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Golf Essentials for Rainy Days

My dad’s just come back from the most amazing trip and already he is talking about playing golf.  Ha why am I not surprised!!! He loves playing the game and has had many a trip with golfing buddies around the country and also abroad.  Having just come back from a trip he isn’t going anywhere just yet other than his local golf course. I should really phone the golf course and let them know that my dad, affectionately referred to as Victor Meldrew is back!

The weather has been wonderful over the last few days but a quick look over at the BBC Weather site indicates that’s it for now.  Rain is on its way. Now it’s not set to be too heavy thankfully but then we have yet to enjoy the fabulous downpours that are April showers.  In order to prepare for the mix of showers and torrentuous onslaughts that may befall him I thought I would make sure he is fully equipped. It’s almost his birthday so any ideas of useful items will be very welcome.

Golf Essentials for Rainy Days

An Umbrella

Top of the list is of course an umbrella.  No golfer should brave wet days without one.  Ideally, it will be lightweight with an easy to hold handle and wind resistant.

A Flask

When it’s cold and raining it can be nice to have a hot drink on hand.  The best way to do this is with a thermos.  Fill with a warm drink of choice when it’s cold outside, alternatively a cool drink in warmer weather.

Water Resistant Clothing

Water resistant clothing is a must especially for those rainy days when the rain seems to completely miss the umbrella and soak you to the bone.  Keen golfers like to invest in golf waterproofs from companies like Function 18 because “you can’t just use any old rubbish” – thanks dad.

A Hat

You can get waterproof hats for golf interestingly.  Honestly, with my lot I seem to learn something new every day.  Although dad has an extremely wide parting (nice way of saying he’s bald up top) he doesn’t appreciate rain rolling off his head and down his neck.  A good waterproof hat is therefore essential.

A Towel

Rain especially when accompanied by a little wind is going to make a beeline for your face.  Having a small dry towel handy can be just what you need to keep your face dry and help you keep that competitive edge.

A Trolley

A trolley is always a good idea.  It makes playing golf so much more pleasurable than it would be if you have to lug a great big heavy bag around.  Go one step further and get an electric one and light foot it around the course far more easily.

Waterproof Shoes

Summer shoes are not waterproof.  You really don’t want to take these out with you on a rainy day.  Waterproof shoes are essential.  It’s pretty distracting walking around with squelching shoes I can tell you.

Golf Wellingtons

On super muddy days my dad wears golf wellingtons.  I know, I didn’t know these even existed but apparently, they are very good!  Dad has been golfing for many years now so knows just about everything in relation to the sport.

Change of Gloves

It’s important to use all-weather gloves on rainy days.  You will often need more than one pair and it’s an idea to keep them separate from wet gloves in a waterproof bag.

Marigolds – Glove Alternative

I may have forgotten to mention that dad is a little eccentric.  He really doesn’t care what anyone thinks and has on occasion been seen playing golf with none other than marigold gloves in wet weather.  Apparently, you get a great grip, far better than with gloves.  That golf club isn’t slipping out of your grip when you are armed with marigolds  (excuse the pun).   And yes, I didn’t believe him at first but he insisted he wasn’t pulling my leg.

Hand/Toe Warmers

Warmers for those days that are both cold and rainy are always useful.  Simply activate them, pop them into your socks or gloves to keep hands feeling toasty.

Bag Cover

No matter how well a bag is made if you are playing in the rain often you will need to protect it and its contents.  Golf bags and their contents can be kept dry easily with bag covers.

It’s amazing how having the right items can really improve your golf game in wet weather.  The aforementioned items are pretty important and the main things any golfer will require when playing golf in the rain.

Which items do you think you’d find most useful when playing golf in the rain?

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  1. My grandson plays golf and I found some great gift ideas here. His birthday is next month and he’d love some rainy day golf essentials.

    1. That’s good timing. I’m glad you found it useful. I wouldn’t have a clue if I hadn’t spoken with dad. It’s great as I can discretely see what he might need from the list now and get him a useful gift for his birthday too.

  2. Those die hard golfers will be out in all kinds of weather playing the game they enjoy. Good to be prepared so nobody gets wet while golfing.

    1. Aaaahhhhh yes they will. My dad isn’t even that hardcore in comparison to some 🙂

  3. It looks like you are prepared for just about anything when it comes to golf. That umbrella looks huge which is perfect for golfing!

    1. Ha, yes I’ve been told the bigger the better 🙂

  4. I honestly didn’t know you could play golf in the rain. I always just assumed the course would be too muddy to play, but it sounds like with the right equipment it can totally work.

    1. There are some really hardcore players out there. You’d be surprised how many will play in the rain.

  5. My dad plays golf multiple times a week. He has played a ton since retiring. These are good gift ideas for him.

    1. It’s a popular sport, especially amongst older gentlemen. I hope they help x

  6. I don’t play golf. I tried, and failed miserable. I do like miniature golf! This is helpful for those who do play.

    1. Miniature golf is more for me too. I don’t have as much spare time as dad. Don’think I’d cope in the rain either. He’s been doing it for years.

