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Coolreall 15600mAh Power Bank

As you will recall I recently reviewed a 3 USB port power pack from a company called Coolreall.  Well I am at it again this time with a slightly smaller version.  The power pack I am reviewing this time is the Coolreall power bank 15600mAh and has 2 ports meaning it is able to charge 2 items at the same time.  In comparison to the other power pack this one is slightly smaller in size and weighs a little less too so it’s easier to carry in a hand bag as it’s not quite as weighty.  This is a more practical power bank to take if it’s travelling in a handbag.  The power bank is again black and has the same sleek design and can be used with most popular smart phones and tablets.

Inside the box as with the coolreall 20000mAh power bank I had everything I needed to get the power bank charged so I could take it on my travels this included the power bank, a micro USB cable and instruction booklet.

The 4 LED lights on the unit show the charging progress of the power bank and when it is not being charged you can press the small button at the side and these lights will come on to show you the power level.  There is also a torch light which can also be turned on and off using the same button and comes in handy should you need a torch or are using the device somewhere that is dimly lit.


The power bank has a high capacity and can charge an iphone 6 up to 6 times, a Samsung Galaxy S6 4 times or an ipad mini 2 times.  Sounds useful doesn’t it especially for long car and aeroplane journeys.

This power bank detects and delivers the optimal charging current for any connected device to ensure the fastest and most efficient charge which is very useful when you need a device in a hurry.  As with the coolreall 20000mAh power bank there are 5 built in safety mechanism to prevent over charging over-discharging, over-voltage, over-current and short-circuit protection which is reassuring to know.

You can take a look at the power bank here:


This is a great item to have at hand when you are out and about especially in cases of emergencies as it’s just typical that our batteries are going to be running low when we need them.  I like to avoid problems and keep my phone charged as much as possible but with a hundred and one other things to do each day it isn’t always easy to remember so having some form of back up can be very helpful.

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 I received this product for free in return for an honest and unbiased review

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  1. I am loving sound of this portable charger, I just got a similar one a few weeks back and I am loving it. I love that it can charge an iPhone 6 times that is a seller point for me

  2. Very handy thing to have, particularly if you are travelling

  3. This sounds like a great little nifty tool indeed, we are forever loosing charge and fighting over chargers in this house with 5 of us having iphones.

  4. This looks really good, its not something i have thought about getting but it could be really handy

  5. I love these powerbanks! They are such lifesavers. What connection is the USB? My only angst is that they don’t seem to come with the right micro usb for my huawei phone

  6. This sounds like a brilliant product especially for travelling! I think I might get one

  7. I love these powerbanks, iPhones have such unreliable batteries that it’s great to have a portable charger on you at all times! xo

  8. These little power packs really do come in handy when travelling, especially when there are children with numerous devices. This one sounds good!

  9. I love my power bank – now I have one I couldn’t not be without one! x

  10. I need to get another portable charger before some of my trips next year as I don’t think there will be as much oppurtunity for charging x

  11. Oh how I need one of these power packs! Great that you can charge up to 6 times which is so much better than previous packs I’ve used.

  12. I need something like this!! My phone runs out of battery all the time!

  13. I never leave the house without my emergency phonebank, I would be so lost without it!

  14. I need this in my life, the amount of times I run out of battery on my phone when I’m out is ridiculous. Jo x

  15. Gosh that is one powerful charger for its size! Thanks for sharing this x

    1. It is very good and comes in handy.

  16. This sounds like such a useful product to have, my phone is always dying just when I need it!

    1. It really is very handy, I am pleased I have it.

  17. I have actually just purchased a power bank in the Black Friday sales, they are so handy to have – especially if you’re constantly attached to your phone like me!

    1. They really are very useful, I’m pleased to hear you managed to get one too.

  18. Ahh.. I need one of these in my life. Looks really useful!

  19. I think I will be needing this. My battery keeps going flat when I am out and about. So annoying.

  20. Sounds a powerful little charger for its size! Stylish too!

  21. I really could do with this, my phone is always in need of an extra boost.

  22. This is very useful for me especially I always travel.

  23. I really want a proper power bank! My current one is poo and my phone dies every few minutes in this cold! All my gadgets have taken to dying in this cold for some reason! will look into this! need something powerful like this!

    1. Oh no I’m sorry to hear that. This one seems good to me and they have different ones available. I did a review of another too if you want to take a look 😉

  24. I always use power banks – this one sounds pretty reliable! I love long lasting ones.

    1. I forgot it at home today and needed it as my phone battery was very low. These really are great to keep with you and I’m going to put one in the car now that I remember!

  25. I think this is the power bank my daughter carries around with her. It’s fab and the torch on it works better than any of our ‘proper’ torches!!

    Louise x

  26. What a great powerbank it looks one of the best I’ve seen

    1. It does come in handy and looks great.

  27. Looks stylish and well made some look so cheap and nasty

  28. As I’m always on my phone this would be ideal!

  29. This would be very useful for my partner’s fishing trips

  30. You were so helpful reviewing all these chargers…I bought a really good one based on your sterling advice. Just a quick note though for blog readers – I took ours on holiday to Thailand with us and actually had it confiscated at Bangkok airport as it was over 10,000mAh (which is their self-imposed limit)…shame as it was a brill charger! ;(

  31. Sounds like a mega-charge for your pocket! We all need a standby at times.

  32. Great post! 🙂

  33. this would be so useful, I could do with one of these.

  34. I really need to get one of these, it would be well worth the money, using maps on my phone drains my battery then I’m limited to hjow many photos I can take on days out xxx

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