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How to enter Rafflecopter Competitions

Rafflecopter competitions are very simple to enter.  They are a way of collecting entrants details like emails for example without having them plastered all over a blog post for all to see and make competitions fairer as the winner is selected randomly by the widget.

Firstly you will need to begin by logging in either by Facebook or by name and email.  If you enter by Facebook be aware that if you win the message will go to your others folder and you may miss it if you do not check that page regularly.

The form takes you through what you need to do as you complete each task requested so for example like a page on Facebook, follow a page on twitter just be sure to mark off that you have done this once the task is complete.  Make sure that you read the instructions as entries are not counted if they are not carried out correctly.

Most Rafflecopter competitions will begin with one or two compulsory tasks to be completed by entrants.  By completing this the rafflecopter form may then open up revealing more tasks for additional entries (some just have a few tasks and some have quite a few).  You do not have to complete any additional tasks that open up after the compulsory part has been completed but doing so will increase your entries and as a result your chances of winning.  Don’t forget though it’s random so as long as you are in there is a chance!

Make sure that you do not say that you have completed a task that you have not actually completed as some bloggers will disqualify you for cheating.

The biggest mistake that some entrants make is not reading the instructions or not following them properly but if you just take a little time over your entry reading everything through you may just find that you will start seeing wins coming in.

Good Luck!

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  1. That’s a useful article. I know many shy away from RC competitions, but at least we know they’re fair!

  2. I have run rafflecopter comps on my blog a few times and it does drive me mad when people say they have done something and they haven’t, as I have to go through disqualifying them. But I do like how it’s so fair as it’s completely random. I’ve won a few things myself from these types of competitions.

  3. fingers crossed , what a lovely prize x

  4. Hope this works, rafflecopters bafflecopter

  5. Hope this is the perfume for me

    1. You never know, good luck Melanie. Make sure you enter as many parts as you can to increase your chances.

  6. Superb!

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