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Make your own Jewellery can be Fun!

My girls love jewellery, not surprising most of us do.  In fact they like it so much that I can guarantee you it will feature high up on their list to Santa.  As a result when Interplay asked me what I would like to review this month after taking a good look on their site I decided that the ‘Shamballa Rose Gold Jewellery’ would be something fun for my little ones to do.

DSC00398What’s in the box?

DSC00406DSC00407First to be made the necklace.

The thread ends kept fraying which made it a bit harder to thread the beads on.  A little tip, a quick snip to tidy, moisten the end and roll it into a point as much as it will go which will make it far easier to thread.

DSC00415When using the cord ends you can open them to up to make threading easier.

DSC00416The finished necklace!DSC00423We also decided to attempt the bracelet.  I will admit that I did struggle to do this but mainly as I had a severe head cold and was struggling to concentrate.  Once I got into the swing of where each thread went I did it quite quickly.  Just to note if like me you mess up the beginning part because you have forgotten which side you need to start the thread from (I had a 2 second memory like Dori from Finding Nemo, it was awful) you can undo and start again to make it look better.

DSC00436Not bad for my first go!

I think for the bracelet the instructions were quite good and it is aimed at the right age group (age 8+) as any younger and children would find it confusing.

We have yet to make the earrings as my daughters can’t decide who will have them (they both had their eye in them).  This was quite fun to do although the bracelet was a bit time consuming the children were happy with the end result so for me that made it worth the effort.

This makes a great gift for the jewellery making and craft enthusiast.

We were given this product for an honest review and hope you enjoyed reading it.

This is NOT a sponsored post!

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  1. I should do this with my daughter! Looks like great fun!

    1. She will love it. Have fun.

  2. I would love to make my own jewellery and this looks like fun with the children too.

    1. The instructions are quite good, just avoid doing it if you have a head cold!

  3. It is really lovely to see children enjoying their-selves with craft fun & learning new skills. I used to design & make jewellery myself & I can’t wait till Sophie is old enough to start using these kind of kits.

    1. She will love making this when she is older.

  4. My eldest loves making necklaces and threading breads. However she is only 4yrs, so this is far too difficult for her. Though I wish I could make a thread that never frays. Always makes it so tricky.

    1. That’s a shame but you could always make it for her like I did.

  5. this looks like it could be fun to do , i think my daughter would love this

    1. My girls really enjoyed watching me do it. Shame they weren’t quite old enough to do it themselves.

  6. My little niece would absolutely love this, she is very girly and I love making things with her. I care for her 4 days of the week and this would be a fab project to make with her.

    1. She will love something like this, it’s great fun!

  7. My daughter would have loved this when she was younger x

    1. It’s great for little girls.

  8. I would have really liked getting this for a present when I was a girl.

  9. Looks great fun and an activity both mother and child can enjoy

  10. My daughter would have loved this when she was younger

  11. I’ve got to do this with my girls. They would love this.
    Thank you for sharing x

    1. Have fun, my girls were excited about making it.

  12. This looks delightful and the perfect way to get creative with my neices with something beautiful to show at the end

  13. Oh wow this sounds like a lovely little kit for kids – I used to adore jewellery making. x

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