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Monmouth Kitchen

Along a cobbled road in the heart of Covent Garden (Seven Dials) we hurriedly walked.  The rains pathetic attempts to dampen our spirits failing.  The wind lashing feebly, trying to blow us off course.  Our minds determined, our stomachs rumbling we walked up the road with the namesake of the restaurant we were slowly edging towards or so we thought.  As luck would have it we arrived at the wrong end of the road (near Rossopomodoro), there were two parts split by the seven dials roundabout.  Now with our mindset focused and complete confidence in which building we were gravitating towards (confirmed by google) our pace quickened and excitement rapidly arose within.  Success “Monmouth Kitchen” stood before us and we eagerly pushed open the doors and stumbled into the dry, welcoming entrance.  Greeted warmly and led to our tables, the lovely Lara a fountain of knowledge in relation to the menu in its entirety set to work explaining, describing and recommending.

The dining area was sophisticated with a trendy vibe.  The clientele varied from those on dates, business meals to friends catching up.

Our order decide we talked and observed fellow diners as they chatted, drank and ate, our attention seized immediately when new dishes were delivered to neighbouring tables.  Drinks arrived quickly, a grateful treat to parched mouths.  A glass of white wine was enjoyed by one, the other indulged in a carefully presented

Batiida Tropicalada

Abelha Cachaca, coconut milk, condensed milk, guava, mango and lime.

The tropical flavour transports the mind of holidays past, of tropical heat and crystal clears seas.  Guava and mango dominate in the battle for flavour supremacy.  Soon enough it’s gone, all that is left is a drained vessel and distant memories.

The food in miniature begins to appear, plates bring with them the flavours of the Mediterranean and South America.  Three plates a person is recommend.

Salmon Tacos with Jalapeno Sauce

 Tiny bites combing crisp and creamy textures bring a punch of flavours, gone too soon, if only there were more.

Artichoke and Goats Cheese Salad with Lemon and Parsley Dressing

Fresh, creamy, crunchy, tangy, peppery flavours and textures with each fork.  Each mouthful as much a delight as the next.

Burrata Pugliese with Baby Basil and San Marzano Tomatoes

Such fresh and creamy deliciousness with a mild tang can only indicate a superior quality of product.  Cheese, fruit and herb united to create a dish true to its origin.

Calamari with Aji Panca Mayo

Soft and tender with a crisp a gently seasoned coating.  Paired perfectly with the Aji Panca Mayo that quietly conceals a slight chilli kick it is clear to see why the calamari is very popular – numerous portions arrived at surrounding tables.

Lamb and Taleggio Sliders with Truffle Mayo

Adorable burgers, tiny in appearance yet concealing enormous flavour.  Succulent and perfect in their design externally and internally hiding a pink centre.

Lobster Ceviche

As beautiful in flavour as in appearance the freshness shines through.  A prime example of salad perfection with its light yet tangy Mediterranean lemon and olive oil dressing.

Inca Punch

BarSol Italia pisco, pineapple, lime and sugar with an absinthe mist (left).

Another fruity and sweet masterpiece unique to Monmouth Restaurant.  Creativity and experience produce a sublimely refreshing liquid refreshment.


Our Bellini

White peach and rhubarb cordial with prosecco (right).

Fresh and fruity and a great twist to a classic, simple yet sophisticated.

Café Almendra

Coffee brûlée, chocolate cacao, almond ice cream and mascarpone amaretto crème.

Heaven in an espresso cup doesn’t come close to describing the superb creation that sat before us.  The only drawback the size leaves you longing for more.  Crunchy, creamy, silky, melting in the mouth such a dessert only helps us appreciate the simple pleasures in life.

Chocolate Caliente

Warm Peruvian chocolate spring rolls served with fresh passion fruit and coconut sorbet.

Warm chocolate encased within a crispy, light, thin crunchy filo, each tastes fantastic but pair it with the most dreamy sweet coconut sorbet and contrasting tangy, crunchy passion fruit the result is a mini taste bud fiesta.

With vibrant colours, contrasting textures and amazing flavours what’s not to love at Monmouth Kitchen.  Each dish takes centre stage there is no space for runners up.  The chefs at the Monmouth Kitchen are masters in their trade.

With that in mind I would like to remind those located nearby that there is a fabulous foodie event on Saturday the 10th of June where you can try the delicious tacos from Monmouth Kitchen and also foods from other local restaurants including the signature belly ribs from Hawksmoor (follow the link for more details).  The event is free to attend and you simply need to visit Sevendials.co.uk to register for your FREE ticket.

