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Sophisticated Mens Christmas Jumpers for 2015

Having written a post about sophisticated ladies Christmas jumpers I then thought I couldn’t really neglect my male readers as it wouldn’t be fair so for those either wanting to follow Colin Firth in the style of the Bridget Jones Christmas jumper (which was a bit like this one from Topman priced at £30),

mens christmas jumper 1or wanting something a bit more manly and sophisticated.

Looking for something simple, stylish but not excessive? this snowflake jumper from House of Fraser is perfect (£55).

mens christmas jumper 2This playful Christmassy and not excessively gaudy jumper from ASOS is a bargain at just £22.

mens christmas jumper 3Another from ASOS this time with a snowflake design this knitted jumper is guaranteed to keep you warm.  It is more expensive at £65 but I doubt you will need many layers when you are wearing it!!!!

mens christmas jumper 4ASOS has beaten the other jumpers yet again and made it onto the list with this snow texture jumper for £110 the most expensive of the jumpers featured.  A jumper you can get away with all year around?  I think so, don’t forget we are in the Uk!

mens christmas jumper 5Want to go a little more Christmassy but not way overboard then take a look at this from Topman, not bad for £30.

mens christmas jumper 6Love Christmas?  Then THIS is the jumper for you. Available from ASOS for £19.99 it is bound to make people smile.

mens christmas jumper 7And for those wanting to look like Christmas has well for want of a better word vomited all over them this will probably do the trick (ASOS £25) although franky I have seen far worse.

mens christmas jumper 9Last but not least for those that really really hate Christmas you will LOVE this for £19.99 from ASOS!

mens christmas jumper 10Love this post?  I must admit it was fun to write.  Please do let me know how much you liked it by popping a like below or even leaving a comment.

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  1. Nice to see a selection of cool men’s Christmas jumpers as well as women’s I found it difficult last year. Thanks for the post x

    1. No problem. I am glad to see people are finding it useful.

  2. haha ooh this made me laugh ‘look like Christmas has well for want of a better word vomited all over them’. Although I do agree it is very errm in your face christmassy. I do like the ones from Topshop though, but I can’t imagine my hubby agreeing to ever a Christmas jumper though.

  3. Great selection! I have a Christmas jumper with ‘festive bird’ on it with a cute picture of a robin! I think they are great fun to wear and defo make you feel festive!

  4. love the jumpers

    1. Glad you like my selection.

  5. Oooohh I like these !! Think I may treat the fella to one … or two! I love Christmas 🙂

    1. Glad you liked it Claire, hope it makes Christmas jumper shopping a lot easier.

  6. Some nice and some I wouldn’t be caught in but that means there is a good variety for everyone.

    1. Lol, my hubby would totally agree with you.

  7. I am loving these Christmas jumpers

  8. A great variety! The last one would be great for grumpy grandpa

    1. Lol Viv, I should get one for my dad 😉

  9. some of these are quite nice

    1. Glad you liked them, there were quite a few awful ones I had to look though to find these.

  10. There are some cool ones on there, I love the ASOS snowflake design.

    1. It’s great isn’t it. I didn’t realise there were so many nice ones.

  11. Loving these christmas jumpers, every year my kids and i get a new jumper but my hubby never has had one. I must get him one x

    1. I might be time to grab him one, these are great.

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