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The Perfect Mother’s Day Outfit Accessories

Mother’s Day is coming up soon and we’re looking to have a family get together with my parents and siblings.  We’ll be celebrating two Mother’s on that day myself and my mum.

Everyone likes to get a new outfit when they go out.  Something that can make us feel that little bit more special.  Of course, we also need to ensure it’s an outfit that we will feel comfortable in and is suitable for where we are going.  But, an amazing outfit is nothing without fabulous accessories.  On occasion, we need to harness our inner Carrie Bradshaw to help us create this.

So what do we need to help create the perfect Mother’s Day outfit with the perfect accessories?

Naturally, Carrie would advise we begin with a fabulous pair of:


The right shoes can have a big impact on an outfit.  In my opinion, it doesn’t matter so much if they are flats, mid heeled or high heeled as long as we like them, they’re comfortable and they go well with our outfit of choice.  If Louis Vuitton’s are a little out of your price range why not take a look at Uppersole.  Their shoes are considerably more affordable and just as fabulous.


Another essential is a great piece of arm candy.  When we have a family we are of course expected to be prepared for every possible eventuality all the time.  Therefore a good sized bag is important.  Ideally, this will be stylish yet also practical.  Styling is key.  If in doubt go for a neutral colour such as black, white or brown.  Dolce & Gabbana again may not fit in the budget but a Denise Roobol bag may be a far better fit.


A little jewellery goes a long way, literally.  You don’t need to overdo the sparkle, a nice bracelet, necklace or both can help finish an outfit.  There are so many places to buy jewellery from but in my experience, you can’t go wrong with something from Swarovski.  Chose from individual pieces or sets to add a little sparkle to an outfit.


Many won’t leave home without it.  It’s amazing how much better we feel with a little bit of makeup.  Better still if it’s certified organic, not tested on animals and doesn’t contain harsh chemicals it means that our skin and conscience will feel better for it.  Beauty companies like Green People will tick all those boxes and also include free UK delivery, bonus!

A Lovely Fragrance

And finally to finish the ensemble a spray of your favourite fragrance.  I’ve been enjoying Nina by Nina Ricci which is normally in stock at The Perfume Shop.  This is great for nights out, parties and family events with its sweet floral fragrance.

What accessories do you think help make a great outfit?


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This Post Has 78 Comments

  1. We will go to church and I will wear either a skirt or a dress depending on my mood. I will come home and put on jeans. I do like your idea of great looking outfit.

  2. I am not into shoes, so I told my husband I’m cool with chocolate. I’m a pretty easy person to shop for. Also, he’s letting me go to Disney World in June with my son, so I consider that a gift as well!

    1. Chocolate and Disney World wound like great gifts.

  3. Although I don’t really dress up I think it’s fun every once in a while. I love all these accessories is definitely something that would be fun to do for Mother’s Day.j

    1. It’s nice to have the accessories to wear with an outfit. They make the outfit look so much nicer.

  4. I love these Mother’s Day gift ideas and I would love to receive any of them as a gift. Especially, shoes and makeup.

    1. I hope you get both!!!

  5. These are some lovely recommendations. I definitely enjoy getting myself dolled up for Mother’s Day.

    1. A little bit of makeup is always nice.

  6. I am all about the bags. I have a small collection of Coach bags and I love changing them out with my outfits.

    1. It’s good to be prepared. Bags change the look of an outfit nicely.

  7. Loving the pumps. I wonder what my husband has planned for Mother’s Day? I want to dress up

    1. Have a lovely time whatever you do.

  8. I need some new makeup. RIght now my selection is slim! I especially need some new eye shadow.

    1. Same here. Not had a chance to do a beauty shop for a few months.

  9. A good bag totally makes or breaks an outfit. I just got a new purse that goes with basically anything!

    1. Oh wow, that’s great!!!! It helps when they can go with different outfits.

  10. Where accessories are concerned, it is all about the shoes and the bag. They are a super combo and what everyone looks at when they see you.

    1. They do stand out so making sure they suit the outfit is important.

  11. Those are great accessories. I don’t wear makeup nearly enough.

    1. I wear it on occasion. It totally depends on how you feel.

  12. My grandmother was the ultimate fashion queen. She always told me, dress like you think you should, then remove one piece of your jewelry. Ta Da!

    1. Lol, I’m guessing she wore quite a bit of jewellery 🙂

  13. I’m all about the makeup and fragrance for Mother’s Day! Definitely good gift ideas, I almost forgot Mother’s Day will be coming up soon!

    1. Lucky you read my post then. Not long now x

  14. I love good accessories!! I am a shoe and handbag freak! LOL!!

    1. It’s hard to hold back when you see something that will go with an outfit you have.

  15. Accessories can really complete an outfit. I think my wife can testify to that. She would really like this post. Thank you for sharing this with us!

