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Mobile Phone Upgrade Tips

I have written a few posts about mobile phones recently so when Contact Numbers UK asked if I would collaborate with them on a post for their #PhoneUpgradeTips campaign it was sounded like it would be a great fit.  Contact Numbers UK is a useful customer service contact number directory which covers a variety of different industries including phone companies such as EE, Vodafone and Three.

How often do you upgrade your mobile?  Do you wait for the contact to expire and dive in?  Let the contact roll over until you don’t have a choice as your phone is extremely outdated (puts hand up sheepishly) or do you change the phone the second the latest phone that catches your eye appears on the market?

Whichever you do it is important to consider certain points which are of vital importance when upgrading your phone.

Why Is It Worth Upgrading your phone?

There are many reasons why a phone upgrade can be important the most obvious being changes in phone software.  I upgraded my phone recently and I have to say at first I was adamant about doing this until some work was going on in the local area on the phone masts.  My husband had recently upgraded and his phone was working perfectly but mine wouldn’t connect to anything at all meaning I could only make emergency calls, nightmare!!!!  My old phone was a number of years old (possibly 4 or 5) and to be honest it reached the end of its shelf life but I had grown attached, as you do and couldn’t bare to part with it.  Interestingly when moving my sim from my old phone to my husbands new phone it worked which spurred me to hurry up and upgrade for fear I might get stranded one day with 3 children and a phone that didn’t work and a memory that couldn’t recall anyone’s numbers.

Phone technology is progressing incredibly fast so it can sometimes be in your best interest to consider an upgrade than holding onto an old phone.  The most obvious changes are speed, storage capacity, internet connection and larger screens with higher resolutions.

What do You Need to Consider When Upgrading Your Phone?

There are numerous factors to consider when choosing a new phone but the most important thing is not to feel pressured by sales assistants in store or on the phone.  Their main target is getting their commission so don’t fall for their “you are free to go elsewhere or think about it but I won’t get my commission” guilt trip sales tactic!  I had this both in a store I visited and also from the person I phoned to ask about phones which I have to say is unprofessional but seems to happen often – you have been warned.

What Do YOU Need The Phone For?

It’s your phone what do you need it to do?  As a blogger I often use my phone to take photos.  Having upgraded my phone I have now come to realise I now need to upgrade my camera (Oh dear that’s ancient too in technology terms).  I opted for a phone with a better camera.  Of course this will also mean I will be uploading more pictures to instagram so I had to consider whether I had enough data.  I confess my previous data allowance was crazily low but I didn’t really need much then.  Having planned to use instagram and to use my phone to access the internet more I then had to shop around for a competitive contract that allowed for more data too.  Another important selling point is storage.  This is important with this day and age as we live in a world where most of us take a picture of every other meal we eat.  Come on confess I know many of you do this.

Contact or Pay As You Go?

Decide whether a contract would be worth having or if you are better off paying as you go.  If you use the phone regularly which less face it most of us do even if it’s for posting on facebook or twitter then you may be better off going with a contact.  Check to see what the equivalent might be on pay as you go though, one thing I have learnt is that you should never assume anything.

Set a Budget

Do you really need the latest phone that boasts facial id and wireless charging that will set you back around £1000?  In most cases I think not!  Of course I can be fun to have and if money isn’t an issue by all means go ahead but not everyone has that amount of money burning a hole in their wallet.  There are so many better priced phones that can often be overlooked.  Once you have decided on your budget stick to it.

Shop Around!

If you do change your contract most times you will find yourself paying more.  Make sure that you shop around for the best deals.  In some cases by changing your service provider you can find a better deal but then also by contacting them you may find they will do a price match so don’t be afraid to ask.  Also for those with the time and inclination check what both a store and your networks upgrade and retention team are willing to offer sometimes playing them off against each other can get you a better deal.  See how many extras you can also get thrown in such as extra data which has a value itself or even accessories.

What Phone Suits YOU?

Do your research.  You can get a good feel for a phone instore.  Make sure you take a look around at a few handsets within your budget don’t just settle for the first one the assistant shows you.

When to Upgrade

The best time to upgrade is either when your contract is ending or after it has expired as otherwise you will incur penalties.

What To Do With Your Old Handset

The options are of course sell, gift, donate or recycle.  Yes, you can recycle old phones and other electrical items.  For more information on how to do this take a look at my blog post titled getting rid of old gadgets responsibly.

What are your tips for phone upgrading ?

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This Post Has 15 Comments

  1. Great post. I’ve always been an iPhone girl because I have the complete apple suite of products but I’m debating transitioning away so will be referring back to the post when my next upgrade comes along.

    1. That’s interesting. I haven’t used apple products myself as I find that many of the other brands are more reasonably priced and do what I need. I know many that are happy with them though.

  2. I’m always really boring when I upgrade my phone and stick to iphones. I love my current one, I’m not sure I’ll bother upgrading this time when the time comes. I might just go on a sim only and save some money.

    1. Before you do make sure do do a price comparison, sometimes just changing network on a contract can help. You should be able to get your number ported over.

  3. I use my phone so much that it’s important to have the latest tech and have something which works well x

    1. I agree having started using mine much more.

  4. I upgrade every two years within my contract and have had iPhones for the last 7 years. I love them and currently have a 7 Plus. Kaz

  5. These are great tips! I always shop around when I’m looking for a new phone, and never just go for the newest model. I couldn’t afford it if I wanted to!

  6. I’m constantly on my phone and it’s always best to make sure you’re getting the most out of your device and have chosen the right one!

  7. I agree with the importance of knowing what your individual needs are. These tips are a really good guide to have when upgrading.

    1. Thanks, I hope that people find this useful for when they need a new phone.

  8. my prime criteria when upgrading is picture quality and memory!

    1. Those are very important aren’t they. I am using mine far more for photos.

  9. I’m not due for an upgrade for a couple of months but I’m already dreading it. I’m a bit like you in that I don’t really want (or need) a new handset but my contract will expire and then I’ll end up needing to pay way more to get the same deal. It’s so annoying! I am even thinking about switching to pay as you go, but we’ll see lol

    1. Oh dear, well good luck. It can be a bit stressful that’s for sure.

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