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How to Make A Dinosaur Gelli World

Zimpli Kids have done it again!  Not only have they created some great slime but in addition, they have now combined this with dinosaurs to create the Gelli Worlds Dino Pack.  Naturally, my son was overjoyed when I waved the box at him saying “guess what mummy has!”

The look on his face was priceless.


Hardly able to contain his excitement, he bounded over like an excited puppy ready to open up the box and discover its contents.

But, rather than doing a basic review I decided to go one better.  Instead, we opted for an arts and craft project.  A dinosaur world to contain our Gelli Worlds Dino Pack.

Gelli Worlds Dino Pack

The pack contains:

5 x 10g Sachets of Green Gelli Powder

8 Dinosaur Figures

An Inflatable Play Tray


Safety Information

There are no harmful chemicals

Gelli is 100% biodegradable

Safe to use – non-irritant

Environmentally friendly


Educational Applications

This is fantastic for sensory play for a range of ages.

It is a great way to teach children about dinosaurs.

Most importantly, it’s not JUST educational, it’s fun!

The Arts and Crafts Part

What You’ll Need

A large box from the supermarket with holes at the side to make it easy to transport with the play tray


Blue paint(s)

Green paint(s)

Dinosaur and plant stickers



Find a nice big box

Cut down the left and right of one large side to make a flap

Paint the insides = sides, back and edges of the bottom

Add stickers

Blow up your play tray

Pop this into your dinosaur world box

Add 3000ml warm water

Sprinkle of over a pack of gelli powder evenly


Leave for 10 minutes

Add in the toys

Have fun!!!!!!


What Did Little Man Think?

He loved it!!!  Little man loved playing with the gelli and the toys.  He sat for ages letting it slide through his fingers, scooping it up, moving it around the tray, covering the dinosaurs with the gelli and of course playing with the dinosaurs.  He was totally absorbed in what he was doing and kept himself entertained for ages.  His sisters were impressed with his artwork and of course, couldn’t wait to get their hands into the gooey green dinosaur infested goo.

The box was great as it added to the fun.  It also meant the play tray was easy to transport whilst it had the gelli.  We had kept the flap on the box as this could be lifted to help contain the tray when moved from one room to another.


Watch the Video here:


Win a Gelli Worlds Dino Pack

(Ends 14/07 at midnight)

We thought it only fair to share the fun with one lucky reader.  Zimpli Kids have kindly agreed to let us host a fab competition for one of you lovely guys to win one of the Gelli World Dino Packs featured in this post.

How to Enter:

Entry is easy, just fill in the rafflecopter form below:

Instructions can be found here:

Not all of the entry options are compulsory.  The more you do the more entries you will gain.  All are welcome to enter even if you have won with me before and I know there are a few of you out there.  Thanks so much for returning guys x

Look out for the daily options for extra entries.

Likes on Facebook and email subscription are NOT compulsory but are very much appreciated plus it will ensure you don’t miss great posts, freebies and of course my FAB competitions.

Terms and conditions are on the rafflecopter form.

Good Luck!

Enter here:

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  1. I like that you only need to add water to make it, my nephew would enjoy playing with this.

    1. It is soooo easy to get the slime / gelli ready for play. We love it!!!!

  2. My grandson loves Dinosaurs so he would be thrilled with this prize

    1. It’s a great product for kids and makes a fab gift x

  3. This does look fun. And really good to give kids if you don’t like their parents!

    1. Lol, to be honest, it would do the parents a favour. This keeps the little ones entertained for hours. We did this one a covered table and mess was minimal.

  4. The grandkids would have hours of fun with this set.

  5. This looks great fun! My niece and nephew would both love this

  6. If it makes a mess, the children would be sure to enjoy it.

  7. my youngest son loves dinosaurs and slime! x

    1. A great combination!

  8. Looks like the messy, gooey fun the children can’t get enough of.

  9. as you only need to add water to it, it is simplicity itself, and fun too

  10. This would be a fab surprise for our little Grandson, he loves all things Dino and all things slime so I know this would be perfect for him!

    1. Sounds like it’s perfect for him 🙂

  11. This would be an amazing gift for my nephews! They love all things dinosaur and getting their hands stuck in so it would be perfect! Hopefully it is something they can play with when I pop round to visit Haha. X 🦕🦖

  12. my kids would be over the moon with this

    1. I’m sure they would love it!!!

  13. Really like Gelli Baff and Slime Baff, so it’s great to see they’ve extended the range with this dinosaur set

  14. I like fact that there’s a lot to do to create the dinosaur gelli world, keeps them away from the screens for a while!