    1. No problem Dennis. Thanks for reading x

  16. I don’t wear make up but I always make sure to have some sort of fragrance. That shoes is gorgeous!

    1. Fragrances are always good. The shouldn’t be overlooked when we decide on ur outfit.

  17. Yes to accessories! My mom loves perfume. I might just give one to her this Mother’s day because she lives so far now.

    1. Perfume makes a great gift any time of year for everyone 🙂

  18. Sounds like you ladies will be well dressed for Mother’s Day. It feels good to get all dolled up every now and then. A new fragrance is always good. One that will last way beyond the event!!

    1. It is nice to get dressed up once in a while. I don’t do it often but when Ido I do it properly 🙂

  19. I want these for me and my mom. I will definitely buy some of these accessories!

    1. They’d make great Mother’s Day gifts 🙂

  20. I appreciate you sharing this! I like to get my wife gifts, but I have a terrible eye when it comes to fashion. So this will help me win some points!

    1. Have fun shopping Michael. Glad you found this useful 🙂

  21. I am not a mom and I don’t have a mother but I love these gift ideas. Especially the idea of handbag is really cool.

    1. I agree the handbag is a lovely idea 🙂

  22. Thank you for the tips! I often focus a lot on jewellery and scarves etc to go with outfits, as well as what to do with my hair – general little accessories that can add some extra colour!

    1. A little burst of colour or sparkle can work very well.

  23. These are some lovely ideas, there’s nothing like making sure your Mum is pampered head to toe come Mother’s Day!

    1. I agree a little pampering is always nice x

  24. Yes to these! Accessories make or break an outfit. For me, I’m all about the bags.

    1. Always a good choice. You can never have enough 🙂

  25. You have some great ideas here and no one can go wrong with picking from the list. For my mum I have got her a flower card this year. Tried out something different but normally it would be some sort of clothing item

    1. It’s great to know what they like to tailor it for their taste.

  26. We are not so much into gifting, but I know what my husband will do on Mother’s day. He and the kids will let me get a day off. A real “just me” day. They will cook, clean, do laundry, do the grocery shopping and other errands. I will have peace and quiet and I am even allowed to lock myself in the room to ensure I don’t get bothered with anything other than to enjoy my day.

    1. That sounds lovely. I’d love it if mine did even just the laundry lol.

  27. I used to be all about the shoes and handbags for accessories, but since becoming a mother I’d have to say perfume is my favourite accessory 🙂

    1. It can be a good one and one that not everyone remembers.

  28. What a great post. Good to style your look with a stylish arm candy.

    1. A bit of arm candy is always a good thing.

  29. Also great gifts for mum if she;s into that. My mum will be in jeans and boots or whatever lol.

    1. Jeans an boots can look great when styled with some nice accessories x

  30. This is a great guide for those moms who like these things but my mom doesn’t like fashion or makeup. A flannel nightgown makes her happy.

    1. Sounds like you know exactly what to get her 🙂

  31. I think it is perfume for me – I love a top quality scent that lasts all day. Kaz

    1. Me too. That’s a great choice.

  32. For Mother’s Day it’s always worth become able to spend those extra moments thinking about you! As to be honest it doesn’t happen much running around after two kids. Those shoes are right up my street.

  33. I love Swarovski jewellery! It’s always so pretty and sparkly!

    1. It sure is. A little sparkle always goes down well.

  34. I absolutely love shoes, the right pair of shoes can completely change an outfit and a mood.

    1. They sure can. It’s important to decide what you’ll wear in advance to make sure you have the right accessories.

  35. Some lovely accessories. Unfortunately this Sunday I will be sporting my work uniform so I will have to save them for another day!

    1. Have a lovely time when you do celebrate x

  36. I had completely forgotten about Mother’s Day coming up. You’ve reminded me to get some pressies. And I love your hints about an outfit for the day. I might push the boat out and put a face on!

    1. Hope you have a fun day Cath.

  37. Great idea! Well my mom is not really a fan of fashion but she always love to carry on kashemeeri showl and that will definitely make her outfit.

    1. Sounds like a great gift idea for your mum.

  38. I think a new fragrance is a lovely idea for mum, plus there’s always so much choice!

    1. Totally agree. A new fragrance can make a nice change.

  39. Ooh a new pair of shoes would be good (wouldn’t say no to a bag either lol) although I’m only expecting a card this mothers day

    Laura x

    1. I’m guessing like mine your little ones are pretty young. Cards are nice too x

  40. I think a nice pair of shoes always sets off an outfit

    1. I agree, they can really make an outfit stand out.

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