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  1. Everything at Monmouth Kitchen looks so delectable! I am hard pressed to say what I find the most appetizing of the food you have featured. I am headed to London from the US later this month and I would love to find one the Seven Dials restaurants to try!

    1. The food was fantastic I loved it all!!!

  2. Wow, that’s some fantastic food! Those burgers look amazing!

    1. They tasted really good too!!!

  3. Monmouth has some tasty delicacies. I like the sound of the cafe almendra, the burrata and the bellini yum!

    1. They were all lovely. All the dishes were full of flavour.

  4. Food looks wonderful looks like a lot of love and hard time has been put into the making of Monmouth kitchen x

  5. What some fantastic sounding food, I love the way it has been laid out and that mug is fab, I always like it when things offer something just a little bit different.

    1. Same here it adds to the excitement when dishes come out.

  6. What a fun place to visit! If I went, we’d for sure be ordering the burgers (for him) and artichoke goats cheese salad (for her). Washed down with white peach and rhubarb prosecco. (ps: prosecco is my favorite!) Thanks for letting us all come along for dinner x

  7. So I pretty much like everything in the picture. Peruvian food is my 3rd favorite after Italian and Thai.

  8. I so want to go to Monmouth Kitchen! These meals and treats look so good. That chocolate dessert…oh my.

  9. This all looks delicious. We don’t eat out all that much and never anywhere as fancy as this!

    1. I think you would love this there is a really relaxed vibe x

  10. This is awesome. It’s a lovely restaurant that serves a variation of good food. I love their presentation as well. It looks like the service is great too.

    1. The service and presentation were very good they take care with everything here.

  11. I would love to experience dining in this lovely restaurant. The food looks so good and it looks like you had an amazing time there too!

    1. We really did everything was so pretty and tasty.

  12. The food looks delightful and I love the wide variety of tastes and flavours which you can experience x

    1. It was fantastic, we had an amazing time.

  13. What a beautiful selection of food. I would love to try all these 🙂

    1. They tasted as good as they looked. The food here is lovely.

  14. It looks great. I like the look of those burgers, they are making me hungry now

    1. They were really tasty and juicy!!

  15. Ooooh literally salivating as I read this all the good looks so scrumptious I’m adding this to my list of places to try out!

    1. It’s really lovely there and I hear they do an afternoon tea!!!

  16. oh wow that all looks fabulous and i love mini food, theres something really cute about tiny foods lol Im weird i know! lol

    1. I agree they did all look really cute!!!

  17. You make me envy your experience. Looks like you had an awesome and sumptuous meal during that time. Such a nice and elegant restaurant.

    1. It’s a beautiful restaurant with some amazing food, a must try!!!

  18. The food looks so fantastic.I would love to dine in this amazing resturant.I can see you had a good time there.

    1. We sure did and wouldn’t hesitate to go again!

  19. Wow! The food looks amazing! I need to pop down on Saturday.

    1. It really is yummy I hope you get to try them and also get to the event it will be fun!

  20. i love how fresh the food looks which i suppose is the idea , i would definitely be intrigued to give them a try

    1. It really was very fresh and bursting with flavour.

  21. I can certainly tell its a trendy place from the marble top. I actually really like it! All the food looks delicious too :):) Would love to visit sometime since I love trying new food & visiting new restaurants.

    1. It really is super trendy and very popular – you need to visit them soon 😉

  22. Oh these food looks so delicious and tasty! Getting hungry now and i want them even just one bite.

    1. I need to go again there are so many dishes I still need to try!

  23. Typical British weather can’t spoil our fun, although the wind was terrible again this week, it nearly blew my daughters pram over I had to tilt it back off two wheels on the school run, the menu looks lovely I bet you had a wonderful time despite the weather xxx

    1. The weather is a nuisance isn’t it!!! We sure dd it was lovely 😉

  24. Wow…i definitely think I just had a serious foodgasm! Starting with the tropicolada I didn’t think it could get much better but every single item looked absolutely delicious!

    1. It really does look amazing doesn’t it – wait until you try it!!!

  25. This place looks amazing. That cocktail looks yummy. Love the fresh looking tomato and mozzerella 🙂 x

    1. It was all really lovely, the cocktails were fantastic!

  26. What a fantastic restaurant with warm staff. The Bellin looks yummy! I love all the miniature dishes and the burgers sound great and look super dinky!

    1. We loved the small portion theme as you get to try a nice variety making dining so much more interesting.

  27. What a beautiful restaurant and food looks incredibly delicious and tempting! That espresso cup dessert looks divine!

