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The Scent of Confidence

With the abundance of beautiful flowers that have sprung into bloom over the past few months I thought now would be the ideal time to tell you about a gorgeous floral scent that I recently discovered.  The product is from a company called Elixers & Co who create beauty products based on Bach Flower Essences.  What are these I can hear some of you thinking, here is a brief summary.  Dr Edward Bach a British physician, homeopath and bacteriologist identified 38 flowers and plants that had the ability to heal certain feelings and emotional imbalances.  Using their active principles he created a method to preserve these active constituents in his ‘Bach Flower Remedies’.  These were and are still believed to be safe to use on people, animals and even plants.  I for one love his rescue remedy having used it on myself when taking my herbal medicine exams, and on myself and my family prior to flying and during other stressful situations.  Plants also seem to respond well when repotting or transferring to ground.


Elixers & Co specialise in beauty and well-being products based on these bach flowers and pride themselves in being market leaders in this particular field.  Each and every product contains an exclusive blend of these flower essences following Bach’s original method resulting in an extensive range of natural and organic products.

I was sent a bottle of their Audace Stimulating Eau de Toilette to review.  I looked forward to experiencing the fragrance and seeing what effect it might have.  Although quiet at times, I am perceived as quite an outgoing person and I exude a confident and friendly persona the reality is that I sometimes lack confidence in myself although unjustly.  For this reason I thought this fragrance would be suited perfectly for me and my personality to help enhance an inner confidence.


The main notes are floral and sweet from the white Frangipani flowers and Ylang-Ylang followed by a spicy base.  The blend is thought to enhance or restore self-confidence.  I loved the sweet floral scent to this perfume and have been wearing it quite often since it arrived.  The great thing is that the aroma is not overpowering unlike some other perfumes and the scent is unique and natural.  I found on using the perfume that it did seem to help me feel quite calm even during the Easter holidays with two children and a baby that constantly needed entertaining in one way or another.  I had not been challenged on the confidence side but I also found that it was nice and soothing when applied before bed.

Elixers & Co have a range of these perfumes including relaxing, energizing and soothing and these are also available in the form of shower gels.  Why not take a look at their website and choose the perfect product for you.

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  1. It interesting that this restores confidence. I need some of this in my life and also need something to help calm. Will pop over the their website. Thanks for the review.

  2. was very interested in this as use Bach rescue remedy so will have a look at their website now thanks for the review.

  3. I like the idea of a scent that gives you a lift when your not at your best. Might just have to try this need uplifting at the moment. Great review

  4. I so agree that a nice smell can lift your mood/change how you feel. I’ve studies Mindfulness and one of the ways to enhance your mood is to have a spray of your fave perfume or light a scented candle – one I practice very often! x

  5. I use Bach Remedy before flights etc., but haven’t come across these before. I shall have to go and have a look on their website. Great post. Many thanks x

  6. This really is such an inspirational scent

    I’ve use it regularly and keep in my handbag for times I need to chill

    1. It is a lovely aroma, I love mine too.

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