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Fingerlings Untamed Dragons

#AD – Gifted

My little man is having a roarsome time playing at home.  Instead of chocolate eggs at Easter he got dragons!

I know, how cool is that!

The Untamed dragons (from WowWee) are part of the Fingerlings family which is rapidly growing and really good fun for little ones.  His Fingerling collection has been growing which he is of course very proud of.  He now has a great little gang of friends that are perfect for imaginative play.  They can play together for ages and go on all sorts of fun and scary adventures.

Fingerlings Untamed Dragons

These are the latest of the Fingerlings that my little guy has managed to get his hands on thanks to a great pr agency.  Thanks so much ladies.  Little man was really excited when he discovered the new Fingerlings on an advert on children’s tv.  Of course, he had to get his hands on some and didn’t let me hear the end of it until they arrived.

Don’t they look fantastic!

There are 4 fab Fingerlings Untamed Dragons to collect; Shockwave (dark blue), Wildfire (red), Venom (green) and Freezer (white).   Each dragon’s jaw lights up with its signature colour when angry.  Annoy your dragon and not only will its mouth light up but it will also burn brighter and brighter and its eyes blink.  The head moves too when the dragons make noise.  The dragons are able to identify friend and foe.  They react with special SFX and visual cues determined by how they are played with.

The dragons each expresses affection and anger differently.  Some spit poison, others breathe fire. You’ll hear different sounds such as hissing and growling depending on whether they are happy or roaring mad.  The Untamed Dragons make fantastic collectables.

Which Untamed Dragons Did We Recieve?

Shockwave & Wildfire

Shockwave moves at lightning speed and Wildfire brings the heat.  They look pretty cute for dragons and have a lovely gentle side to their nature but don’t let that fool you.  It’s best not to get on these guys bad side, they can be pretty scary when annoyed and will roar loudly.  They can be tamed though and apparently, they like chocolate.  Between us, I think it’s little man that eats it all.



What did little man think?

He loved them. These are some of the coolest toys available at the moment for both boys and girls.  Little man loved annoying his dragons and calming them down after. He also found out how to make the dragons fart which of course he found hilarious.  There is great attention to detail, just look at the horns or facial features and skin of the dragons.  The different colourings enable them to be easily differentiated.

These dragons can be found at various toy stores including Smyths, Argos and The Entertainer for £14.99.

Win an Untamed Dragon (1 of 2)

There are 2 prizes = 2 winners.

Each winner will be sent 1 Fingerling each.

How to Enter:

Entry is easy, just fill in the rafflecopter form below:

Instructions can be found here:


Not all of the entry options are compulsory.  The more you do the more entries you will gain.  All are welcome to enter even if you have won with me before and I know there are a few of you out there.  Thanks so much for returning guys x

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Good Luck!

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  1. My nephew would like this, my niece has the unicorn and monkey Fingerlings.

    1. Those ones look great. We don’t have the unicorn but my daughter has the monkey. The Dragons are fantastic!!!

  2. One of these was actually on my sons Christmas list last year. We never got him one as we thought it’d be a waste of money… starting to think otherwise now! He’d love to win any of them (of course) but wildfire is pretty cool!

    1. These are really popular with children. My son loves playing with them and making them interact. I’m glad you changed your mind I’m sure your son would love one of these.

  3. These look really good, I’ve thought that since they first brought them out and I’m loving the new versions

    1. They have improved so much since the first ones with much more detail.

  4. These look such fun, my niece and nephews have some fingerlings that they enjoy playing with, they would love these xx

  5. I really like them, I love the colour of Shockwave!

    1. The colours are great. They look really good and the colours are perfectly co-ordinated with their names.

  6. Wow these look fantastic

  7. these look fantastic fun and twins rose and teresa would love them, thanks so much

  8. Looks like fun! My kids would love them. Hope I win!

  9. My son would love these, as he loves dragons, and I love the colours.

    1. They are nice and bright.

  10. such a great giveaway, these look great and fun

  11. Love these, my daughter got a fingerling unicorn for her birthday, I’d love to treat my little boy Peter to a dinosaur one, they are so cute, hours of fun and giggles

  12. My youngest grandsons would find the size and colour of these very appealing 🙂

  13. My granddaughter really adores Fingerlings so I would give this to her.

    1. The dragons are great for boys and girls.

  14. We still havent managed to own a fingerling as yet, the kids love them and with a little luck we may win, many thanks….