    1. That dessert was fantastic I wished it was bigger!

  28. Would love to try this restaurant, the food looks delicious and the presentations is fab 🙂

    1. It is well presented and all tasted great.

  29. What a gorgeous meal, literally making my mouth water, looks like a real treat

    1. It sure was lovely I highly recommend the food.

  30. The food looks excellent and the food festival sounds like a great idea so such a shame I live too far away 🙁

    1. That is a shame. Oh well if you come to London you can always visit the restaurant.

  31. Oh my goodness what a perfect place to visit. The food looks amazing, so much thought into the presentation which i love 🙂

    1. They sure do each dish is well presented.

  32. Wow it all sounds amazing! I love the sound of the goats cheese salad, my husband always laughs at me because I ALWAYS choose goats cheese if its on the menu, it’s too delicious!

    1. It really is isn’t it. I love it too.

  33. I am hearing so many reports about great dining in Seven Dials recently! Monmouth Kitchen looks like a fantastic place to try out, I love the different blends of food and it all looks so fresh and tasty. I have made a note of this place for the next time I am in London

    1. The food was fantastic. Everything was very fresh and full of flavour.

  34. Wow, this all looks gorgeous! Some beautiful twists on familiar favourites. I really fancy that Bellini right now!

  35. The food looks so delicious and great news about the event too! What a great idea! 🙂

  36. good meal, nice settings and awesome experience. i love going through this for it brought a sense of joy knowing of such amazing stuff over there.

  37. looks great –im going to have to go for a meal next time im in london

  38. I am fasting and reading this post made me hungry. 😀 . I loved the sound of Batiida Tropicalada. It has all my favourite flavours. And the presentation is top notch.

    1. Oh dear. I hope you get to enjoy this food at a later date.

  39. This menu is so up my street! I love the sound of the batida tropicalada and the salmon tacos. yum!!!

    1. They were both fantastic. Their cocktails were really well made.

  40. oooh the food looks amazing! My kind of place to eat! 😀

    1. It really is an amazing restaurant the food was lovely!

  41. Ah everything is tiny, but looks SO tasty!!

    1. They are small plates but it means you can taste a range that way.

  42. The food looks so good. I’d love to try the salad!

    1. It was really good, we loved it.

  43. Wow!! This place looks fantastic! The food looks sooo delicious and that presentation is gorgeous! Xo

    1. It is beautifully presented 😉

  44. Food very rarely looks that good…certainly makes you think twice about how you dish up at home. I might just do a ketchup smiley face for my other half’s tea tonight as a hint to take me out 😉

  45. It looks lovely. All presented well too.
    It has made me want the Lobster Caviche now !

    1. My goodness that lobster ceviche was amazing!

  46. I would be spoilt for choice, I do not know what I would choose

    1. It was very hard to decide everything was so lovely.

  47. everything looks really yummy,id love to go

    1. It all was very good. I hope you get to visit soon.

  48. it all looks really tasty,id love to go an try this place myself,the lamb and taleggio sliders would be my fav i think

    1. You will love those, I loved it all even the teeny tacos they packed plenty of flavour.

  49. All the food looks incredible they are rather small portions though

    1. The idea is that you get small plates of dishes so you can try a range of different things.

  50. The food looks great it’s always nice to go out for a meal

    1. It sure is especially when you get lovely fresh and tasty food.

  51. Sounds and looks a great place to eat out at! Thanks for the review!

    1. No problem, glad you liked it.

  52. We’re going to London for a few days in the summer, I’ll have to look this up, the food looks to die for!

    1. Enjoy, the food is amazing!

  53. This is a feast to the eyes! How beautifully it is presented and almost too good to eat; but they looks scrumptious! I would love to try the first drink of guava and mango. Was it extremely sweet with the condense milk? or did the coconut balance it?

    1. It wasn’t too sweet, it was lovely. I’d have it again.

  54. Everything here looks super yummy and delicious! Love it! Thanks for the review

    1. No problem, I hope you get to try this restaurants food soon!

  55. Following your review I will try to visit next time I am in town

    1. I hope you get to go Richard 😉

  56. I just want to eat all of it

  57. The food looks wonderful, as it should do with access to all London markets for their amazing array of delights. The Cafe Almendra sounds delicious. I haven’t been overly struck by South American cuisine before but you have certainly opened my eyes to its boundless possibilities.

    1. I have to say this is one of those places you must try!

  58. I love goats cheese. The salad sounds fab. So does the Bellini

    1. The salad was delicious as was the Bellini.

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