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Rusty Rivets Botasaur

You’ll be seeing a number of dinosaur toy posts popping up on my blog.  My son loves them!!!  He loves dinosaurs so much he has been learning the names to some and has impressed guests with his knowledge when they come to visit.

As well as dinosaurs my son loves to make things.  He also loves to pull things apart and reassemble them – thankfully normally items that are supposed to be pulled apart and put together.

For this reason the next toy I’m going to tell you all about is ideal for him and other little ones that love to do the same. It is not only fun to play with but also allows them to develop logical thinking and is ideal for imaginative play.

What is Rusty Rivets?

A popular cartoon with toddlers / preschoolers, Rusty from Rusty Rivets uses his imagination and resourcefulness to save the day using spare parts and anything else he finds to create some great creations.  The Rusty Rivets Botasaur from this great children’s programme may look like a dinosaur but he acts more like a friendly dog.

Rusty Rivets Botasaur

Now fans of the show, dinosaur lovers and well any child that likes to take things apart and put them together can create the Botasaur from Spin Master and bring him to life just like Rusty does in the show.  With parts made to be manipulated by little fingers children can assemble the parts to create their own pet Botasaur.

Once little ones have built their new pet they can bring it to life at the press of a button.  Press the button on the back of his head and his eyes will light up and flash and he even makes Botasaur sounds!  Noises include a dinosaur stomping around sound, roaring, cat noise, growl, computer noise and more.

The Botasaur comes fully assembled as a dinosaur.  It’s ready to be played with straight away.

The eyes light up and change colour (red, blue and green).  This toy can be disassembled and reassembled and various parts can be moved.  The wheels can be added simply by following the easy to follow instructions.

What’s in the Box?



2 Arms



2 Feet

2 Legs

4 Wheels

6 connectors

1 Seat

1 Instruction Sheet

3 LR44 Batteries are included.

What did the little one think?

Little man is 4 so he’s just the right age for this great toy aimed at preschoolers.  He loved the big green dinosaur before it had even made it out of the pack.

He did note that there was not a person in the pack to ride the dinosaur and was a little disappointed at this which was a shame although the dinosaur itself was great.

It was handy that the Botasaur came with batteries already inserted for out of box play as little man couldn’t wait.

Little man was very proud of himself having made and remade the Botasaur numerous times.  It was easy to use, simply snap the pieces together and when you are ready to take it apart just twist and pull.

What this little guy doesn’t know is that this fun toy is part of the Rusty Rivets Build Me Rivet System which means there are other great toys that come along in this line that can be mixed and matched including a Botasaur Racer, Ant Drill, Ruby’s Bugy Build and more.  Let’s see if Santa got the memo.

This can be found on Amazon for £19.99 and is suitable for ages 3+.


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Disclaimer: Little man was sent a Bastosaur for an honest review.  All thought are our own.



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  1. Absolutely love this idea of taking things apart and re-using them, there should definitely be more shows on TV about that!

    1. The robot is super fun for kiddies and a great way to teach them skills they will require in adult life.

  2. Oh I love it when toys come with batteries! This looks like a lot of fun and ideal as a Christmas gift 🙂

    1. It’s great isn’t it. Means you can avoid the stress of finding the right ones whilst the kids impatiently wait.

  3. He looks very happy with it – such a great way to encourage a love of STEM through play.

    1. It sure is perfect for STEM play. Good to start early too!

  4. My nephew is the same and lord knows he enjoys pulling things apart even those that shouldn’t be. He would love this big time.

    1. It sounds ideal for him 🙂

  5. I’ve watched the cartoon with a pal’s son – this looks a like a really good toy, these re-build and combine toys are really excellent for learning 🙂

  6. I’d never heard of Rusty Rivets before but this dinosaur looks great. My boys are dino obsessed too, I’m sure they would love this.

  7. That toy looks great. I also love to buy toys that can be constructed. I think they are a great way for kids to learn through play.

  8. Oh! This looks like such fun. I love that they can construct and deconstruct it themsevles.

  9. This dinosaur toy looks fab. I just know my son would love it as he’s taking an interest in them more these days. Good it comes with batteries as I hate trying to find suitable ones in the house for toys that come without them!

  10. I have never seen the tv show but it sounds like something my boy would love. Great when you get to build and rebuild toys and even better when they come with batteries.

    1. Ha, yes batteries are a must. It is great that they can build it and change it, makes it so much more fun.

  11. This looks great, and what a cute little dinosaur face!

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