  15. The kids usually only add water to a pot noodle so this would be a nice change for them!

  16. My little boy would love this, although he totally freaked out at jelly in his bath!

  17. My nephew loves Dinosaurs and would love this set, it could also be used in the garden to encourage him to play outside.

  18. Looks like such a great little activity set for kids xx

    1. It’s fantastic!!!

  19. 🙂 looks great fun!

  20. This looks like great fun, perfect for sensory play

    1. It is ideal for sensory play 🙂

  21. Haven’t tried the dinosaur gelli world yet, but the bath products are great fun! Would love to give this a try

  22. Fantastic giveaway, my kids would have so much fun playing with this. My kids love playing with slime and they would be entertained for a very long time with this.

  23. this looks liek so much fun my nieces and nephews would love this! thanks for the giveaway

  24. This would be amazing for my 2 boys, they’d love it

  25. Ideal for the upcoming summer holidays to keep the little ones enertsined

  26. This looks like great fun, the children would love it!

    1. It really is. Even I played with it lol

  27. My boys would really love this. Looks like fun!

  28. My nephews would love this, they love dinosaurs and anything sticky and disgusting, so perfect!

    1. Ha, this is just what he would love from the sound of it!!!

  29. This looks great fun for the little ones, what child doesnt like slime

  30. Gelli and dinos are perfect for kids and my little girl would love it!! Xx

  31. I’ve never seen these before and they look great. Think my son would love one of these to play with.

    1. I totally agree. He would love this!!!

  32. My kids would have so much fun with this – it’s a great thing to take outside and make mess with too!

  33. I would love to win to give to my son for his birthday soon

  34. We sometimes have problems getting the kids into the bath – would be np trouble with this lovely lot

  35. great 4 my nephews neo and charlie. They would love it.

  36. we do love this brand, we have some already for my daughter, but this theme would be right up her alley when her birthday arrives – a great surprise present of something different! xx

  37. I would love to win this for my little boy he is dinosaur mad.

    1. Mine is the same. He loves this so much!

  38. I am sure the kids would love this and soo easy to prepare and use

    1. It really is. Makes it so much easier for parents to get kids set up to play for hours with something fun!

  39. my nephew would really love to be gifted this id i was a winner and id be one cool auntie, thanks for the chance at a fab giveaway fingers crossed

  40. This looks so much fun and my nephew would love it!

    1. It’s really good fun!!!

  41. This is a great sensory craft idea. I’m definitely going to have buy some of this gelli stuff, perfect for entertaining the kids over the summer holidays.

  42. This looks great fun and the best thing is all the mess is contained.

  43. My son would love this, as he loves dinos.

  44. This looks like so much fun! It looks like your boy had great fun with it x

  45. our son would love this, he enjoys sensory things due to ASD

  46. This looks like so much fun, my son would enjoy it

  47. A very substantial and seriously fun toy. Lovely photos, too!

  48. This looks so much fun – my son would love this set!

  49. My boys love anything to do with dinosaurs! This dino world would go down a treat

  50. Love this, it looks so much fun I’d have to share with the kids never mind them sharing with me haha

  51. This looks like great fun- my three would love it!!

  52. My son loves slim & dinosaurs, so mixing them would blow his mind. He’d love it.

  53. I think your idea of using a box to hold the inflatable tray is great. That way it can be moved out of the way for meals etc. without risking jelly on the carpet.

  54. I love the fact that only water is needed. It is frustrating when my son opens a new toy and we can’t play with it because we have to go to the shops and buy new things.

  55. This looks amazing, my 2 boys would have so much fun

  56. What a lovely prize, very kind of you, my little boy would love this x

  57. My little nephew would absolutely love this. Dinosaurs are his favourite and he’s a huge fan of all things messy!

  58. My little boy loves dinosaurs and tactile play this would make a perfect gift

  59. This would definitely provide some entertainment for the kids over the summer holidays

  60. I think my niece would love this. I really like the surrounding that you and your son made, it helps to transport their imaginations into an awesome dinosaur world.

  61. My daughters would love this! They love playing with slime! Dinosaurs are a great addition.

  62. Oh my word my son would love this. Dinos and mess in one place! He’s 2.5 and knows lots of the dinosaurs already. Proud mummy.

  63. I love the blow up pool, saves my sink! Gosh getting slime out of my bath and sink was a nightmare!

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