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Roarsome New Dinosaurs From Schleich

#AD – Gifted.

Watch out the latest Schleich dinosaurs have arrived!!!

Dinosaurs are popular with many children including my son.  Little man has been a fan for a while now and has a growing collection.  He spends hours playing with them which is wonderful as they are ideal for encouraging creative play.  Add a few more children into the mix and they’re also developing their social skills and having a fabulous time whilst doing so.

Roarsome New Dinosaurs From Schleich

My son’s dinosaur collection has just grown thanks to Schleich who have a lovely range of dinosaurs which is one of their most popular toy selections.  The toys are suitable for ages 4-12 and make great gifts for dino fans.

This Spring, their collection will see the addition of some great new dinosaurs; the spiny-backed Animantarx (Ankylosaurus), and “winged” Dimorphodon.

Animantarx (£7.99)

A slow-moving herbivore covered in bony plates and spikes protected it from predators.  It was approximately 3 meters long and similar to but smaller than the Ankylosaurus.

Dimorphodon (£7.99)

This was a type of flying reptile with a large head and beak, and sharp talons.  Its short wingspan would have meant it would only be capable of short distances.  Its diet consisted of insects, fish and lizards.  We loved the colours on this little guy.

In addition, Schleich will be relaunching some top-selling classics such as the Giganotosaurus.  This enormous and terrifying creature will be available as an adult and also as a dangerous yet cheeky youngster.  Easily mistaken for the T-Rex these are equally as dangerous.

Giganotosaurus (£19.99)

These dinosaurs were very similar to the T-Rex although slightly larger.  Like the T-Rex they had short clawed arms, a large skull and walked on 2 legs.  These dinosaurs existed at different times and in different locations.  The Giganotosaurus could be found in North America, whereas the Tyrannosaurus Rex were located in South America.  These gigantic dinosaurs would grow to between 12 and 13 meters long.  This guy is really cool, he comes with a moveable lower jaw for more realistic prey which my son took advantage of.


Spinosaurus (£19.99)

This dinosaur was even larger than the T-Rex and Giganotosaurus.  It was the largest carnivorous dinosaur to walk the earth.  The Spinosaurus was named so due to the 7 foot long spines that protruded from its back made of skin and bone.  It had a long crocodile-like snout and its diet consisted primarily of fish.  Playtime with this guy is good fun.  He can go fishing and catch his prey using his moveable jaw.


Dimetrodon (£9.99) (moveable jaw)

This prehistoric reptile is often mistaken for a dinosaur.  That’s not surprising given its appearance.  Like the Spinosaurus, Dimetrodon also had a large sail-like structure on its back believed to have helped to regulate the reptiles body temperature.

Dinosaurs didn’t just walk the earth and fly in the air, there were also found within the vast oceans.  Plenty of room for some super-sized creatures such as the Plesiosaurus.  This marine reptile had a long neck, turtlelike body, flippers and tail.


In July, 2 creatures from the Cretaceous Period will also make an appearance in the Schleich collection.  The Dracorex, meaning dragon king, which was first discovered in 2004 in South Dakota.  It has dragon-like features including spinal ridges along its back tail and across the top of its skull.  The Dracorex is often classified as a herbivore although some think it was an omnivore (veg and meat) due to its sharp serrated teeth.  The second of the dinosaurs to make an appearance in May is the Diabloceratops.  This dinosaur boasted 4 horns and was a medium build.  The ‘Diablo’ in its name comes from the Latin ‘Devil’ and is so named as a result of its horns.  Although its name and actual size may be intimidating this dinosaur was a herbivore so luckily for us we wouldn’t be on the menu.


The dinosaurs were packaged in separate bags which labeled as PE-LD 4.  I was a little concerned about the bags at first as we’re trying to cut down on plastic.  Thankfully the symbol means the bags can be recycled although sometimes it will depend on the local recycling centre.

3 of the dinosaurs had a little extra support to keep them from getting damaged during delivery.


What Did Little Man Think

The dinosaurs have highly detailed modeling and are hand painted to give a realistic appearance.   These figures look pretty lifelike and are great for dinosaur lovers for truly monstrous creative play sessions.  Mini man and his sisters loved them.  He is playing with the toys daily and the dinosaurs seemed to have lasted his bashing them about so far which is great.  The moveable jaws on some of these was noticed straight away by my son.  He enjoyed making them fight and of course eat each other.

Where to Buy

These and other great dinosaurs from the Schleich can be found at Smyths Toy Stores.  Prices start from £6.99 and go up to £19.99.  As an added bonus some are available as a 3 for 2 offer!

