.  He was sent two much to his delight and honestly trying to part this roarsome trio (plus Blaze) is virtually impossible.

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  1. These look great, my son loves dinosaurs, what could be better?

    1. I know, they’re fantastic!!!!!

      1. These are so cool my girls what them all lol

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  5. I am very much enjoying your blog full of great info

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    1. They look fantastic don’t they!!!

  20. Oh, bless, look at those lovely pics. These little toys are great fun and affordable. I rather fancy one myself!

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  22. You always have such lovely giveaways and it’s a great way for me to see new products.

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  41. These look so cool, I got the kids a monkey one each last year.

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  202. I hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year and that 2019 brings you good health and happiness. I am personally looking forward to the schools and nursery and my work starting back for a little bit of peace, is that wrong?

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    1. They are super fun toys.

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