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Tips on Choosing Jewellery As A Gift

Jewellery is always one of my favourite go too’s at Christmas for gifting.  Seriously who doesn’t love jewellery!  Of course it helps to know the style that your intended recipient would love as there is no point giving them something that they don’t like.  I always put a good degree of thought into the gifts I buy for others.

What Do You Need To Consider When Buying Jewellery As A Gift

Metal or costume jewellery?

Make sure you know if your gift is going to someone that is allergic to certain metals.  Personally I prefer gifting silver, yellow gold or rose gold as you can’t really go wrong with them and they make far nicer gifts.

Which colour metal should you gift?

It pays to be observant.  You’re hardly going to go and gift someone that never wears yellow gold that colour unless they have expressed a desire to own something in that colour that is.

What To Choose?

Rings, bracelets, ankle chains or necklaces? What does the recipient like wearing?  Be observant when you go and see them next.  Some people never wear rings, others only wear necklaces, if you put a little thought into it you will find the perfect gift that they will enjoy wearing.


Personally I love delicate, dainty jewellery.  Giving me something that is excessively large and screams look at me won’t work as I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing it.


Naturally you need to decide on your budget before you start looking for the right gift.  I tend to open a site and take a look through opening up numerous pages of options as I go before whittling them down.

Everyday Piece Or One For Special Occasions?

If it’s a special birthday, anniversary or wedding you are buying for you might be looking to splash out a little.  Think about a more expensive metal or even something with stones.

Selection Process

I am looking to get something pretty for someone close (I can’t say who as they might be reading this).  They love to wear silver and they are always wearing a necklace when I see them.  My options include the following from Nude Jewellery:

Blue Topaz Silver Flower Pendant


This pretty handmade piece is not only stunning it also has a lovely blue topaz in its centre that makes it even more irresistible.  A lot of detail goes into each piece to ensure the finish is just right.  This piece has a life-like appearance down to the polished edges to replicate the delicate touch of a real flower.  It’s the sort of piece that can be worn daily and brings with it a delicate feminine charm.

Vanilla Links Triple Link Silver Necklace


 This pretty silver necklace on a snake chain has three silver circles of varying sizes that have been hammered gently giving them a a pretty textured effect which reflects the light nicely to catch the eye.  Another piece that can easily be worn daily and is bound to look great on.

Silver Splat Pendant

The small silver splat shaped pendant with chain looks like a fun piece and is dainty and delicate so fits my criteria well.  Another easy to wear piece that looks pretty this great sterling silver pendant has been created by award winning jewellery designer Lucy Q!  It’s great isn’t it!  (I also found splat shaped earrings on the site).

Silver Start Flower Pendant

This super cute shiny sterling silver flower has been handmade.  It’s design it delicate and detailed and beautiful.  I know a few people that would love this.

Glitter Ball Disk Necklace

Now you have seen the options the question is, which did I choose?
My package arrived in a pretty silver box tied with a bow.  Within was a jewellery box wrapped in white paper.  The necklace was nestled below a piece of thin sponge helping to protect the exquisite piece that was hidden below.
Did you guess correctly?
It looks gorgeous does it!  The piece is lovely and dainty and is a piece that can be worn daily or on special occasions.
There is a claw clasp is perfect to help keep the necklace secure and it is pretty strong for the sizing so isn’t likely to break easily.
The piece is well made and the link sizes are approximately 15, 11 and 8mm making this a dainty yet eye catching piece.  The snake chain is  a good length at 16″.
Nude Jewellery have kindly agreed to giveaway a gorgeous pink pearl necklace for one lucky Melanie’s Fab Finds reader.  Isn’t it lovely:
There is a large selection of pearl jewellery on the site to choose from plus they have matching earrings too.  The sizes of the pearls differ as do the colours so be sure to take a good look around when you visit their site.


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Good Luck!

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  1. The 5 flower diamond ring looks gorgeous!

    1. That sounds lovely I will go and take a look at that one 🙂

  2. Fantastic tips – I bought my daughter a necklace this year, more of a keepsake than one to wear now 🙂

  3. I honestly find choosing jewellery a complete nightmare so this gift guide is of great use to me 😉

    1. Glad you found it helpful Jon 🙂

  4. Great tips! I love to give jewellery as a gift, that necklace is beautiful!

  5. Everything is beautiful, bit if I had to choose just one thing it would be the tension set diamond engagement ring.

  6. Great tips. For me anything with emeralds is going to be a hit 😉

  7. Some lovely pieces here. Love the flower necklace.

    1. That one is very pretty.

  8. These are truly gorgeous pieces, exactly the sort of thing I would love to receive as a gift x

    1. They sure are and so many to choose from too.

  9. I love the silver chain necklace that you mentioned but I also love the pink pearl necklace too. They have some lovely bits don’t they? x

    1. They sure do and a big range.

  10. Some great tips here I love the links necklace it’s so classic and stylish!

    1. It is a lovely design.

  11. Jewellery is such a subjective thing but the necklace is stunning – I like plain and understated

    1. I’m the same, something simple and dainty normally gets my attention.

  12. Love the textured glitter ball disk necklace!!

    1. It’s lovely isn’t it x

  13. Some beautiful pieces lovely . You really can’t go wrong with jewellery as a gift cane you x

    1. Tell me about it and there are some great pieces to choose from.

  14. Some great tips here. I love silver. The necklaces are beautiful.

    1. They are lovely and the range is great.

  15. Loving the Entwined Diamond Ring

    1. That sounds lovely.

  16. the multi chain silver bracelet xx

    1. That’s pretty.

  17. The Aqua Rainbow Rocks necklace looks stunning and unique.

    1. That one is popular

  18. diamond ring

  19. all expressively stylish,bold and unique.

    1. They sure are x

  20. I love the Atlantis rose, gemstone engagement ring! 🙂 It’s just lovely and that shade of blue is my absolute favourite so this is just perfect! 🙂

    1. That’s a great choice!!!

  21. I love the aqua rainbow rocks one . Lovely colours

  22. love the black and red bangle

  23. Love the Aqua Rainbow Rocks Necklace

    1. I need to go take a look I haven’t seen that one.

  24. The flower diamond ring is beautiful

    1. It is lovely.

  25. i love the single gold ball bangle

  26. This is such a lovely necklace which my very good friend would love.

    1. It is pretty isn’t it. A great piece for daily wear.

  27. Great giveaway. A fantastic variety of jewellery

    1. Their range is very good isn’t it. So many pretty things to choose from.

  28. I love the look of the gold bee pendant,

    1. These are really popular at the moment!

  29. Aqua Rainbow Rocks Necklace

  30. I like this : The Atlantic Rose Engagement ring

    1. That is lovely. It’s hard to choose just one item.

  31. It’s a beautiful necklace, I would give it to my mum.

  32. Vanilla Link Bracelet

  33. The 5 flower Diamond ring is simply beautiful.

  34. I like the Atlantis Blue engagement ring. I’ve been married 37 years, but never had an engagement ring as we couldn’t afford one.

    1. Maybe it’s time to rectify that

  35. aqua rainbow rocks necklace

    1. That one sounds lovely.

  36. What gorgeous pieces. I especially love the pearl necklace. With Mother’s Day coming up it would be perfect for that!

    1. It sure would it’s a lovely piece!

  37. I hate buying jewellery for others as I’m so fussy! My hubby does a really good job! For me size of piece is the most important

    1. The size can be the difference between them loving or hating the gift – I totally agree.

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