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  1. these look great, my daughter loves dinosaurs so this would be perfect toys for her

    1. They are so much fun. I love that these have been so well made.

  2. Schleich animals are wonderful, such amazing quality and they last for years. I bet these create hours of make-believe fun. Mich x

    1. They really do. He plays for ages with them.

  3. omg how fun is this ha- my son LOVes dinosaurs and def think i need to get a few for him

    1. He will be really happy with some of these. We loved the quality and how good they look.

  4. My nephew loves dinosaurs! These are very life-like and he would love to play with them!

    1. They do look really good!

  5. Oh my gosh, these are the cutest! I know my kids would have fun playing with these. We’ve always liked dinosaurs.

    1. I think most kids do. They are great toys and these are better than many I’ve seen in the shops.

  6. I love these dinosaurs! When my son was little, he could name so many dinosaurs. I wish these had been around back then. He would have loved to add them to his collection.

    1. They do get so excited about dinosaurs when they are little.

  7. Too cute! All 3 of my kids went through the dino stage and I absolutely loved it. It was so much fun seeing their creative minds at work with their prehistoric friends.

    1. It is great watching them play with these sorts of toys.

  8. These look like awesome toys! I’ll share these with my friends who also have kids.

    1. That’s great. Thanks Katie. I am sure they’ll love these toys.

  9. Very nice dinos! We have enjoyed Schleich toys for years. They are such good quality and so realistic too. Great toys!

    1. We’ve never had any before. I was very impressed 🙂

  10. These are the coolest, most realistic looking dinosaur figurines I have ever seen. Any little kid who loves dinosaurs would go crazy to own these.

    1. I agree. I haven’t seen models made as well as these.

  11. We have always loved the quality of Schleich toy animals. I need to pick up some of these dinosaur figures for my granddaughter.

    1. These are our first. We loved them!

  12. My great nephews would love these. I’m going to see them in a couple of weeks, so maybe I should take them as a gift!

    1. They will be over the moon they’re great looking dinosaurs.

  13. This looks like so much fun. My nephew is a huge fan of dinosaurs. This would be perfect for him.

    1. These would make an ideal gift for him.

  14. My 24 year old daughter has so many animals from Schleich that she’s collected over the yers! They are such a great brand, and these dinosaurs are so cool!

    1. Wow, sounds like they’ve been around for a while. The dinosaurs are lovely.

  15. Oh my! Such amazing dinosaurs toys! I love to take one for my niece. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Glad you liked the post Cathy. We were impressed by these.

  16. I’ll bet these dinosaurs can provide hours of imaginative fun. These would be fun for kids and kids at heart!

    1. They are perfect for both. Does anyone really grow out of them lol

  17. I do love the Schleich range of figures, my children have some of the fairies and animals. So will have to check out the dinosaurs for my daughter

    1. They have a really varied range which is great!!!!

  18. My son used to love dinosaurs when he was young. These look so much fun, he would have loved these

    1. I am sure he would. They are really well made and ideal for dinosaur lovers.

  19. These are perfect gifts for my cute nephew! I like how details every dinosaur is.

    1. There is a great deal of detail which makes play with these far more realistic. It’s great!

  20. These are cool! My five year old is super into these right now, and has a few that he plays with… he’d love to add to it with a few new ones! And I love that it allows for imaginative play time. 🙂

    1. They are great for imaginative play.

  21. Schleich makes the best figurines. I used to work at a store that sold them and I was always so impressed by them!

    1. We’ve just discovered how good they are. My son loves these.

  22. We have so many Schleich Dinosaurs and Animals. They are amazing quality and little J loves them.

    1. They are really good. My son was over the moon when he got them.

  23. These look great fun. My boy is only just getting into this dinosaur craze – he now knows their names!

    1. Aaaahhh that’s great. He would love these, mine does!!!

  24. These are just the cutest. I know that my kids would love playing with them and it looks like they’re made very durable as well!

    1. They are very durable which is great as my son really bashes them about.

  25. Oh wow these look really realistic, but not enough to scare a child. Great idea to gift too xx

    1. They are perfect as gifts. Mine wants to increase his collection now.

  26. Wow my son would love these! We love Schleich and had the advent last year and have lots of pet animals but no dinosaurs yet

    1. My son would probably love the animals too. Their products are really good quality which we loved. The dinosaurs would make a great birthday gift or just a fun gift for your son x

  27. My son would love these dinosaur toys. He is really into toys like these. They look fab!

    1. I’m sure he’d be over the moon with these. We were al very impressed with the quality.

  28. These look like such good quality toys. My nephews and nieces would definitely enjoy these.

    1. They sure would they’re really well made and look great.

  29. My brothers used to love playing with dinosaurs!! I don’t have kids myself, but I’m gonna forward this post to my friend with 3 boys, bet she’d find it helpful 😉 x

    1. Thanks Becca. I know your friend’s boys would love these they’re really good fun!!!

  30. I love the photos, but was it really a good idea to let the dinosaurs free? I hope none of them wandered off!

    1. ha, one did try to eat my son 🙂

  31. This would be ideal for the kids. Our boys love reinacting dinosaur movies with theirs.

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