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Gorgeous Day Dresses from Hobbs for Spring / Summer 2017

I had an email land in my inbox (personal email account) from Hobbs and I could resist sharing.  I will say from now I was overcome with excitement at some of the new styles of dresses that I saw.  I have an obsession with dresses as some of you may have realised.  I don’t know where it stems from but I would live in them if I could.  Maybe it’s because you can get so many different yet beautiful styles that look so feminine.  Dresses can suit just about anyone no matter what size you are.  I normally limit myself in relation to dress colour going for white or black, but mainly black but so many different coloured dresses seemed to call to me this year when I was on the site that I couldn’t resist including them.

From top left going clockwise is the fabulously feminine Ella dress in sand.  Isn’t it lovely, that colour looks great and the actual style of the dress is perfect to flatter the female form.  It’s a good length for day wear as you aren’t likely to flash the neighbour or passing traffic when you bend over to get the kiddies into the car.  (The least said about that story the better).  This dress can be jazzed up with a range of bright and bold or simple yet sparkly accessories, the choice is yours.

The White Gardenia maxi dress is beautiful with it’s butterfly design and flows nicely as you walk.  A great light dress for the warm weather and as it’s white it reflects the light helping you feel that bit cooler.  I love maxi dresses the are always a winner with me as I love to keep a range in my wardrobe to cover every occasion.

Plain white dresses will always be in and look fantastic on those brave enough to wear them.  Again falling just below the knee it is an ideal length and the waist tie can be used to create a wrap effect.  Alternatively you can tied it at the front or back for a more relaxed style.  This dress is also available in warm burnt orange as shown below it is just as lovely as the white and it really is eye catching.  Both dresses are perfect for day wear in the Spring and Summer provided the weather is warm enough.  They can also make great evening wear at a casual function with the addition of a cardigan.

The blue Kathy Twitchhill dress is simply stunning and you can get away with wearing it in the day as well in the evening.  It is a great design and the lower part floats well as you walk.  Made from soft cotton this will help keep you feeling cool and looking stylish and sophisticated.

How pretty is the final dress with the black base and white polka dot combination.  A dress that will always be in fashion and also look great anytime of day.  I love the sheen of the dress and this works well with a range of cardigan colours and of course a little sparkly jewellery a fabulous handbag and some gorgeous shoes.

Do you wear dresses often and what styles get you excited?

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  1. There’s some gorgeous dresses, I love that last polka dot one! xo

    1. It really is quite something I love the look of that dress it’s sooo pretty 😉

  2. These are really pretty and I love the butterfly one and the spotty one. I can see my self wearing them.

    1. Those are great choices Nayna I’m sure they would look great on you.

  3. they look very nice – great round up of Summer dresses. R

    1. Thanks I do love my dresses.

  4. I don’t have the right body shape for dresses but these are gorgeous.

    1. You would be surprised there are so many styles to choose from to flattr every shape x

  5. Some really gorgeous dresses, perfect for spring/summer!

    1. They sure are I just hope the sun comes back from behind those clouds.

  6. I do love dresses for Spring – these are all so lovely. Great choices! Kaz x

    1. Thanks Kaz, these were my favourites from the site.

  7. Aww I love these sorts of dresses, they’re so feminine. I love them all so much, but my favourite would have to be the orange one x

    1. That one does stand out and is a great day dress for the warmer weather.

  8. I wear dresses on a daily basis for work so I am always looking for new dresses! 🙂

    1. That’s lucky that you saw this post then, hope you liked them as much as me.

  9. I love dresses too they are so easy to wear too. I am loving that polka dot dress so cute x

    1. It is a pretty one. I knew I had to include it the second I saw it.

  10. I too love dresses and a couple years ago i started venturing into colorful dresses not just my lovely black dresses. Hobbs spring and summer collection has some beautiful designed and lovely dresses and the colours are on point

    1. They do have a lovely and wide range to choose from.

  11. Great article, thanks for the share these are all lovely.

    1. No problem. I’m glad you liked the post.

  12. Ooo for me it is the first beige dress, as would look nice with a chunky necklace. Also the last polka dot one 🙂 x

    1. You’re right it would look great with a statement necklace 😉

  13. I love wearing dresses all year and Hobbs always have some beautiful ones x

    1. They really do love the range available at the moment.

  14. It’s amazing when you find a dress for a bargain! xo

    1. These ones are lovely dresses I’d get them all if I could.

  15. I don’t wear dresses very often, but if I did that baby blue one would be my go-to!

    1. It is very pretty there are so many different ones on the site.

  16. I love all of your picks. I especially like the white maxi dress, the print is gorgeous and it would be perfect for Summer.

    1. It is a lovely dress for the Summer.

  17. Hobbs is not a my favourite brand but I love some of those picks!

    1. They do look lovely I selected these as they are really pretty 😉

  18. I do love hobbs, so chic and simple. I plan this Spring Summer to wear more dresses.

    1. Me too and I can’t wait 😉

  19. I really love these dresses. Very fresh and chic for the spring season.

    1. They are perfect for the warmer weather.

  20. I’m not much of a dress person – I just think they look a bit weird on me – but my youngest is dress mad; she’d wear them to parties, to climb trees, to ride a bike… she’d literally sleep in one if I let her! x

    1. Lol, she’s a bit like me then 😉

  21. These are all so pretty and I would happily wear any of them. I have to admit my favourite is the blue one. Just gorgeous x

    1. It sure is a gorgeous dress I really do love that one.

  22. Love these dresses. They are all so gorgeous!

    1. I do love my dresses. These were my favourites and I love them all!

  23. I like white one! It looks so fresh in summer! Make me feel cool in this hot weather~

    1. It is a lovely dress to stay cool in over the Summer.

  24. Very nice dresses! All of them are beautiful, especially the white one!

    1. I do love white dresses when the weather is warm as they are great for reflecting heat.

  25. LOvely dresses – I must admit, I have never shopped at Hobbs before as I always assumed it was a little old fashioned and for older women – how wrong was I!

    1. They do have some great fashionable clothing.

  26. Look perfect for summer

  27. These type of dresses definately make you want to ditch the leggings and the jeans…it’s just a shame my legs are so short not to carry them off like the models 😉

    1. Forget the models Jo wear it with confidence and that alone will make you look that much more fabulous.

  28. beautiful dresses, i like the black and white one best

    1. These are many more to choose from on the site I was quite impressed.

  29. Such pretty dresses, and a lot to choose from. A summer dress is an essential for many, but not me as I prefer to keep my legs covered.

  30. I love sundresses and girly dresses like those but when I wear them I look like Arnold Schwagenagger dressed like a female :'(

    1. There are so many styles to chose from and cardigans make great accessorise and can hide all sorts x

  31. gorgeous!!! what else can I say apart from gorgeous???

  32. What beautiful dresses for Spring. I just cleaned out my closet and am ready to buy a few new things. I love the orange colored dress for lunch with the girls and the black with poka dots for date night!

    1. Tey do have a beautiful range of dresses it is so hard to choose what to go for.

  33. I’m loving these colours! They’re perfect for Spring!

    1. They sure are and also Summer. I like to take full advantage of dress season.

  34. Loving dresses at the minute after losing a nice 2 1/2 stone . Nice selection here

    1. That opens up a whole new world of dresses for you Sandra. Have fun shopping!!!

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