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Sunday Lunch at Madison London

I’ve been to St Paul’s on numerous occasions this year.  There are some lovely restaurants located there and it’s really nice to walk around St Paul’s cathedral.  It looks amazing in the day as well as lit up at night.

I recently went out with a friend for a lunch during a shopping trip and the restaurant that we visited Quaglino’s was amazing and I also loved that they had live music.  I enjoy listening to music and singing along to it.  I sing everyday although not in public (not enough confidence for that).  Naturally having been to this great restaurant with live music it was something I really wanted to experience again.

So Where to Go?

If you know St Paul’s you will be aware that there is a shopping centre there called One New Change.  Up above, on the 6th floor you will discover another hidden gem; Madison.  Madison boasts a large rooftop area where you can take in stunning views of the cathedral and of London.  Inside is a beautifully presented restaurant that looks stylish and sophisticated.  The restaurant opens at midday and you can enjoy a good range of dishes, gorgeous cocktails and music from their in house DJ’s as well as live music.

Naturally I had to go along to visit, who does’t love the combination of good food, great music and stunning views of our beloved Capital!

Just to mention for those that don’t like heights if you phone through in advance there is alternative access but this closes early over the weekend so make sure you have pre arranged getting up and back down otherwise you will need to use the glass lift!  I was led up an alternative route by security and fortunately l made it all the way to the restaurant (I will have to tell you all about my disastrous attempt to make it to the 40th floor at Duck and Waffle sometime it’s guaranteed to have you wetting you pants with laughter).  Traumatic height related experiences aside we arrived during the day time and were lucky enough to still be there when the sun had gone down so we got to experience both the day and night time views from the enormous rooftop.

The roof top is nicely decorated and blankets are out ready for use and there are plenty of heaters too.  The comfort of guests was clearly a priority which was good to see.  Inside was a mix of seating.  Staff at the front desk welcomed diners and showed them to either a sofa, booth or table seating area.

A great selection of drinks is on offer from wines to cocktails.  This is a lovely place to visit with friends for a drink and snacks and take in the beautiful views across London.

On Sundays Madison have some great entertainment.  I was fortunate enough to visit on a Soul Sunday when Kristin Duo was preforming and she was fantastic.  This lady has the most amazing voice and has worked with a wide range of artists including Sting, Olly Murs and Clean Bandit.

My friend and I went along to enjoy their three course menu which includes a sharing or individual roast with all the trimmings and half a bottle of wine per person (£38).  Not bad considering what you get food and entertainment wise and this place is pretty darn trendy too!

On arrival we were greeted warmly and shown to our table.  The atmosphere was relaxed, the music playing in the background (before the live entertainment started) was not too loud so you could talk easily.

This menu offers a choice of 4 starters and 4 main dishes.  Alternatively there is a brunch menu and A La Carte menu available both of which seemed popular with dinners.  We ordered from the three course Sunday Lunch menu but skipped the wine.


A little disorientated by the height I thought it best to stick to sparkling water.  My friend however requested a cocktail which of course I had to sample purely for the purpose of my opinion on the flavours.  The staff were extremely good at flitting around the room refilling glasses before they had emptied always a good sign that they are attentive to the needs of the dinners.

Spiked Ginger

Appleton rum, ginger cordial, kumquats, lime and bitters.

This is served in a long glass and looks great.  This arrives garnished with a slice of ginger.  Within the depths of the glass are pieces of fresh kumquat and wedges of lime.  The smell of the ginger wafted gently from the glass although this was more of a background, the cocktail was extremely refreshing, with a warmth form the ginger and a tanginess from the lime.  The dominant flavours here were the bitters, kumquats, lime and rum.


Mackerel and salmon tartare

Fennel puree, parsley root, deep fried curry leaves and avruga caviar.

Nicely presented and a good size for a starter.  This is dish has a good mix of flavours.  The fennel puree was lovely and light and velvety smooth.  The fish chunks were a good size and there was a nice tang from the capers.  The caviar also adds a saltiness to the dish giving it a natural seasoning as it were.  There is a crunchy contrast from the crisp bread slices.  This is a nice light and healthy starter.


These are healthy sized dishes so make sure you bring your appetite.

