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Men’s Autumn Wardrobe Staples


It’s Autumn and the changing of the seasons is heralded by the cooler mornings, falling horse chestnuts and Autumnal colours of crimson, gold and burgundy slowly taking over the landscape.

With the cooler weather we need to look at updating our wardrobe staples.  This is something my husband has been meaning to do for a little while now and finally he has.  He placed the order with Jacamo and they’d been recently recommended when we had some friends over for drinks.  We all love personal recommendations.  Ordering was easy, the package arrived fast and before we knew it he had the perfect Autumn wardrobe staple for a smart / casual look.

His Choices Were:

Paradigm White Long Sleeve Shirt Non Iron

My husband chose just the right shirt for the season.  It’s perfect for a smart day look or for evening wear too.  The best part is it’s non iron and looks good on.  He loved the range on the site and was saying he might look at getting another so we might be revisiting his additional choices in another post (he loves to shop!).

The shirt is made from 100% cotton micro twill.  This not only gives it a luxurious feel but also gives it the ability to resist / recover better from creasing.  If that wasn’t already a good reason for him to have added one to his shopping basket it is also more resistant to staining and dirt than your average cotton shirt.  That’s got to be a great additional incentive.

Capsule Black Slim Chino Belt

This adds to the smart appearance of the look.  The dark colour of this belt makes his outfit choice appear more sophisticated and smart.  This is a simple understated piece that really does marry the individual pieces together nicely.

Slim Gaberdine Black Jeans

This classic style of jeans is just what my husband needed to create both a smart and casual look.  The denim material gives a relaxed feel whereas the colour and style makes it appear smart.  These are versatile like the shirt and can be perfect for a smooth day to night look transition.

Capsule Navy V Neck Cotton Jumper

This v neck cotton jumper with ribbed neck, hem and cuffs was perfect for my husband as this is exactly his type of clothing and they style he feels comfortable wearing.  Luckily it suits him too.  The jumper fitted well and was nice and thick which is great as it will help him keep warm with the cooler weather.

What do you think guys?  Did he make a good choice?  Are there any alternative Autumn Capsule items you would recommend?

Look out for more fashion posts coming soon, I’ve been shopping!!!!

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This Post Has 35 Comments

  1. I love the look of that jumper, perfect for the current temperatures!

    1. It was lovely and warm 🙂

  2. Some good picks, you can’t go wrong with a slim set of black trousers x

    1. Totally agree and they suit him well.

  3. I think it’s a good choice and he looks very smart casual which is great as it can be used for so many occasions. I couldn’t really see the belt against the dark jeans but that’s not a bad thing.

    1. It was pretty bright when we took the pictures so doesn’t show up but it’s a simple yet classic design.

  4. Your hubby is a fox – and so well put together! My husband did one of these a while back but it was like pulling teeth trying to convince him to pick anything remotely smart!
    C x

    1. Thanks Charli. I’m not sure how often he’ll pose for me. Hopefully next time he does a clothes shop 🙂

  5. Absolutely love these essentials, i know my brother and dad both love this style.

    1. Glad to hear. I hope my hubby has given them some inspiration.

  6. Your husband looks fabulous and what a great model he is too. We’ve shopped at Jacamo before and found it great. Mich x

    1. Thanks Michelle. He does love to shop, I should feature his purchases more often.

  7. Looking smart! I love the idea of a non-iron shirt, how much easier would that make life?!

    1. Same here, it makes it much easier to just wash and use.

  8. I love all the items! Very cosy but smart at the same time.

    1. The do look smart, I think he chose well.

  9. he looks really fashionable and ready for the colder seasons

    1. Thanks Alison, he is ready for Autumn now!!!

  10. I think he looks fine I like the smart casual look

  11. This is such a great selection I have to show my husband.

    1. I’m sure he will like them.

  12. Very smart! I sometimes wish my fiancé would dress as nicely as this lol

    1. Ha, I want my hubby in these sorts of clothes daily 🙂

  13. The black jeans look great, slim, but not tight, all in all, a perfect look for so many occasions!

  14. He looks very nice 🙂 the jumper looks cosy

  15. Some great picks! He did a fab job, very stylish x

    1. It does look good doesn’t it.

  16. some great picks there, my fiance would love these choices

  17. Perfect outfit for autumn. Looks very stylish and warm. You hubby chose the perfect one.

    1. He did make a great choice 🙂

  18. What a lovely shade of blue, would suit my hubby but he doesn’t often wear long sleeves because he is such hot stuff! lol! (would sweat in a freezer!)

  19. This is a very trendy and stylish look! I wish my Robert would wear an outfit like this, He seems to wear either his Jeans or Joggers! This look is very nice and I love how it could be worn casually or dressy! Very nice. I love the shoes too,

  20. my husband loves a shirt and this looks a great outfit

    1. It does look like something that would suit most men.

  21. That looks neat and classy, it suits him really well and a must try outfit for men.

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