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My son is mad about PJ Masks.  He loves superheros and the PJ Masks are great little role models for children like him.  I’ve seen the cartoons sooooo many times that I can easily sing the theme tune but don’t worry I’m not going to get that into your head or you’ll be singing it all day and curse me under your breath – it’s pretty upbeat and catchy.

Now when mini man received a delivery of a PJ Masks toy he could barely contain his excitement.  On and on at me he went until I agreed to let him do the review.

This little YouTube Star in the making (we shall see) couldn’t wait to get the pack open and his little hands all over the fun new toy.

The robot is a good size 22.9cm tall with bendable arms.  Once you’ve turned it on it’s simple to use, just place it on the floor, press the head down ……

…..and off it whizzes, beeping and making all sorts of sounds, face lit up as it goes.

As in the show, the PJ Robot Lights and Sounds Robot changes his expressions each time you press his head.

You can see the robot in action here:

Little man loved the robot as is pretty apparent from the pictures and the video.  It’s helped keep him entertained over the holidays. He also loves holding it when watching the PJ Masks in action on tv and both he and the robot have their own little adventures which is great as it encourages imaginative play.

The RRP is £29.99 and you can find them at both Argos and The Entertainer.  Grab one for a PJ Masks fan ready for a birthday, Christmas or random surprise gift!

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Disclaimer: We were sent the item shown for the purpose of this review. All views are our own.

52 thoughts on “PJ Masks Lights and Sound Robot”

  1. Tha robot looks super cool. I think it’s an excellent price too. The expressions are fun as well. Your son loves it doesn’t he? He’s so happy!

  2. Someone is looking very happy with their new toy! I am glad I have seen this, as my friends little boys birthday is upcoming and so its an easy one – il be buying this x

  3. My toddler grandson would flip over that robot. I love the bendable arms. That was an awesome idea, as kids tend to grab their toy’s arms and drag or dangle them around. I will have to check if we have this in any of the stores in our area.

  4. What a lovely you. I’m sure my son would also love it as it encourages little ones to use their imagination while playing and having fun!

  5. Frankly speaking, I had never heard of this toy. But reading through, it would make a great addition for my son. He is 4. Will try and Amazon it! Thanks!

  6. Your son is adorable and such a good model! (Could never get my son to do this). Looks like he really loves the robot. Kids toys area amazing nowadays. Growing up, I could only wish for a robot toy like this one. Lucky kid

  7. Awwww your son is so cute , he even got me excited. So adorable. I love the excitement children shows when receiving something they always wanted, it brings joy to my heart.

  8. Aww he looks totally made up with his new toy! It looks like such a lovely robot too and definitely something that would make a lovely gift with Christmas coming up!

  9. This would make a great birthday gift for any kid. Your child totally loved it, loved the video too. He was so excited to open it. Lovely.!!

  10. That looks like such a fun toy! Anything with lights and sound seems to be a hit with the boys – and the girls, too. Such a great one!

  11. This is soooo cute! We love PJ Masks. And the kids would certainly love this. Too bad though, the PJ masks toys here in our city are quite expensive already. Maybe because they are imported. 🙁

  12. My nephew is mad about PJ masks too – it’s his birthday next month and I know he’ll love this. Thanks for sharing x

  13. Ooo. PJ masks is a firm favourite in our house. Loving this new addition to the collection. Bet it would be played with a lot more than some toys after Xmas day lol

  14. Ooo. PJ masks is a firm favourite in our house. Loving this new addition to the collection. Bet it would be played with a lot more than some toys after Xmas day

    1. It is a great little cartoon and I love that they have great toys for kids from this so they can play and get involved with being superheros.

  15. This looks like a good option for my son’s birthday. He is more into this kinda games.Will check this out.

  16. Lovely to see a child so happy about the toy he loves! I’ve never watched PJ Masks but I am going to check them out now that I saw this post. My niece may like them.

  17. I have never even heard of PJ Masks I’m afraid! But I reckon my brothers would have been mad on this when they were younger (I might have had a sneaky play too hehe!) X

  18. PJ Masks is such a big hit with children. This is a wonderful toy, and I can see just how much fun it is. A great price for a decent Christmas present.

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