Roast USDA sirloin

Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, cauliflower cheese and horseradish cream.

The horseradish cream as delicious with small pieces of horseradish hidden within.  It ha a nice level of heat to it which as many of you will be aware goes very well with beef.  The beef was sliced and rolled around.  It was juicy and tender and not at all fatty.  The potatoes were not as crisp as I may have expected but they were perfectly seasoned.  the Yorkshire pudding was perfect for soaking up any of the flavourful juices still remaining on the plate.

Roast corn-fed chicken

Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, cauliflower cheese and shallot gravy.

Succulent and tender and flavourful are the best words one could use to describe this dish.  I tend not to eat chicken out for fear that it will be over cooked but this was just right.  Glad I took the risk!  The chicken had been marinated to give it extra flavour.  The gravy was also lovely although I could have done with a little more.  The fresh cress added a nice colour as well as additional flavour to the dish.  Both dishes came with a deliciously creamy cauliflower cheese which we both thoroughly enjoyed.  This came in its own little bowl which was a great idea as it kept it warmer for longer.


Chocolate Praline Fondant, Butternut Squash and Vanilla Puree, Milk ice Cream

The instant you take the first mouthful you have transported straight to cloud 9.  This warm rich decadent chocolate desert is simply delicious and there is no disputing the chocolate quality is high.  The centre slowly oozes out as you cut into this and the ice cream as one might expect combines to make this a dish worthy of high praise.  The butternut squash in both puree form and small pieces works surprisingly well to make a dish that is not only unique but also interesting and enjoyable to devour.  You will find yourself scraping the dish clean so no trace of dessert is left.  I love the mix of textures here that really do add to the enjoyment of the dish.  It really is a gorgeous Autumnal dessert.

Pistachio and Miyagawa Triffle, Blood Orange Jelly, Linseed Crackling

Another winner especially as I have a sweet tooth.  This was interesting and somewhat different.  The cracking was an interesting addition and seemed to work well.  The dessert looks enticing and really is a treat.  I loved the blood orange jelly with its vibrant colour, well balanced flavour and bite sized chunks.  It’s like a treasure chest with different gems hidden within.  The pistachio sponge again was fabulous and housed small pieces of the nut within its spongy walls.  The pieces of Miyagawa (fruit like an orange) was in bite sized pieces.  The only down side was there were still some pips in the fruit although I appreciate it’s time consuming removing them.  This was a thoroughly enjoyable dessert and I would have it again in a heartbeat.

So what can I say other than Madison is a lovely restaurant / bar and somewhere you would love to visit if you are in the area or venturing nearby.  The food was all to a high standard as was the cocktail.  The atmosphere is great and the views are fantastic!

Which of the dishes featured here would you like to try the most?

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Disclaimer: I was invited to sample the food at this restaurant.  All views are my own.

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  1. What a fantastic trip! Lovely photos, the food looked amazing! I love the look of the chicken meal and the cocktail looks marvelous and oh boy, the chocolate dessert ❤️ The restaurant itself is a nice review too, makes it more appealing to go. Thanks for the read! Mmm I’m hungry now lol

    1. It was a really lovely meal. The entertainment was fantastic!

  2. What a view! I’ve been to Barbecoa there which has a great St. Pauls view, love the outside terrace here though! The food sounds delicious.

    1. That one I have yet to visit. The view was amazing and I didn’t need to go to the edge to view it too which was great!

  3. I haven’t been to this restaurant before but the food does look great. Will definitely be checking it out

    1. The food was all lovely especially those desserts.

  4. I love St Pauls but I had no idea about that roof top bar / restaurant – I really need to check that out!

    1. It’s really lovely there. Worth going to for a night out with friends or on a date.

  5. wow! this looks beautiful and a very reasonable price considering the setting.

    1. It is well priced and the food was very good too.

  6. All the food looks so delicious and I would love to visit the restaurant! It’s always fun to travel around and find yourself in a new setting, experiencing new things.

    1. It sure is especially when the settings are so lovely 😉

  7. The food does look and sound good, and it seems quite good value for London!

    1. It’s great value for London and a really lovely restaurant with great views and tasty food.

  8. What a delicious looking meal. I would love to try those deserts!

    1. The meal was great. I don’t blame you they were really lovely 😉

  9. I could totally not deal with the glass lift either, sounds terrifying! I love that their was live music, always a bonus and your food looked lush, especially those desserts!

