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Choose the right kitchen Hood and Banish the smell of cooking from your Home

I do enjoy home cooked meals and I cook a range of different nationality foods but the down side to cooking at home is that you take on the aroma or the food and carry it around in your hair and on your clothes for the rest of the day from the steam, smoke and oil droplets that come from the food whilst its cooking.  How awful!  (Unless it’s the smell of cake or chocolate that is.)  Just as bad is the smell of the food lingering in the house especially with some of the spices I use and these can over time infuse into carpets, curtains and many other fabrics that are exposed to them leaving a continuous smell in the house.  Many candles and room sprays are generally not strong enough to mask such strong aromas although they do help.  This for me simply won’t do!  My husband was instructed (nicely) when we were installing our kitchen that I will not stand for these odours in my house so he needed to ensure adequate ventilation and in order to do this we needed an cooker hood that was strong enough to contend with the smell of cooking removing aromas effectively, efficiently and also as quietly as possible.  His motivation, plenty of home cooked meals which worked a treat as he does enjoy my cooking having suggested I open a restaurant when we first got together, a short lived idea once he realised he would have to come to the restaurant to be fed.

cook 1  cook 2

cook 3  cook 4

What you need to consider when selecting a hood:

1: How big is your hob?  You need to allow for this so that you buy a hood that is strong enough to remove cooking odours.  Ideally it will be the same width as your hob.

2: Smaller hoods are usually not as noisy but they have lower extraction rates, make sure you check the maximum efficiency and maximum noise level when selecting.

3: Extractor hoods are most efficient when fitted onto an external wall with ducting to expel the air outdoors rather than recirculating it back into the room after filtering.

4: The amount of space that you have, you need to make sure that the hood fits when installed at the recommended height from the hob (for safety reasons).

How to get the best results from your hood:

1: Turn it on! Ok so it sounds obvious but many a time I have visited people and they have forgotten to turn the hood on, lol.

2: Turn the hood on before you start cooking and leave it on for a few minutes after you finish cooking.

3: Clean the filter, it’s best to do this once a month if you use the hood often.  The filters can normally be popped into a dishwasher which makes life easier if you have one.

Amica International provide kitchen essentials that are high end yet surprisingly affordable including ovens, hobs, hoods, refrigerators, dishwashers and more.  They produce a great range of hood styles so you can find the perfect match for your kitchen.  The hood sizes range from 50cm to 90cm and the maximum efficiency ranges from 295m3/h to 900m3/h.

 hood 1

hood 3  hood 4

hood 5    hood 2

This is a sponsored post.

Thanks to Amica & Wikimedia for the photographs.

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  1. your food looks super yummy. Might pinch the idea x

  2. excellent review thank you. i will be renovating kitchen next year so this made a good read!

  3. I have recently had a cooker hood installed and it really does make a big difference in getting rid of smells and steam etc. I would recommend anyone to have a cooker hood in their kitchen.

  4. i love the look of stainless steel cooker hoods they really do make the kitchen look stylish and up to date
    im also loving the pics of your food
    btw i have been using my hood the wrong way so thanks for the heads up i turn mine of half way through cooking so now i will try it before x

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