  15. I really love these little fingerlings, especially the lovely colours

    1. The colours are great on these.

  16. These look cute; I think my youngest nephew would like them 🙂

    1. They are cute even though they are dragons.

  17. These look fab, my daughters have a monkey each and love to make them fart and burp!

  18. Our Jamie loves wildfire because he looks orange!

    1. They do look great don’t they 🙂

  19. My twin cousins would love playing these little dragons .

  20. my nephews would be over the moon with this

    1. They are fun toys x

  21. we have a dragon fingerling and a monkey fingerling would love to add to my daughters collection

    1. This would make a great addition!!!

  22. would love to win for my sons and they are so cute! x

    1. They are cute even though they’re dragons x

  23. ive seen these around for a while yet I still havent seen them in the shops

  24. My nephews would absolutely love this and have so much fun!

    1. These are great little toys for boys and girls.

  25. these look so cool, im sure my neohew would love one thanks for the giveaway xx

  26. I love these, I think my son would love them. He loves dragons, especially shockwave

  27. My great niece is a bit of a Tom Boy so will love the dragons, she also adores dinosaurs 🙂

  28. My son would absolutely love these – they’re right up his street!

  29. The colours look fantastic and my daughter loves fingerlings! Xx

  30. Aw these look so cute, my son would love one of these 🙂

    1. They are really cute toys x

  31. These dragons are fab, we love fingerings and these would be very welcome to make their home with my kids!

    1. They are a lovely addition to the Fingerlings family.

  32. These look great, my boys like dragons.

    1. They are lovely toys.

  33. These look great, my boys like dragons. They would love to win these.

  34. My son has been wanting one of these for his birthday, coming soon, and I’ve been a bit apprehensive, but reading about this has made me think it might be just the thing for him to enjoy, they look fun, durable and right up his alley!

  35. I have only seen the cute monkey fingerlings before, these dragon ones look fab and super fun

  36. we have one of these that my boy loves, but now his big sister wants one too x

    1. I don’t blame her. These are really lovely toys 🙂

  37. My little boy would love these! He’s just got IronJaw for his birthday today but I think these ones are the next ones to get!

    1. It’s great to have a mix as it’s much more fun.

  38. My 2 boys would have so much fun with these

  39. They are very tactile and my son loves them. I recently sat on one and had to replace them, they are not too expensive and whether a passing phase or not, we love them

  40. Cool prize. My niece would love this, she loves all mythical creatures.

    1. These are fantastic toys. My son loves that they interact with him. They seem so much more lifelike.

  41. These look brilliant, they look like so much fun!

  42. id love to win these for my little nephew

  43. Great little toys, I didn’t realise they light up too! Brill xx

  44. What a great competition, these toy are great for both girls and boys x

  45. my son loves fingerlings i am sure he would love this one too

    1. They are really good fun!!!

  46. My grandson would be thrilled with this prize

  47. How are these so ridiculously cute?! I imagine every child would love them including ours.

  48. These dragons are gorgeous, would love to be able to gift them to my nephews.

  49. The children would love to add these to their collection.

  50. Awesome toys, the children would love to have this.

  51. These look like so much fun, I’m sure my son would love to get his hands on one!

  52. The grandkids would almost certainly love to have these.

  53. I love the fingerlings range of toys, perfect for my nephews


  55. My son would love these they look really fun, and I am glad that they would fit in a pocket too!

  56. Aww my son would be so excited by this! I might even buy him one anyway!!!

  57. Ive been trying to find my stepdaughter an untamed dragon fingerling for AGES WITH NO LUCK presuming they are in high demand