    1. It’s a shame there isn’t an internal lift to go all the way. The food was very good though 😉

  10. I’m so jealous that you have places like this on your doorstep.

    It looks so nice. Also love that they have an alternative access for people who are not ok with heights.

    1. It’s amazing how many nice places there are around London.

  11. Just had the sunday roast here last week, it was incredible! I can’t wait to go back now, might have to try the chicken next time.

    1. It is really good. That’s a great idea the chicken was lovely 😉

  12. The view looks absolutely beautiful and that food looks amazing too.

    1. The views were amazing. it’s a great location.

  13. Yum, that whole meal sounds delicious and that ginger cocktail is right up my street, I need to try that! I love that they have entertainment alongside the meal.

  14. The views look amazing and the food really delicious. I so need to get out more as I love the idea of eating food like this

  15. I love the food you had Mel. The desserts look to die for! Not a bad price for London too. One restaurant to put on my list when I visit next

  16. Madison sounds like a delightful place to enjoy some fantastic food. The view is amazing, and the entertainment is an added bonus. I don’t even eat beef, but that looks utterly yummy, and the desserts are mouth watering. Love the ginger in the cocktail too. All in all, simply wonderful.

  17. I’ll definely bookmark this place food looks amazing. I’ve worked around Bank for over 8 years but never stumbled into this place

  18. How did it not know there was a rooftop bar/restaurant with stunning views of St Paul’s Cathedral? I definitely need to check this place out next time i’m in the area because the food looks incredible and i love that they have live music as well. xx

    1. You should the food and drinks are lovely and the entertainment is great.

  19. The food looks so pretty, especially the seafood starter. And great views of the dome of St. Pauls too.

    1. That starter was delicious. Yes the views were amazing.

  20. The food looks amazing. Your posts make me hungry!

  21. Looks amazing – can’t beat a good chocolate dessert. All the food looks great!

    1. I really did enjoy the meal it was superb.

  22. We are due in London soon, so will deffo check this place out. Love the views, fab cocktails and that pistachio dessert looks lovely x

  23. The food looks very tasty. I love the look of the dessert.

    1. The desert was yummy!

  24. Nothing beats food with a view and that has to be one of the best. The food looks great too

    1. The food was great as were the views x

  25. The food looks absolutely amazing. I especially love the look of the Chocolate Praline Fondant!

  26. Oh I love a roast dinner and this one looks super yummy. I agree I do think you get quite a lot for your money with the band too and what a view!

  27. Oh wow what beautiful views! All of the food looks delicious and the fact they have yummy cocktails is such a bonus 🙂

    1. The views were really lovely in comparison to many London restaurants.

  28. Both the view and the food look really delicious! I love a good roast.

    1. The food was lovely there.

  29. It all looks so good! I have walked around St Paul’s before but never dined out there. I would love to try this place.

    1. I highly recommend this restaurant. The food and views are great!

  30. Oh wow this place looks amazing and the atmosphere seems pretty relaxing. I would enjoy eating at this place food looks amazing.

    1. It is a lovely restaurant to dine in. If you can I suggest you try it x

  31. What a great setting! And I really love the sound of the spiced ginger cocktail. I love love anything gingery.

    1. That cocktail was yummy!!! I need to try more of them 🙂

  32. The food looks absolutely yummy but I am even more jealous of the entertainment that you enjoyed.

    1. The entertainment was really good. It was a lovely afternoon out.

  33. I used to work right near here – but I never knew about this place at all! Why? How?!

    1. Ha, well now you do. Hope you get to try it!!!

  34. What a gorgeous location! I love the sound of the Spiked Ginger cocktail. Yum!

    1. The cocktail was delicious. I’m glad I tried it.

  35. I had no idea this was there. The food look delicious and it’s good to know you can use a different entrance if scared of heights!

    1. I know, same here. I didn’t have a clue it was there before. Glad we found it.

  36. Oh my goodness, I just want to climb into your pictures and never leave! Thank you so much for haring such a wonderful experience.

    1. It was really lovely there. The food and restaurant are great.

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