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Home Based Entertainment That Won’t Break The Bank

A home can be a lot of things to all of us.  It can be a place of safety, a place for relaxation after a long days work, a place where you can make great family memories to last a lifetime etc.  The best thing about having your own home or even rented accommodation is that you can decide the entertainment features that are most suitable for your needs as well as any others that might be living with you.  I believe it’s important to have a good source of home entertainment that doesn’t break the bank.  We all need something to take us away from normal life whether it’s arty, crafty, cooking, video games, tv based such as a medical drama, crime series, vampires and werewolves, music videos or a great animated movie for the whole family to enjoy.


Find A Home-Based Hobby

While many entertainment features can be group activities, it never hurts to have a personal activity that you love.  Make it something that you can do at home and you’ll never be bored again.  Better still a hobby from home can often make it your hobby far more affordable.

 Common options include playing an instrument, getting into or back into art. Meanwhile, it may be possible to turn those passions into money making ventures by starting a small side business.  You can teacher beginners to play an instrument if you are advanced enough or even sell some of your artwork through eBay.  If things go well, it could even open the door to a new career.


 Television is an easy go-to form of entertainment for millions of people up and down the country.  There’s nothing better than sitting down with the family after a tough day of work to catch up with each other while watching the latest comedies or cartoons.  

It’s important to remember that viewing habits have changed.  On Demand services allow you to catch up with shows after they’ve been broadcast.  Meanwhile, streaming platforms can open the door to a world of films and programmes for just a few pounds each month, it’s fantastic!   

While it helps to have the best fibre broadband to make it happen, this can save the need for premium satellite TV and save you money in the process.

Home Dates

 Time spent together is a crucial aspect of making the most of your home.  However, in addition to those daily activities you’ll also want to enjoy special moments from time to time at home.  This is especially true for couples and home dates are a great starting point.  They’re simple and can be good fun.

Aside from saving money this is a particularly good option for parents that don’t want to leave the kids with a babysitter.  Better still, it removes the hassle of dealing with other people as well as travel-related issues.

Invest In The Garden

 The home doesn’t start and end with the four walls.  Remembering this fact is essential if you wish to get the most out of your property from an entertainment perspective.  There are many additions that can be made to encourage greater enjoyment in those outside spaces.  Do not ignore them.

Preparing a space for BBQs and family events can make a world of difference. Meanwhile, badminton and other sporting activities can inject a sense of competitive fun. Gardening and other hobbies that get you out in the garden on a regular basis will keep you entertained on a budget too.

What home based entertainment do you enjoy the most?

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  1. They say that,’East or west,home is best’! So having a home that not only provides comfort but also entertainment could do a lot of good to us. I love playing my guitar at home while singing…that really leaves me feeling nice.

  2. Yes!! These are such perfect tips. So many people compare themselves to other people on social media and think they have to do a million and one things. Having a home date sounds like something that could still be just as special (and personally right up my alley).

  3. I would love to have a garden and grow some of our own vegetables! What great ideas to keep busy while staying at home base 🙂 Thanks for the ideas.

  4. Oh I love a good BBQ! In the Summer we have a BBQ most days and it’s such a great family occasion or we get friends over!

  5. I’m very much someone that loves to be in my house, I believe if you make as comfortable as possible you never want to leave! I lvoe to invest in home entertainment too!

  6. I’m a homebody and I can definitely keep myself entertained at home, whether it’s watching movies or shows or reading a book, I can stay at home without feeling bored. These are great ideas for people who would like to stay at home more often!

  7. I so much loved these ideas, while I have been trying on many, Gardening and having my own BBQ space for those special nights is something, I really need to plan and work towards.

  8. I love my home, and i love having people around and entertain them. At the moment we are in the middle of refurbishment, but once is finished i am having a huge party . Very good article

    1. Thanks Dee. Good luck with the refurbishment.

  9. Whenever I have a spare moment to myself, I always get out my guitar! so important that we have things and activities at home to help us relax~

    1. Very true and music is a great way of doing this.

  10. Since having my daughter, we have been staying at home during the winter much more than we used to. I love these suggestions for keeping entertained!

    1. They can be a great way to save.

  11. Whenever I want to be entertained and feel like going to a restaurant but my budget is not the best I like to cook a fancy meal at home.It costs so much less, normally 30% of what I would pay for a meal at the restaurant.

    1. It sure is a great way to save some money.

  12. I love this idea to spend time in the garden, it can be so relaxing! Thank you for sharing!

    1. It sure can especially when it looks great and the weather is good x

  13. Investing in a new garden is my new thing! I have so many herbs and spices and plants. I am crazy obsessed!

    1. That’s a great home based hobby and you can make your garden look amazing with a little work. Enjoy 🙂

  14. I love being at home! And a home based hobby is great – as are in house date nights. What a great list of options!

    1. Thanks, I’m so glad you enjoyed the post. Home based hobbies are great money savers x

  15. Home Dates is what interests me. It is a good idea to stay at home and spend some quality time with your loved ones instead of going out and getting distracted with surrounding events.

    1. That’s very true it’s a great way to maintain good relationships and enjoy each others company.

  16. home dates ! they are my specialty . Love spending my time at home ! by the way your bbq picture have me drooling, everything looks so delicious

    1. Home dates can be so much fun can’t they 🙂 Ha, we love a good BBQ here x

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