  58. My daughter would be so very happy if I won this

  59. If I am lucky enough to win I will store it away for a birthday present for my boy

  60. My youngest is dino mad so i’m sure these would be a great hit!

  61. I like that your little man liked calming them down

  62. Your blog always introduces me to such great products.

  63. I’d love to win one for my sons 4th birthday in August ! He loves dragons and we don’t have any fingerlings in the house yet ! Appreciate this chance x

  64. My nieces and nephews would love these and play with them for hours

  65. My Grandson would be delighted with these, he would have lots of fun

  66. lovely giveaway my grandson bertie would love these

  67. I have to admit, although my son likes fingerlings….I like them more hahahaha they are so adorable. Great article x

  68. Oh I love the dragons, they look cool and fun. My children would love them I’m sure 🙂

  69. they look fab, my nephew would love to play with these

  70. These are so cute! My kids would love to have one, I’m sure.

  71. My little boy would love these! He’s always watching the adverts for them. Thank you for the chance to win. 🙂

  72. Like shockwave looks really cool and I would like to give this to my brother.

  73. I love these. I got a couple of the monkey ones for my god-children last christmas.

  74. my son would love this for his upcoming 5th birthday they look really good and he loves dinosaurs

  75. I love the cute design of these toys. I would give these to my godson.

  76. My eldest daughter would love one of these fingerlings! Thanks for the giveaway!

  77. My daughter would love one of these, she’s been pestering for a while now haha!

  78. These look great fun. Thanks for the chance of winning. Great comp!

  79. These look cool, my daughter has the unicorn fingerlings these look slightly bigger.

  80. my nephew would love these

  81. These look like a great gift for my nephew’s birthday

  82. Your lad looks like he is having so much fun with this – a pleasure to see : )

  83. I love these, my Son has been asking for a dragon one for months

  84. my two sons love dragons and anything mythical so these would make perfect little gifts for them thank you

  85. My son has wanted one of these since they came out. Would love to win one for him, thanks so much for the chance!!

  86. My son would love me to win him one of these he loves dragons and dinosaurs alot

  87. Thanks for the great prize and competition. My nephew would love this.

  88. My granddaughter has got a fingerling so this would be great for her little brother. I think he’d like Venom as his favourite colour is green although he’d probably like any of them

  89. My grandson loves fingerings – he would adore these dragons

  90. My Grandson would love this

  91. My little grandson would love this one he likes dragons he has a monkey these look a bit more fierce just his cup of tea thanks for the chance to win one

  92. well id be Auntie number one if i was a winner my nephew would go mad for this thanks for the chance at a fab giveaway fingers crossed

  93. My sons would love playing with these

  94. These are so cute! I didn’t realise they interacted with one another.

  95. Love the look of these, my sons would love playing with them

  96. These look great, my son loves his fingerling dinosaur.

  97. This would be a ace prize fir my 5 year old grandson.

  98. Great prize, my 3 sons would love to have 1 of these.

  99. My son would love these, he has the dino fingerling but is big on dragons at the moment. Look great fun

  100. My niece would love the unicorn one x

  101. These are so cute – my son would love these

  102. They look like fun, fab competition. Fingers crossed 🙂

  103. I think these make great gifts for children, they are really popular.

  104. I love the photo of the Fingerlings in the Wisteria my favourite flower my grandson has asked for one of these for his birthday x

  105. The dragons look very fierce! My daughter would love one.

  106. I think I may be a dragon too…. I love chocolate! LOL xx

  107. my grandson would love this

  108. My daughter is dragon mad and loves fingerlings , so perfect

  109. They look so cool. Especially shockwave. We love dragons

  110. My kids would love these.

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