  7. I don’t play golf. I need to learn though. This would be a great gift for the Mister for Father’s Day.

    1. I’m sure he’d love to have anything that improves/helps his game in the rainy weather.

  8. No reason to let the rain spoil a planned day of fun. I try to keep an umbrella in the car but forget to bring along a fresh towel.

    1. Oh dear, a fresh towel is always essential on rainy days.

  9. I think if more people had that equipment they’d be playing the rain more often. It seems like in our area, people only play on sunny days.

    1. Ahhh yes, fair weather golfers. There are quite a few that do that although I was surprised a the number that will go play in the rain.

  10. We go to a swimming pool that is connected to a golf course, and I see the golfers out there in all kinds of weather. There is a big siren that goes off when there is any thunder nearby. I applaud them for being out there in the cold, heat, etc!

    1. Some of them will be out in all kinds of weather. They don’t seem to notice the weather as they are so fixated with the game.

  11. I am not a big fan of the rain but I admire people who don’t let it stop them. This is a great list for any golfers who want to brave the weather.

    1. Same here. I know dad golfs in the rain but I like to stay home and dry personally 🙂

  12. My son-in-law is a golfer and his birthday is coming up soon. Thank you so much for this wonderful collection of gift ideas for golfers! This is really helpful.

    1. Hope that this helps when you buy him a gift.

  13. My husband golfs a lot and he approves your list. I should do more golfing, my husband really loves it.

    1. That’s great, thanks for that. If he thinks of anything else I could add to it let me know. Hope you find more time to go and play x

  14. That is such a perfectly great and nothing gonna stop for the great sport.

    1. Some golfers won’t be stopped by a little rain!!

  15. I don’t know much about golf but my husband likes to play occasionally. I wonder if he’ll never need all of this.

    1. I’m sure he’d find these useful if he plays in the rain.

  16. I believe everything on your lists are great essentials in a golfer and I think when I am going to play a golf on a rainy season the waterproof shoes, the marigold gloves and water resistant clothing are the most important for me to bring.

    1. Anything that helps prevent you getting soaked is good 🙂

  17. We don’t see playing golf in the rain around here. Maybe if they had this equipment, they would!

    1. I think that’s probably it. They don’t have the right equipment.

  18. This gives me a good list of items that I can get for my dad. He is a golf junkie and I never know what to buy him.

    1. Glad you found this useful Rachael. Have fun shopping.

  19. Great list! I’ve never actually heard of golf wellingtons! That’s such a great idea for a rainy day round. 🙂

    1. Same here. I hadn’t either until dad told me about them.

  20. Great checklist for people playing golf. I also insist on wearing rainy shoes if it’s going to rain. 🙂

    1. Thanks Snehal. It is best to keep feet dry. I know it’s not pleasant to have to walk around in wet shoes anywhere.

  21. Great list of essentials! Now, I wish I like golf! Haha. This will be good for my fiancé though.

    1. I am sure it will be helpful for them. they might discover something hey will find useful when playing in the rain.

  22. LOL. My first time knowing that golfing continues even on rainy days. WOW!

    1. Ha, yes it’s true. Many still seem to play in the rain.

  23. I actually never been to golf before but my boyfriend goes every week no matter the weather conditions. I will let him know about this cover bag, I think he will love it !

    1. He will find it very useful. You could get him one for his birthday if he hasn’t had it yet 🙂

  24. I see some of my friends play golf in the rain. And they too are well equipped. Reading helped me relate.

    1. Hope you got some gift ideas for their birthdays.

  25. I do not play gold but I do love it. It is a great activity. having a chance to participate no matter what weather is a great benefit

    1. It is a great sport. It’s nice to be out in the open air.

  26. My man loves golf, but I don’t. This post is truly perfect for him. I’m sharing it.

    1. Hope he finds it useful Monidipa.

  27. I know golf is popular, but now I know what people do when it rains. Have you heard George Carlin’s skit about golf?

    1. No, but I’m off to look it up 🙂

  28. The hand and toe warmer does sound like it would be very useful out on the golf course in the rain. And the umbrella would definitely be essential.

    1. These are all the main items that would be useful when it rains. I thought I would write about it so people can have an idea of what to get people they know that love to golf.

  29. Yay! I know a few in the family who are into golf. These are a great list.

    1. Thanks, glad you liked it.

  30. Having a rain coat would be very useful. The right sort of footwear would help too!

    1. It makes a big difference if you are correctly dressed.

  31. My husband and father in law both play golf. It’s always fun to watch them. Those are some great-looking golf gear!

    1. I hope they are fully equipped. This will help if you need gift inspiration x

  32. Reading this post reminded of my golfing days. I haven’t played or practiced in ages even though I have everything I need to restart. Enjoy it.

    1. Hope you get to play again soon. It’s a fun and relaxing sport.

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