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Playing With Dolls – How This Benefits Children


Children love babies.  Whether you have a girl or a boy they love to see little babies, hold them and where possible try to play with them. The girls were super excited when their brother came along and even now he’s a toddler they still love him to bits.

The same can be said about dolls.  Both boys and girls love to play with them and they are a great toy as well as a wonderful learning tool.

Why Should Children Play with Dolls?

Dolls aren’t just fun!!

They allow children to to improve their social and language skills when interacting with the doll.  They can further develop these when playing with the doll and a sibling or a friend.  It also helps teach them empathy and compassion.  Creative play helps with imagination as the child thinks of scenarios where the baby would need them or adventures for them to go on together.  Many dolls come with clothing that can be removed and changed.  Dressing and undressing the doll helps children tune their motor skills.  One such doll that is perfect for this is:

The Baby Wee Doll

This newly launched doll brand from IMC Toys is ideal for children.  There are 3 different dolls Max, Nick and Alex (all boys) and they cover all the above mentioned areas to help your child develop into a creative and caring little person.

Here’s Alex.  He’s one of the Baby Wee dolls and like the others is super cute and funny too.  Each doll giggles and wees!  Both are a must in this day and age and children love toys that are realistic.

The First Time You Use Baby Wee

The doll has a vacuum pump so the first time you use it you will need to prepare it so baby can wee.

Make sure the nappy is off.

Feed the baby water – see instructions under “Giving the bottle”.

Block the peeing hole.

Press the valve with the back of the nappy fastener several times until the toy pees.

The doll is ready for use.

How To Use The Baby Wee

The dolls are easy to use.  Simply replace the batteries and let the fun begin.  The batteries the doll comes with are for display use so may be empty when the doll arrives.  You can feed the baby with the bottle provided, just add water.  When you open their nappy for a change…..surprise!!!  They wee.  The babies will tell you when they are thirsty or need to wee.  They make drinking noises when being bottle fed, talk and giggle.  There isn’t an on/off switch.  The doll will turn off after a period of time without use.  Give it a feed or change it’s nappy and it’s awake and ready to drink, talk, play and wee yet again.

To make the babies wee you simply feed them water then remove their nappy.  Many parents get caught out when changing their baby at first and that’s what happens with Alex.  He loves to “let it go……!!!”  once the nappy is off, but doesn’t wee for long.  Just like a real baby.

Make sure you have a towel on hand as little ones will get wet as will the surrounding area.

Little Alex is an adorable little baby with a little tuft of blonde hair and enormous cute blue eyes.  He makes cute noises and is a toy the children instantly loved.  The fact that Alex wee’d all over Squishy’s sister was not only hilarious but also confirmed its place on their favourites list.  Even she loved Alex! – Who wouldn’t!

The Baby Wee Toys can be bought from all good retailers including Argos, Smyths, Amazon,Debenhams and Very.  They are suitable forages 3 and over and the RRP is £34.99.  For more information head on over to www.imctoys.com

Watch Little Miss Getting Wee’d on – Try not to laugh!


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  1. It’s so refreshing to see a boy with a doll, after all, as many boys become fathers as girls become mothers!

    1. That’s true and teaching them that it’s a two parent job is a good thing.

  2. Your little boy looks so cute! Looks like he loves the doll.

    1. He sure does as did his sisters. This is fun to play with.

  3. What a great idea, I was never into dolls when I was younger but my littluns are!

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  12. I love this doll it is the right type of cute, I’m not really into dolls which try to hard to look like real babies.

  13. This looks great, my 3 boys adore their baby sister but I don’t trust them enough to look after her, so I’m sure they would appreciate looking after the doll.x

  14. I think all children should be given the opportunity to play with dolls. They can develop so many different skills that will be important to them throughout their lives.

  15. fun all the way

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  32. This baby wee doll is very cute! Little Alex is adorable I Love his blue eyes. Lovely giveaway.

  33. It is lovely for children (both bots and girls) to play with dolls – it teaches them to look after someone other than their self.

  34. Looks like a lovely doll, great to read about the benefits of dolls which boys and girls can gain as I feel too often they’re assumed as just a girls toy and no toy should have a gender!

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  46. Way cool! Some extremely valid points! I appreciate you writing this post and the rest of the website is also really good.

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