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If you have children age 4 to 12 you will more than likely have heard of Fingerlings! These were on the top of many a child’s Christmas list in 2017 and are guaranteed to be on it again this year.

What are Fingerlings??

These are cute little toys that hug your fingers and come in all sorts of animal varieties including monkeys, unicorns, and sloths.

With the new season comes a New bread of Fingerling.  The awesome yet scary UNTAMED Raptors, OMG how cool do they sound!!!

But wait, there’s more.  I’m going to tell you everything that you need to know about this super cool new addition so that if you decide to present one to your little monster lover and tell them all they need to know it will automatically make you the most cool parent in the history of time!!  Get cramming so you’re ready to impress.

Everything You NEED To Know About Untamed Raptor (Fingerlings)

These have just arrived in the UK and the range includes 4 different characters: Stealth, Blaze, Fury and Razor each a different colour and personality.

These have hit the shelves in the UK, Canada and Australia and US so far only.

They are lifelike creatures that are fierce and unpredictable.

Friend or foe – that’s up to YOU.

The raptors are the newest phenomenon in interactive robotic toys.

These fun interactive creatures react to touch, motion, and sound with over 40 different sounds and Animations.

You can unleash their ferocious side with a shake or poke and they’ll roar, hiss, and chomp.

Alternatively, tame your beasts by petting their noses, and they’ll hum, coo, and purr.

They also Fart!!!! (I know you weren’t expecting that lol)  Which automatically means that kids are guaranteed to love them.

The RRP for these is £16.99 and I found them available at that price from Argos and Smyths and for £17 at The Entertainer.

What We Thought

We loved that these are so colourful and lifelike.  They’re small which makes them cute too!

My son was overly excited when his new friend started moving its head, eyes and mouth and made different noises.  He was then off playing in his own little world with his new best buddy Blaze fighting other dinosaurs that attacked them on their adventures and roaring at each other.

Little man loved his dinosaur so much he took him EVERYWHERE and I mean everywhere. I had to pry it from his hands to give my little one a bath.

The toy is easy to turn on and off, simply flick the switch on the back of his head and as you can see in the video below this is easy even for children to do.  The easy on / off button was handy when Blaze ended up being cuddled in bed by my son.

The farting noise was the cherry on the cake – my little ones all found it hilarious.

See Blaze in action here:

Have you heard of the Fingerlings yet?  Which do you think would be your favourite from those currently available?

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Disclaimer: I was sent an UNTAMED Raptor for an honest unbiased review.  But seriously who wouldn’t love one of these!


46 thoughts on “Untamed Raptors”

  1. Oh this is exactly what I need for Harry’s birthday in 2 weeks! He has asked for a dinosaur he can play with – perfect!!!

  2. What an adorable toy! I’m a little sad that my kids are now a little bit too old for toys like this – they’re all gadgets and stuff now. I kind of miss being surrounded in dinosaurs!

  3. my youngest two love their fingerlings, so I know that my boy would love this one even more as he is a big dinosaur fan

  4. My son has asked for these for his birthday but he will be disappointed as he is not getting them. He got a sloth and monkey fingerling for christmas but he barely plays with them. which is a shame because I like the raptors more than the monkeys.

    1. It’s a shame the dinosaurs didn’t come out sooner. If he’d had that first he wouldn’t put it down.

  5. My son is nearly 5 and I haven’t seen these until now. My son also loves dinosaurs so he’d probably love this too 🙂

    1. These have just come out so I am guessing they will be spreading to various stores fast. They are guaranteed to be popular.

  6. Those are pretty neat! I think it’s awesome to be able to get these for the kids! It’s so nice to get them interested in dinosaurs and all that. They’re not just going to have fun, but learn as well.

    1. My son is in the process of learning how to pronounce various dinosaur names. It is a great way to encourage learning and have fun.

  7. These little raptors look so cool! I’m sure that my two little nephews would love them as the 4 year old currently loves everything to do with dinosaurs. I think he’d like them all, especially Stealth!

  8. Those look a lot of fun but I query whether the age range goes up to 12 – unless they do them with bullets and lipgloss for my two.

  9. This is such a cute toy, especially that is so animated and makes over 40 sounds. No wonder your son fell in love with it straight away. I find the farting noise quite funny, I can imagine your and your son’s surprise when you’ve heard it for the first time.

  10. Aww!! He is so adorable in this photo. and that raptors looks really cute my niece would love this for sure.

  11. Its my little guys birthday in a few weeks and he would love this. He is bird/dino mad and this fits the bill well 🙂 x

  12. I never heard of these toys before, it looks quite cool for little ones! He seemed very satisfied with his toy 🙂

  13. My mum bought my 10 year old cousin a unicorn one, they’re so cute (I have no idea what you do with them) but she seems to really enjoy it.

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