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Simple Ways You Can Save Money Online

We are obsessed with technology!  Who in this day and age can live without the internet?  I know I struggle to go without checking instagram or twitter each day on my phone and everything on my computer or hubby’s ipad.  The internet is great for so many things other than social media from keeping the kids entertained with fun YouTube reviews and cartoons, talking to friends and family around the world, keep updated on the latest news and weather forecasts, and of course shopping!!!!  The internet really is a lifesaver especially when it’s hard to escape the house for whatever the reason.

  It is also great to know we can also use this to save money on household expenses. Whether we’re looking to buy a new dress for a party, need to do a weekly grocery shop, want to listen to Taylor Swift’s latest album, or, get a great deal on a holiday you can do it all online.  I’ve been looking to try and save money using the internet and thought I would share this with you guys as I know you’ll find it useful too.

Sign Up For Loyalty Discounts

If you’re a regular shopper, then you might have noticed that lots of online retailers offer discounts to customers in exchange for them signing up as an email subscriber.  These tend to be between ten and fifteen percent, but can easily get as high as twenty-five, meaning that you’d save a quarter of your money.  Many people choose not to sign up for these emails as they don’t want their inbox filled with junk.  One way to avoid this is by opening up a separate email solely for online shopping.  I bet you will be amazed at the savings you can make.


Keep Items In Your Cart

When you spot something that you want to buy online but don’t quite have enough cash to complete the purchase you should still add it to your shopping cart.  Keep an eye on your cart as you may find you get a discount code or price drop notification sent to your email to entice you into making the purchase.  Not all retailers do this, but many of the larger ones will so it’s well worth trying.


Look For Online Coupons

Most people hear the word “coupon” and immediately switch off, and, to be honest, I don’t really blame them. There is nothing fun about spending hours cutting squares of paper out of magazines or papers you’ve had to print off the internet to get 30p off an eight pack of baked beans.  However, online coupon sites, like NetVoucherCodes.co.uk, are an entirely different story. These sites house hundred of great deals and all you need to do is copy a code and then paste it into a box before you check out.  I have my eye on the Papa John’s deal at the moment, they have some lovely pizzas with fresh ingredients for when I don’t have the energy to cook.


Use Free Streaming Sites

A decade or two ago, if you wanted to listen to a particular song you had to buy a CD.  This meant that life wasn’t cheap for music lovers.  I have friends that had hundreds of them stacked up in a large bookshelf.  Nowadays, enjoying music is so much more clutter-free and far cheaper.  You can just gone online and listen to music for free.  One of the most popular out there is Spotify.  Although you do get some benefits with the premier version, the free one still has all of the same music which makes it an excellent source of free entertainment.

Always Use Comparison Websites

Whether you’re looking to buy your weekly groceries, home insurance, or your gas and electricity, you should always check price comparison websites.   More often than not, you can get pretty much the same thing for massively different prices so that you could save yourself a considerable amount.  If there’s no price comparison site for what you’re after, then just spend a little time shopping around for the best deals and rates. It’ll be worth it for the savings.


Pick Items Up From Stores

When you’re comparing prices, make sure that you also take shipping costs into account. Sometimes you can save money spending a little extra on the product if it means that your shipping is cheaper. If there is no free or low-cost shipping, then check to see if you’ve got the option to pick the item up from the store.  Sometimes you can even go and get it on the same day, which is a win-win, as you’ll get online prices, without the waiting times.


Plan Purchases Around Seasonal Trends

If you’re hoping to make a big purchase and want to save some cash, then it pays to plan these purchases around seasonal trends.  For example, if you wanted to buy an expensive outdoor grill or patio set, then you should consider buying one throughout autumn or winter, as such products tend to be discounted throughout these months. Similarly, gym equipment tends to be more expensive around New Year’s, so buy yours a few months before or after this time.  End of season sales can also mean you can pick up a bargain or two.

If you want to make some major savings on items you need make sure you get online and try out a few of the methods mentioned in this post, you never know how much you could save.

Which of these shopping methods do you use / would you use to help save you money?

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  1. Comparison sites are great aren’t they. You can save quite a bit with them.

    1. You sure can. It’s great to get savings when you shop.

  2. Some amazing tips for sure, comparison websites save so much time! I love using cashback websites too.

  3. Great tips. I love loyalty cards and cash back sites x

  4. Keeping items in your cart is the best tip! I have been doing it for years and I love the discounts that get sent when they’re reminding me to checkout x

  5. We always buy forward in seasonal sales, so when the summer sales start we buy for next year – great tips x

  6. Great tips! I love that there are so many ways to save money and all at the touch of our fingertips! I save a lot via voucher code sites!

    1. It makes it so much more convenient. Glad you make the most of them too x

  7. I love that tip of keeping things in your cart. I did that the other day and didn’t complete the purchase the sent me a discount to finish the purchase

    1. Yaaaaayyyyy. I’m glad it worked out for you too. It’s great to make a saving on something you planned to buy.

  8. I’m a big fan of internet shopping and I’m always on the look out for ways to save money. I love to listen to music, especially while I’m in the kitchen, so Spotify is an absolute must! I’ll have to check out the voucher codes sites as these look like another great way to save!

    1. The voucher codes sites are great. There are so many and you can make some really good savings with them.

  9. These are some fab tips, Mel! I am always looking to save money when shopping online!

    1. It’s great the savings you can make isn’t it 🙂

  10. I need to get so much better at checking price comparison sites, I’m too impulsive sometimes!

    1. It’s surprising how much you can save.

  11. So many great ideas to save money! Seasonal purchases are so important for sure!

    1. They sure are as they can mean some great savings x

  12. My little lad loves looking online for coupons he can print out so we can use in shops, he has found so great ones that helped save some much needed money

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