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Environmentally Friendly, Fairtrade and Organic Gifts! What more could you need?

The Greenshop is one of the UK’s leading environmental retailers selling a wide variety of environmentally friendly, fairtrade and organic gifts and more.  Having carefully researched their products they have been selling sustainable and low impact goods for over 20 years.

Products available from their site range from bodycare items, books and CD’s, cleaning, energy and recycling, foodie, gifts and household items.  So whoever you are looking to buy gifts for you know they have it covered.

For the kids

The fantastically fun Remarkable Animals book

Book 4

This mix-match spiral bound book will keep little ones entertained for ages as will:

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Colouring Book

Colouring book

This is a great idea for little ones as everyone loves the hungry caterpillar and kids love to colour so they are a perfect match.

For her

Manuka Honey Night Creme

manuka honey cream

Packed full of antioxidants, Vitamin E and Neroli, this works wonders on the skin with its healing, moisturising and wrinkle reducing effects.

These delicious Bojangles Marc de Champagne and Raspberry Truffles,


are just the decedent treat that you might not want to share.

Riverford Farm Cookbook


Oozing with tasty and delicious recipes you will love!

For him

These rather manly chocolates ‘Monty Bojangles Scotch Truffles’.

chocolate 1

This unique Wallet made from recycled inner tubing from tyres.


Even the gadget collectors are covered with this super power plus wolf dynamo/usb torch radio.


I thought this item was brilliant and was sent one to review.  The torch was very easy to use and hubby and kids loved it to.  You don’t even need to open up the instructions as it is that straight forward a product doing exactly what it says on the box. The radio is simple to use just pop the volume on and adjust the scan buttons up and down until you find your preferred channel.  To turn the torch on, simply press up the round switch at the top.  The torch gives off a good amount of light so super handy in a power cut especially with the added function of the radio as you can at least keep yourself entertained.  The useful strap means that you won’t drop it and there is a USB cable included which is handy for a fast charge before playing / using again!


Candles are a super unisex gift or at least so I have recently discovered!  It doesn’t seem to be just women that love scented candles.  I thought my husband to be in the minority with the number of candles he would get through as he likes to burn them when having a bath but it’s NOT just him.  Seriously!!  I have spoken to quite a few mums and dads on the school drop offs and pick ups and it seems to be a growing craze.  I have even noticed my Father’s growing obsession with the scented sort with him getting through at least a few a week.  This leads me to the next item that would make a great gift for ‘him’.  The ST Eval Candle In a Tin – Tranquility.  I love the a warm inviting and relaxing aroma that is brought across by the blend of Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Orange when combined.  In aromatic medicine both the Ylang Ylang (often generally known more for its aphrodisiac properties) and the Lavender are classically used for relaxation and combine very well.  This is a real treat for the senses and aptly named ‘Tranquility’ as the aroma is perfect for relaxing the body and mind (that’s provided one is relaxing of course).

I couldn’t of course include everything from the Greenshop’s site here so please do make sure that you take a look at their website for some more Fairtrade and environmentally freindly ideas.

This is Not a sponsored post.

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  1. Going to have a look at the site. Looks like it has some great ideas for presents.

  2. i love it

  3. Organic and Fairtrade are fabulous. I love the wallet that you have showed made from recycled inner tubing from tyres. A great site x

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